Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss

Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1001 - Preliminaries (3)

Chapter 1001: Preliminaries (3)

A moment later, the Tianyun Kingdom had rushed from last place to the front rankings and was a few ranks away from the Lanxiang Kingdom. Everyone sucked in a cold breath, unable to understand what happened and why the Tianyun Kingdom’s numbers increased at such a speed.

“Eleventh place, the Tianyun Kingdom has reached eleventh place! Do you think they could enter the top ten?”

“I think it’s difficult. The first ten places are all renowned influences, and based on the Tianyun Kingdom’s strength, they might not be able to break into the first ten…”

True to their words, even though the Tianyun Kingdom’s numbers had an increasing trend in the following days, they were unable to obtain one of the first ten places as they stabilized at eleventh place.

Even so, it caused the Tianyun Kingdom’s ranking in everyone’s heart to change.

Six days passed very quickly, and in the blink of an eye, only one day was left. In these six days, other than the ordinary daily routine, everyone stopped by the venue and stared at the rocketing numbers, unable to take their eyes off them.

Perhaps the rankings on the first day had revealed the final ranking for this tournament as those rankings did not change within these few days. The Wushuang Empire had still maintained their unshakable position as first while the Tianyun Kingdom was still ranked eleventh.

“I think there’s no hope for the Tianyun Kingdom to break through to the first ten places.”

In a group, a young man shook his head while speaking with regret.

“The Lanxiang Kingdom lost to the Tianyun Kingdom in medical skills, yet they are beating them in this round of the tournament, so they cannot be considered as having completely lost.

“That might not be the case. This round is only a preliminary match, and as long as they are in the first fifteen they’ll be able to enter the semi-finals. Therefore, a preliminary match doesn’t mean anything.”

Some still maintained their hopes towards the Tianyun Kingdom.

After all, if it was just the same few influences winning every year, it would be too dry and dull. If Yun Luofeng was able to make it in the finals like a dark horse, it would definitely awaken some excitement in this tournament!

Inside the illusionary realm.

Yun Luofeng left the tree trunk and stood up from the ground. Her snow-white robes were spotlessly clean and a smile curled up on her breathtakingly gorgeous face.

“Six days have passed and there’s one day left for the tournament. That being the case, then… it’s time for me to take action…”

In the bustling venue, everyone was staring at the first three kingdoms, unwavering and without turning. In their view, the few rankings at the back had been confirmed and would not have any changes. Instead, it was the first three empires that might possibly break their previous ranking. Especially with the Liuyue Empire following behind closely, with only a twenty point difference from the first ranked, Wushuang Empire!

Just then a voice suddenly sounded and instantly attracted everyone’s gaze.

“The Tianyun Kingdom has broken through to tenth place!”


The Tianyun Kingdom obtained the tenth rank?

In an instant, everyone looked at the Tianyun Kingdom’s statistics. Watching the fiercely rising numbers, their faces became especially excited.

“This… what’s going on? Why are the Tianyun Kingdom’s statistics rising so quickly?”

“Oh god, Tianyun Kingdom rushed to seventh place in a breath and directly skipped the ninth and tenth ranks. This… what’s happening? Is there a problem with the system?

Long Yuan was also shocked by the sudden change and hastily ordered his subordinates to investigate the situation. However, after investigating, they confirmed that there wasn’t a problem with the illusionary realm

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