Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1002 - Preliminaries (4)

Chapter 1002: Preliminaries (4)

That was to say, those statistics were real.

“Your Majesty!” Noble Consort Ling finally got nervous and tightly grasped Long Yuan’s hands while her face was filled with anxiety. “There’s no problem with the illusionary realm or the statistics. Then why did this situation occur?”

General Li who stood off to the side was silent for a while as his expression contained complicated emotions. “It can only prove one point. The Tianyun Kingdom has been concealing their strength from the start, and right now, this is their true strength.”

Concealing their strength?

Noble Consort Ling stared blankly. “Why did they do this?”

“I’m not sure,” General Li turned towards Long Yuan and cupped his fists. “Your Majesty, Yun Luofeng is too mysterious. Are we really going to oppose her?”

A sinister glint flashed through Long Yuan’s eyes as he coldly spoke. “Even if her talent is outstanding, she’s still young! I don’t believe I can’t deal with a little girl!”

Having heard what was said, General Li helplessly shook his head. It couldn’t be helped that he was only a subordinate and had to comply with the Emperor’s every command.

“Fifth place! The Tianyun Kingdom has replaced the Lanxiang Kingdom and is in fifth place!” A shocked voice came from the crowd that was making a racket.

In a short period of time, the Tianyun Kingdom rushed to the fifth ranking. How would this not cause them to be shocked? At this moment, everyone’s breath became tense as they didn’t dare to look away from the Tianyun Kingdom’s numbers.

“Fourth place!”

After witnessing the Tianyun Kingdom overtaking the Fengyun Kingdom, their hearts were not as shocked as at the start but instead, gradually calmed down.

“I wonder what rank the Tianyun Kingdom can achieve?! Can they break through to the first three ranks?”

“There’s a difference of five hundred points between the third and the fourth, and no matter how strong the Tianyun Kingdom is, I doubt that they’ll be able to break through in such a short time.”

That being said, there was still hope in the eyes of those people. They had forgotten about their own kingdoms, only wishing that Yun Luofeng could break through into the first three places.

Minutes and seconds passed, and the distance between the Tianyun Kingdom and the Tianhui Empire was decreasing. The difference of five hundred between these two parties had become a hundred point difference…

Long Yuan’s legs weakened and he collapsed on the dragon chair. He looked at the incessantly jumping figures of Tianyun Kingdom with a pale face.

We’re finished!

This time, not to mention surpassing the first two empires, he was unable to even secure one of the first three positions!


The Tianyun Kingdom’s name once again jumped and went above the Tianhui Empire while the latter had dropped to the fourth ranking.

“Second! Second!”

Not knowing who, someone released an impassioned shout and everyone started shouting along with them. Their eyes were filled with excitement as if they belonged to the Tianyun Kingdom.

Various kingdom’s envoys wanted to calm down their own geniuses, but unfortunately, they were all too young. For youngsters, it was the easiest to stir up their emotions. After witnessing a genius covering the skies, how could they not be excited? Even if they lost this tournament, they wouldn’t have come for nothing!

“It’s about time. General Li, immediately halt the tournament!” Long Yuan furrowed his eyebrows and sternly commanded.

They had already been overtaken by the Tianyun Kingdom and he would never allow the other two empires to be overtaken! Otherwise, where would they, the three great empires place their face at?


After those youths heard Long Yuan’s command, they became anxious. “Isn’t there still half a joss-stick’s time before the end? Why are you halting the competition early? This is unfair!”

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