Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me


Every Day the Protagonist Wants to Capture Me Chapter 18

Chapter 18 – Beauty Bathing

In the nighttime, the forest was gloomy and it was dark in all four directions. Somewhere a crow cawed hoarsely. Occasionally there appeared two green fluorescent lights in the dark, a non-human gaze.

Chu Yu could hear the soft sound of his boots as he walked. He couldn't help but swallow his saliva. He rubbed two fingers together using a fire symbol to form a ray of warm, yellow light that lit up the four directions.

In the remote mountains and ancient forests, when one goes out walking in the night, demons will come out to cause trouble. Chu Yu had only been walking for a few moments when he immediately found what he was looking for.

Under an old tree, a woman sat, leaning forward slightly. She was wearing a thin layer of red gauze that covered yet failed to hide her bountiful chest and other places. She had long legs and in the dim firelight her skin looked white, very seductive. Her face was pretty and her manner was flirtatious. The expression in her eyes was joyful as she softly said to Chu Yu: "Sir, my leg is hurt, could you please escort your humble servant home? Your humble servant thanks the kind sir."1

Her plump chest heaved up and down as she spoke.

A human girl in the deep mountain forest where there were no tracks of humans? Escort you back home?

Who are you trying to fool, you sneaky, flirtatious b***h!

Chu Yu's hand was on Xun Sheng's hilt but he smiled faintly as he stared at the snow white fox tail behind the female. He coughed lightly and politely reminded her: "Girl, your tail."

The female was startled and, still smiling charmingly, jumped up. Chu Yu did not wait for her to speak more deceptive words again and quickly put a foot down on her chest. He unsheathed Xun Sheng by three inches which made a wave of coldness pour down from the sword to her neck.

Chu Yu smiled: "Do you want to live?"

He had concealed his cultivation level so this fox thought he was just a Qi Refining period cultivator. The fox did not expect him to have the strength to fight back. With a white, terrified face, the fox pleaded: "Master, master, … master cultivator, please spare my life!"

Chu Yu said: "It seems you want to live. Then do me a favor."

The fox demon was in the Foundation Building early stage but this type of demon was not good at fighting since their talent lies in charming people. Chu Yu wasn't fooled by her charm and she can't fight him so she was forced to obediently listen to his orders.

Chu Yu moved his foot, looked at her, then shook his head: "Don't bare your chest like that, you shameless demon."

He took out a set of good quality clothes from his storage ring and threw it to the fox demon.

The fox living in this ancient forest had never seen such a treasure. To be given such expensive clothes, this situation wasn't that bad. She was pleasantly surprised and joyfully put on the clothes. Wagging her tail, she said: "Your servant Mei Er is grateful, sir. May I ask what the immortal sir commands? This servant is ready to risk life and limb to help out."

"Indeed." Chu Yu leaned on a tree, looked around, and asked: "Do you know of any wolf, tiger, or similar demons?"

She nodded. Chu Yu thought for a moment then leaned down and whispered a few words in her ear. Seeing that her face was puzzled, Chu Yu stuffed a pill into her mouth. Clasping his hands together, he said: "Corrosion Heart Pill."

Hearing the name of the pill which was obviously dangerous, Mei Er bolted upright, patted her chest and burst out hoarsely: "I will certainly complete this task!"

Chu Yu smiled: "Then I’ll see you later."

Finished speaking, he sheathed Xun Sheng, pinched that wisp of flame to dispel it, and walked back to the campsite.

By the time Chu Yu returned, Xie Xi was already there. He had a piece of fur in his hand that he had finished preparing. Looking back to see Chu Yu strolling towards the fire, he said, with an expression on his face as though he had been wronged: "Where did Shixiong go?"

Chu Yu walked to pinch and rub Xie Xi's cheek and said, without turning a hair: "I went for a stroll because I was a little bored."

D***, he is telling more and more lies.

Fortunately, he didn't know why, but Xie Xi let it go and did not try to get to the bottom of things. Xie Xi simply stared at Chu Yu then embraced him, rubbing against him, and said softly: "Shixiong, I am sleepy."

Chu Yu patted the youth's back. Spreading the animal skin on the ground, they lay down but, suddenly, Chu Yu realized something was wrong.

Nevermind that it isn't really cold, the thing is, Xie Xi wants to hug him to sleep?

This child has really become more and more sticky over the years. Chu Yu brought him to the flower inn to hug the soft, fragrant ladies but he refused. Instead, he loved to hold a rough man to sleep.

Chu Yu reflected on the mistake he made of taking the child to that place. He patted Xie Xi’s back: "Shidi, are you asleep?"

Xie Xi gently made a sound.

Chu Yu organized his thoughts. He said, awe-inspiringly: "Shidi, as cultivators, apart from exterminating the evil demons, our duty is to protect the weak. In this world there are demons who have never done evil and are weak. If one day you see such a demon, you should extend a helping hand …"

A faint light flashed across Xie Xi's eyes. He lazily murmured "oh" and rubbed against Chu Yu's chest, smelling his fragrance, eyes narrowed with pleasure.

Chu Yu continued to earnestly preach but when he saw Xie Xi's lazy look, he couldn't help but pat Xie Xi's head. This unfortunate child! What can Chu Yu do? Now that he has grown up, he will no longer listen obediently.

Seeing that Chu Yu was unhappy, Xie Xi hurriedly nodded: "Shidi has taken to heart everything that Shixiong said."

Chu Yu closed his eyes in satisfaction and slept.

Originally, he only intended to close his eyes and pretend to sleep but when he closed his eyes he found that he really was sleepy so he soon fell asleep for real.

In the depths of the night, Chu Yu was woken up.

He opened his eyes, puzzled. He could clearly feel that Xiu Xi was holding him in a tight grip as though embracing something precious. Xie Xi's arms were around him and his leg was pressed in between Chu Yu's legs.

The problem is, there was something pressing on his lower abdomen. Cold sweat dripped down his forehead and he dared not act rashly.

… This child is having a spring dream?

Chu Yu's felt that this entire entire situation was not good.

He needs to enlighten the protagonist and help him get a harem as soon as possible! Look at how hungry and thirsty this poor child is … and he has no one to hold except for a man. To think that this person still isn't a stud harem master who can gallop 3,000 miles to the harem in a mighty and impressive way. It's truly pitiful …

Chu Yu silently sighed in pity. He turned to look at the dark forest in the distance and wondered why the fox demon hasn't appeared yet?

Did the fox find out that the so-called "heart corrosion pill" was just a sugar pill he bought?

Chu Yu was still entangled and there was a faint sighing in his ear. Turning his head to look, Xie Xi had woken up and his sparkling eyes were locked on his face.

That look was very frightening. Chu Yu felt a cold shiver run over his spine. The thing in the lower abdomen region has not subsided yet so he awkwardly moved back, adjusted his facial expression and joked: "Shidi, what were you dreaming of?"

Xie XI smiled: "I dreamed of Shixiong."

Chu Yu: "…"

I can't take it anymore!

Why did his little brother wake up when he dreamed?! Ah!

Xie Xi looked at Chu Yu’s expression, quietly let go of him, then blinked. His eyes were suddenly covered with a mist and he said, so softly it could barely be heard : “Da Shixiong, I’m so uncomfortable …"

Chu Yu immediately threw everything that happened to the back of his mind. Horrified, he said: "What?!"

He held Xie X in his arms again and Chu Yu held his breath as he sent a wisp of his Qi into Xie Xi's spiritual veins, carefully examining his body. Xie Xi did not protest. Quietly leaning on Chu Yu's chest, a slight smile on his face.

Chu Yu examined Xie Xi for quite a long time but did not find anything wrong. He hesitated before drawing back his Qi. Looking down at the teenager obediently lying in his arms, he asked: "Shidi, where are you uncomfortable?"

Xie Xi grasped Chu Yu’s hand and moved it towards a place that cannot be described, saying in a pitiful tone as though he had suffered an injustice: "Shixiong, it feels uncomfortable here."

Chu Yu: "…"


What are you doing, hero?

How can you insult your own godly soldier!2

The corners of his mouth were turning up slightly. Chu Yu closed his eyes and tried to restrain the ridicule that nearly broke out. When he had regained his composure, he looked down and his eyes were caught by Xie Xi's pure eyes.

He suddenly thought of a possibility.

Maybe … probably. The protagonist has not …

But … Should he teach him how to please himself?

This is a lot to worry about. How much of a psychological shadow would it cast over both of them …

After a moment, Chu Yu smiled softly: "Isn’t it hot? Well, just go and soak in the river. You’re hot because you slept with Shixiong so tonight you will be sleeping separately."

Xie XI eyebrows rose. He did not answer and leisurely stood up, eyes staring at Chu Yu as though he was undressing him or wanted to slowly tear Chu Yu's clothes off.

Chu Yu thought that the stare was creepy and felt an inexplicable sense of crisis

The robe was untied and the young, slender body was revealed. Chu Yu glanced at him then coughed and moved his eyes away.

Contrary to his expectations, the little brat has matured well.

He heard a "splash" sound. Chu Yu took the opportunity to sneakily stand up, wanting to go back to the forest to find the fox demon.

She agreed to pretend to be pursued by a wolf demon so that the protagonist can play the classic "hero saves the beauty" scene to enlighten him … .did she sneak away at a critical juncture?!

Chu Yu tried to slip away into the woods when, after barely half a step, there suddenly came a gust of wind, and in the next moment the unprepared Chu Yu was slammed into the trunk of a tree. The back of his head hit the tree with some force, making tears come into his eyes.

He was just about to pull Xun Sheng out of its sheath when a familiar voice sounded in his ears: "Where is Shixiong going?"

Chu Yu was silent for a moment. He was in a cold sweat when he looked up and reluctantly smiled: "… Shidi."

When did this child approach without him noticing?

What was with this tree kabedon?3

Xie Xi did not have a stitch of clothing on. His wet black hair stuck to his neck and shoulders while water dripped down his chest, giving him an indescribable type of indecent beauty.

Xi Xi's eyes were dark and a cold flame seemed to burn within him as, lips tight, he drew close to Chu Yu and said: "Shixiong is going to find the fox demon?"

Chu Yu was startled: "You …"

Has he been followed by Xie Xi before?

And so … because of his childhood experiences, Xie Xi is more sensitive than the average person. Chu Yu's performance was too suspicious; for Xie Xi not to follow him to see what was up would be strange.

Chu Yu was frozen. In the dim light, Xie Xi's face was extremely gloomy. Presumably, he was angry at Chu Yu's behavior.

"I’m sorry …" Chu Yu carefully touched Xun Sheng. This situation was bad but he should not run without trying to explain: "Actually I was doing it for you."

To be a qualified stud harem master, the sister skills have to activated … That d***ed novel is not like the other stud harem novels where it was written that the girls would throw themselves at the protagonist whenever they saw him.

He didn’t say this out loud. It’s all right.

As for the Xie Xi's heart, it was cold since he has been patiently enduring it. His hands on Chu Yu's shoulders suddenly tightened. The expression on his face changed erratically as he gritted his teeth and said: "I do not understand!"

He took a deep breath and said angrily, "I don’t understand! Since Da Shixiong is aware of my regard, why push me towards some other women! If Da Shixiong dislikes Shidi, then tell Shidi to go away!"


Chu Yu: ".. Huh?"

What regard?


Translator's notes:

  • Xie Xi said 啥心意 which means "regard; kindly feelings; intention." In short, he meant "Da Shixiong is aware of my regard/feelings (towards Chu Yu)" but he didn't use the word for love or affection so clueless Chu Yu is still confused.
  • I hope everyone knows what a kabedon is but in case you aren’t, it’s like this picture below.
  • I’m surprised that Xie Xi thought that Chu Yu knows about his feelings. I guess Xie Xi hasn’t exactly been that subtle so he thought his Shixiong noticed. We, on the other hand, can read Chu Yu’s thoughts, therefore we know that Chu Yu has no idea.
  • So many things happened in this chapter! Chu Yu was woken up when Xie Xi’s “little brother” stood to attention. (I nearly died laughing.) The beauty went bathing in the river. (I thought Chu Yu was going to have a nosebleed.) Then there was the kabedon while Xie Xi was naked and dripping wet! (OMG!) Please let me know what you think.
  • Thanks for your comments.


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