Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss


Ghost Emperor Wild Wife: Dandy Eldest Miss Chapter 1000 - Preliminaries (2)

Chapter 1000: Preliminaries (2)

“Ye Ling, Qingyan,” Yun Luofeng turned towards her corps and spoke, “Over these few days the spiritual beasts will be killed by you and I will not take action! I’d like to see your current strength.”

“Yes, my Lord.”

Everyone was high-spirited and eager to fight while their eyes radiated a glittering luster.

They had followed Yun Luofeng for many years but it was the first time revealing their strength before her! Therefore, they would never disappoint her and would use all their strength to face this assessment.

“Good, very good!” Yun Luofeng raised her brows and a faint smile curled on her lips. “Big Brother, Xiao Bai, you don’t have to intervene these days and let the corps fight as much as they like.”

Strength was not something that could be increased just relying on cultivation. To truly make one stronger, a battle was indispensable. Although the Steel and Raging Flame Corps were powerful, they were lacking in battle experience and perhaps this would be an excellent opportunity.

… Outside the illusion, those numbers began rising, especially the number one, the Wushuang Empire. Their numbers had risen to thirty points while the Liuyue Empire and Tianhui Empire were following closely behind. Next would be the Fengyun Kingdom and the Lanxiang Kingdom. These two Kingdoms were like a black horse that instantly broke through to the front rankings….

“I wonder who will be the bottom-ranked during this tournament?”

When the words were spoken, everyone unconsciously looked at the last.

Looking at the last ranking, the words ‘Tianyun Kingdom’ and an unexpected number impressively projected in everyone’s eyes,


Tianyun Kingdom’s number was actually zero? That’s to say, in the past thirty minutes, the Tianyun Kingdom wasn’t able to kill even one spiritual beast? Exactly how weak was their strength to have zero as their score?

“Tsk, it seems like we’ve overestimated the Tianyun Kingdom. Originally I assumed that with Yun Luofeng’s presence, they wouldn’t be ranked at the bottom even if they were bad. Now it seems that I was too optimistic.”

“I remember the strength they reported when signing up wasn’t bad but why have they yet to kill even one spiritual beast?”

“Haha, perhaps people from the Tianyun Kingdom are timid and found a place to hide.”

Within the venue, debates were mixed together with voices of ridicule and spread widely.

Meanwhile, Yun Luofeng was currently lying lazily in the shade of a tree deep in the illusionary realm. Her left hand was supported behind her back while her body leaned against the tree bark. She had a smiling expression on her whole face as she looked at the corps who were battling with the spiritual beasts.

She had to say, their luck was very bad to have met a sky-level spiritual beast for their first encounter and especially, it had already reached sky-level high-rank ages ago and was only a step away from god-level.

It was very difficult for the corps to deal with it but even so, none of them thought of giving up nor had they considered asking Yun Luofeng for help.

They only exhausted all their strength to fight with these spiritual beasts.

Finally, one spiritual beast fell into a pool of blood under everyone’s combined effort.

With one spiritual beast collapsing, the other spiritual beasts couldn’t resist the group’s madman-like killing methods and lost their fighting strength one by one as they were killed and beheaded under their swords.

“It moved! Tianyun Kingdom’s numbers moved!”

On the venue, those people’s eyes who looked at the numbers without blinking suddenly discovered that Tianyun Kingdom’s numbers were moving and opened their eyes wide.

“Three points…”

“Fifteen points…”

“Twenty-four points…”

Looking at the unceasingly rising numbers, it was too much for the eye to take in…


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