Eroge Reincarnation  ~Please don't collect Onee-chan's CGs~


Eroge Reincarnation  ~Please don't collect Onee-chan's CGs~ Chapter 2

Here is chap 2 as promised! Some tentacle action.

Contains content unsuitable for children. Move along if you’re underage.

Event 1 Alice gets tangled up with an Octopus ※Tentacles (Octopus)


 In the midst of the sparkling and blazing sun, I shrieked as the large octopus twined around and picked up my body with its' squishy squelchy arms.

 Even though I desperately raised my level until today, to think I can't even fight back!

 According to the counter-plan from before I made sure to not show any fair skin, it was the right decision to wear men’s trousers underneath my robe. It lifted my legs above my head and spread them, but like this the mental damage taken was scarce.

 I glanced at Dean who was located at a sandy beach slightly away, crouched over with his back facing this way.

 ――Alright, I'm not being watched!

 If I put up with situation for a bit, then the person we're looking for should come to my rescue.

 The octopus arm wrapped around my waist kept tightening, but if this was it then I was fine, bear with it, bear with it.

 As if aiming for when I let my guard down, an octopus arm wrenched open my mouth and tresspassed inside.


 As if violating deep into my throat a fishy and slimy thing stuffed itself into my mouth. I tried to bite it off, but all it did was bounce off that elasticity and I was unable to make a dent. Even though if it passed through some fire I could eat it tastily!

 Furthermore a different arm entered through the cuffs of my pants, sucking against my shin and thigh.

 Even if I tried to call out for help I couldn't use my voice, and Dean seemed to be following what I said and not looking this way.

 ――Is that person really going to come!?

 It tightened as much as I struggled, and the arms invading my head and pants cuff suckled directly against my skin. From time to time, it passed against the summit of my breasts as if scraping, and shudders began to well up and ascend my back.

 The octopus legs that trespassed from both sides of my pant legs reached the center area and began to wriggle and rub above my underwear, and on top of that those legs repeatedly pressed the bumpy sucker parts onto it over and over.


 That ruggedness rubbed against my pistil, and my body shuddered.

 As if noticing my condition, the octopus stimulated the same spot over and over.

「Nnh……! っ……!?」

 ――To think I would feel good by the likes of an octopus……!

 Even though I thought I absolutely wouldn't feel it in these circumstances, I wonder if this is the eroge's correction? When the octopus arms I thought felt disgusting just glided across my skin, chills ran down my spine.

 The suction pads continuously repeated the movements of sticking onto and releasing the sensitive tips of my chest, and the octopus arms infringing my legs raised their speed. Without thinking I moved my hips in pursuit of an even stronger sensation.

 ――I can't, already……Cumming!

 When I almost abandoned myself to that pleasurable feeling, I finally saw the awaited silver hair nearby.


 For a short moment my consciousness must have flown, when I came to I was in the silver haired man's arms.

 Looking in front of where the man's gaze was, Dean was disassembling the large octopus.

 Ah, it's today's dinner…… Tte, no way no way. To be frank I don't want to eat something that tampered with my body. I'll refrain from that.

「Are you alright?」

 While wiping away the mucus that made my face sticky with his large palm, the man peered into my face.

 ……His silver hair gleamed in the sunlight, and his lightly tanned healthy looking skin was pulled taut. 1 If I'm not mistaken, even though he's supposed to be the same age as Dean his ikemen face was mature and masculine, so reflexively I looked away.

「Um…… Thank you for saving me. I'm fine now.」

 I don't know from when he saw that situation from, but I'm extremely embarrassed. I feel like my face is redder than that octopus right now……

 To be honest, I'm relieved my mouth was sealed up at that time. Or else I would've definitely let out a weird voice!

「Nee-chan! Today's dinner is octopus in various ways!

 This guy, it's octopus over his sister. I see. Even though my meager otome heart was beaten up and I tried my best!

「Dean! You……!

「Oi, you! Are you her brother!? Why didn't you save her!!

 My harsh words was drowned out by the man's voice.

 Still holding my powerless body up horizontally, with a crease between his brows he pressed Dean for an answer.

「You also carry a weapon do you not? What did you intend by pretending not to see!?

「Eh!? No, uhh……!

「Please wait! My brother is…… That is, he's bad with octopuses!


 So forced, it's a poor excuse if I say so myself.

 The guy who was gleefully cutting up his disliked octopus and joking around.

 But we can't be foolishly honest and say we were waiting for you either.

「Th, this kid is bad with living octopuses, so that's why……!」

「Right! In fact I can't even look at them! Sorry, Nee-chan. I couldn't do anything……

「I'm fine.」

 The elder sister who kindly called out to her despondent little brother hanging his head.

 The man didn't seem satisfied, but not finding any malicious intent in the dubious acting he seems to have retained his anger for the time being.

「Thank you for saving Nee-chan. I'm Dean.」

「I am Alice. ……Um, I can stand by myself now.」

 I had the man let me down from his arms, and I once again bowed my head and said my thanks to him.

「I'm Harold. I am currently a wandering adventurer mainly staying in this neighborhood.」

 Right right, his name was Harold!

 Like this, at my personal risk and doing my best, we were somehow able to collect the first flag.

  1.  Guessed as coherently as I could with this sentence. Enlighten me, senpai-tachi. 銀色の髪が太陽の光にキラキラと反射して、少し日に焼けた健康的な肌を引き立てている。