Everything Was a Mistake


Everything Was a Mistake Chapter 10

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In this story, the difference in status came to the foremost if a person could not marry, but now Alice was the youngest daughter of the Duke of Limorand.

The Duke of Limorand even has a higher family position than The Marquis of Claymore.

That’s why.

Is there a reason why marriage itself is impossible, other than a difference in status?

Either your partner is already married, is of the same sex, is the child of an enemy … neither one of them is right.

So it’s not Alice, but someone else?

It’s not uncommon for a supporting character had a first love.

I tried to recollect that something seemed to occur, but nothing really occurred to me.

If I knew this would happen, I’d read harder.

I folded up my meaningless past recollections and shrugged my shoulders.

“You’re a very strange person.”

“Just like you said.”

Claymore laughed bitterly.

“If this thing goes by, we’ll keep getting married. You’re quite a popular groom.”

“I know. I’m going to speak properly to my family tonight.”

“I don’t know you very well, Sir Claymore, but I don’t think you’ve spoken very well before. If you’re forced to have the next engagement, can you refuse then? I mean, mine alone is going to ruin Claymore’s reputation, and next time?”

Perhaps it’s because I feel bad enough that I have to give up completely, my words keep getting longer.

It wasn’t that there was a feeling of attraction in a short period of time, aside from being a bit frustrating, I still had nothing to do with him.

I was a woman of this age and an aristocrat, even if I had the memories of my past life.

Love was incentive in the first place, and there was a universal sense of values to make people and families that were right in terms.

There is a saying that if a person doesn’t have a soulmate, he or she will give up marriage, but it’s not something I want to be particularly proud to do.

You may have loved Alice and you may not have feeling for her forever, being born in a novel doesn’t mean you want a destined mate, which is a manageable risk.

If you’re going to marry someone else, that’s okay for me.

I thought so, but it seems to be wrong.

Aaron Claymore’s expression was indescribable.

I’m just thinking of getting old and dying single.

Yeah, I’ll let you go.

“It was rude. I’m sorry.”

“No, because what Lady Roa said is true. In fact, the next candidate is already determined. I can’t tell you.”

Oh, no.

“….Alice Limorand?”

I was just going to think about it, but the name popped out.

Aaron Claymore’s eyes widened.

I seemed to have hit the right mark.

Oh my, how did you get in the way of that?

Are you engaged to Alice? Or are you denied your engagement?

I’m so tired that I can’t remember anything.

I don’t think I’ll know until we get on with it.

“How did you know that? By any chance—”

“Oh, I’m not talking about the society. Alice is a coveted bride … who deserves to dream of such a miracle once in a marriageable family. Claymore, for sure, can be a reality and not a miracle.”

“It’s not going to be a reality. I don’t want to marry anyone.”

“I see your intention … but isn’t it in the wrong order? I think she should rank higher than me.”

“That’s … that’s….”

Why are you so embarrassed?

Aaron Claymore’s expression has been quite frank all along, but it was the first time he was as embarrassed as he is now.

“I thought it was a little strange, Lady Roa … but, may I ask?”

“I don’t know what it is, but it’s convenient.”

“Didn’t you come out with the intention of turning me down? As far as I know, the Duke of Edgar—”

“No, not at all. Not a bit.”

It was so absurd that he was really embarrassed that I had to take a deep breath for a while.

Even at this point, I can’t believe Nocton will come out.

“If I really … If I had been in a relationship with Lord Nocton, I wouldn’t have considered this engagement seriously.”

“I thought you were having a fight. Otherwise, there is a misunderstanding.”

“Wait a minute. You decided to propose me because you think I’m going to refuse?”


Since ancient times, silence has been a positive answer.

He had kneeled down without saying anything, because he thought I was willing to refuse….

I don’t think anyone would know anything about rumors.

It’s really frightening to see how far rumors have spread that Nocton and I are lovers.

I left it alone, but it won’t work anymore.

It was awful to think how much the image of Roa Valrose would be ruined if Nocton and Alice are formed without quelling this rumor.

In the worst-case scenario, a day when such misunderstanding spread and even be framed, it could really burn me to death.

I didn’t want to be so delusional, but it was clear that it was something I had to deal with.

I looked straight at the man with a white face.

“In reverse. Will you be engaged to me?”

“Lady Roa, I’m sorry to have made a mistake, but I’m….”

“It’s not a marriage, it’s an engagement.”


Looking at the bewildered man, I pressed my heart into every word.

There’s nothing more like other man to get rid of rumors with man.

That was the idea.

“I’m just in need of an engagement.”


Come to think of it, I managed to make that ridiculous proposal work.

Is Aaron really in a hurry?

I was reminded of my first meeting with Aaron.

Outside the ballroom, Claymore’s carriage was waiting for him.

I was on my way home in his carriage because it would take quite some time to call my family’s carriage.

I was tired and sensitive, so I closed my eyes.

I wanted to sleep a little, but I couldn’t sleep until I was comfortable with my partner.

A black world covered with eyelids, a rocking carriage, the sound of wheels rolling, and the cool night air.

The body becomes heavier and the fatigue becomes more vivid.

I want to sleep.

For a while, I struggled with the meaningless wind. I couldn’t help but waking up.

My eyes met Aaron, as if I had been waiting for him.

The hot-colored pupils shook a little.

He averted his gaze as if he had been stabbed by something, then opened his mouth with a sigh of uneasiness.

“….it was a lie that there was a work.”

“I see.”

There’s nothing to say, I nodded.

He claimed that something had suddenly happened, but the tone of his excuse was too rigid so I guessed right away.

A man who can’t act can lie.

“You knew.”

“You’re telling me why, aren’t you?”

“It’s not a great reason. I just didn’t want to be there.”

“Oh, you hated escorting me so much.”

“It’s not that….!”

The face, not knowing what to say, is full of embarrassment.

Obviously, he’s like a ten years old boy even though he’s four years older than me.

“Don’t be so surprised, it’s a joke. You’re too serious.”

“I just didn’t want to bump into the young lady of Limorand.”

“You were afraid to meet someone who could have been your wife.”

“….that’s another reason.”

“Oh, I know what you’re going to say next. I can’t tell you why, right?”

Anyway, it’s a problematic way to talk about.

You make people wonder for nothing.

In fact, I already knew Aaron was secretly avoiding Alice.

It’s been half a year since Alice came to the capital, and that’s how long it has been since I was engaged to Aaron.

As Alice entered the Limorand, I could meet her more often than ever.

Starting with Alice’s rather rushed debutante ball, she was at a tea party and ballroom, I came to the Duke’s house, and she visited my house.

Aaron, too, had many days to meet at the moment of his engagement’s recess, and the two of them I met often strangely had no encounter.

At first, I suspected that it was the original story and fate, but later I learned that Aaron was especially avoiding Alice’s presence.

It would be too much to say that he avoids the relationship that could have been next to him by marriage, and Aaron would not run into her.

What’s the reason?

It’s an unknown thing to know if I can’t get Aaron’s mind out of it, but maybe….

‘There’s someone I love.’

There maybe some reason why he can’t get married, and why I haven’t guessed yet.

I’ll blame you for delusions if others heat about it.

Actually, Aaron’s expression became dim again when I thought it was a pity not to create a meaning for the people who were not yet related.

I just asked him why he didn’t want to run into Alice, but I can’t do it if he looks like that.

How can I not doubt it?

I turned my head over the window.

“It’s been half a year. In the traditional way, you have to fill your engagement for two years full, will the Claymore’s elders follow the tradition? Aren’t there any pressure to get married?”

“That’s alright. They don’t even mention marriage.”

“You won’t mind, but you’ll be waiting a lot. Since you keep refusing, you’re only getting engaged. And you’re worried that things might go wrong. Well, how do you feel? It’s not something to feel guilty about. It’s not a bad thing if you don’t want to marry yourself.”

“….thank you.”

“If you feel like you’re having a hard time holding on, just tell me. I’ll prepare myself to become the villain of the show.”

“As I said before, Roa, you have to take responsibility—”

Duk. The moving carriage stopped.

I heard a soothing sound and opened the carriage’s door.

Outside the door, you can see the Marquis Valrose’s house.

Aaron seemed to want to say something more, but I didn’t want to hear it because it was obvious.

“Thank you for picking me up, Aaron. Be careful in the night.”

I kissed him on the cheek and shut his mouth, then I got off from the carriage.


In front of the mansion, the old butler came to greet me with a hazy face.

Mossi has the affection for the young lady and her fiancé … it would look like that.

I felt a little guilty because it was an engagement that I would break someday.

“Have you been good, milady.”

“Yes, well … what about the others?”

“The Lord and Madam has not returned yet. He said he was going to be late. And the older lady went to bed first.”

“You said you had a cold.”

Yeah, I’m gonna have to figure out how to go horseback riding.

It’s winter now after fall, it’s the day I usually started to ride a horse all day along.

Without saying anything, I took off my outer coat and left it to him.

“The guest is waiting in the drawing room.”

“Guest? At this hour?”

“Yes? She said you made a promise. It’s the young lady Limorand….”


“Alice is here?”

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