Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1003 - Preliminaries (5)

Chapter 1003: Preliminaries (5)


Long Yuan sneered and cast a warning gaze towards General Li.

General Li helplessly stood up and spoke. “Everyone, I only mentioned that the tournament would end seven days later and did not specify a time. Therefore, I am ordering the stop of this match right now!”

Seeing that the Tianyun Kingdom was about to rush to second place, or perhaps even obtain first place, they had issued a command to halt the match. All the geniuses of various Kingdoms were impassioned and no one imagined that the Tianhui Empire would be so shameless.

Of course, in contrast to these small kingdoms, others from the two empires had agreed with the Tianhui Empire’s actions. After all, they did not wish to be overtaken by the Tianyun Kingdom and it was the best choice to cease the match right now.

“Men, stop the illusionary realm!”

General Li’s voice was deep as he sternly commanded, and one person immediately went to stop the illusionary realm.

The moment when the illusionary realm was closing, the Tianyun Kingdom’s placement continued to jump. Perhaps due to the closure of the illusionary realm, it caused the various kingdom’s rankings to be blurred. Even so, the sharp eyes of various kingdom’s geniuses saw the Tianyun Kingdom’s placement jump at the last moment…

“Second place, it must be second place! If the Tianyun Kingdom were given more time, the first place would be theirs!”

All the geniuses became excited and felt regret while even more were furious at Tianhui Empire’s selfishness for their own interests. This was the most biased match they had ever experienced!

“Luckily the Tianyun Kingdom didn’t obtain first place,” Long Yuan wiped his cold sweat and continued on, “otherwise, the prestige of the three great empires would be thrown!”

If he had issued the command earlier, perhaps they would not have even obtained second place. Thinking of the jump of the Tianyun Kingdom’s numbers at the last moment, Long Yuan was in a bad mood.

Just then, the illusionary realm had been completely closed and those blurred words also gradually recovered their original clear state…

“Wuhui Empire will be first without a doubt. As for the second…”

All the genius of various kingdoms raised their heads and looked at the statistics. However, after seeing the ranking, they were simultaneously stunned…

The first ranking words were the largest and most prominent but in that position, it displayed the two words Tianyun Kingdom!

These two words were like two different faces looking at Long Yuan in ridicule…

“First? This is impossible! Long Yuan’s expression suddenly turned ashen. “There was a twenty point difference between first and second. How did the Tianyun Kingdom jump to first in one shot?”

Despite what they imagined, they never thought that Tianyun Kingdom’s last leap in placement wasn’t to the second rank, but instead, directly to the first rank…

Within the illusionary realm.

Under the azure blue skies, Yun Luofeng looked at the figures fallen into the pool of blood. “I didn’t expect so many god-level spiritual beasts would appear simultaneously in the illusionary realm. However, I’d have to thank them for coming to gift points.”

Ye Ximo had been dumbstruck by Yun Luofeng’s actions.

Just then, five god-level spiritual beasts rushed over and not knowing what attack Yun Luofeng unleashed, these five beasts collapsed at the same time.

“I wonder with our current count, what rank can we get. Even if it’s bad, we shouldn’t be eliminated.” Yun Luofeng raised her brows and spoke.

During the seven days in the illusionary realm, she did not take action for six days. Therefore, she did not dare to think that their ranking would be very high.

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