Feng Mang


Feng Mang Chapter 23

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On the flight back from the business trip to Shanghai, Feng Jun and Wang Zhong Ding chatted about Liang Jing's matter.

“You mean, the person that Liang Jing found, you don't think he will meet the conditions?”

Wang Zhong Ding didn't lift his head up and directly said: “It's impossible.”

“Why are you so sure? I think Liang Jing is very confident about it!”

Wang Zhong Ding said in a more confident tone: “The information I gave is fundamentally against the nature of human proportions, no one is going to meet that standard.”

Feng Jun asked a question that he already knew the answer to: “Then why are you still strongly making Liang Jing find that person?"

“There is nothing to be done as that man's utilitarian heart is too heavy, in the company he has more than a dozen studios, there are many executive producers but he wants to monopolize the power. I want to balance out his power, I must separate the resources and projects in his hands."

Feng Jun was puzzled, “Why don't you just directly remove his power as the executive producer of the film?”

Wang Zhong Ding replied in a particularly serious tone, “Aren't you always saying that I'm too straightforward, that my method of handling matters is too simple and rough? That's why I'll be a little more tactful this time.”

Feng Jun had black lines going down his face (-_-|), 'and now the company is waiting to see Liang Jing become a joke, are you sure you really are tactful?'

“If, by any chance, there is actually a God who happens to sprout the so-called 'impossible' body that defies the natural order and that person comes to see you, what will you do?" Feng Jun jokingly looked at Wang Zhong Ding.

The look on Wang Zhong Ding’s face hadn't moved even a tiny bit, “Then I really want to expand my knowledge, if there is someone that dares to be like that, I’ll spare no effort to promote him!”

“Ha ha ha ha … …”

Not long after he got down from the plane, Wang Zhong Ding got an emergency call and had to turn back to the aircraft hall once again.

“It's family matters, I can go alone, you help me pay attention to the company for a bit.”

Feng Jun nodded “Then Liang Jing …”

“You can let him toss around a little longer, then slap him to death.”


Liang Jing was in his office feeling helpless, he suddenly received the news that Mr. Wang would travel for two weeks through the phone, his cold blood started to boil again. He would be powerless to reverse a desperate situation in two days time, but two weeks, on the other hand, was another story. Cosmetic surgery was popular in the entertainment industry and plastic surgery was also one of them. With Wang Zhong Ding's requirements, achieving the qualifications through plastic surgery was not easy, even if a person's height was already 1m8 but the legs weren't long enough, even after stretching out the bone, it would then exceed the height requirement. Moreover, there was also the issue with the proportions of the leg size, the current level of medical treatment was limited, all of this made Liang Jing become restless.

The thick stack of information was flipped till the end and in the blink of an eye, just as Liang Jing was on the brink of collapse, Li Shang's data sheet saved him.

“Director look at this quickly, his height and leg length are both short of 18 mm!” Xiao Wen said in surprise, “It is very niu B, right? He is simply our savior!

(T/N:牛b = niu b mean praising somebody’s excellence, so in the dialogue above will be "It is very excellent/good, right?….)


Li Shang was mentally prepared and he had already packed up his stuff to leave, but as a result, Li Shang now faced Liang Jing who had thrown a contract down in front of him.

“This is a three million yuan contract, after signing you can get the money immediately!"
But the premise was that Li Shang must accept a series of plastic surgeries, including a liposuction, a fat filling, and a bone extension surgery, the first two were not that bad but the last one was very risky. Xiao Wen very sincerely told Li Shang about the drawbacks of this surgery including how the medical technology hadn't yet been completed, as well as the unpredictable sequela.

Three million, for a newcomer it was a high number which Li Shang wouldn't even dare to think of in the past. Moreover, with him signing this contract, even if Li Shang didn't get the role, Liang Jing would use other ways to make him make money for him. With the resources and the power in Liang Jing’s hands, Li Shang's wish to become popular was just around the corner.
Liang Jing then threw another contract at him, one which clearly stated, “If the operation fails, all subsequent treatment costs will be undertaken by Liang Jing and one million yuan will be given as compensation for psychological damage."

“I can give you some time to think about it, but you have to understand that the longer you take, the greater the risk on your body and your strength to recover will weaken."