Empty Promises: The CEO Cunning Bride


Empty Promises: The CEO Cunning Bride Chapter 49: Chapter 49 - We Meet Again (1/2)

Their boss appeared from the dark shadow of the night, and in his other hand, he held onto another person. He pushed that person towards Xiong Guang and Xu Song. Unable to balance herself, she fell right on top of Xu Song. 

"Miss, are you alright?" Xu Song whispered, feeling Xiong Jingfei's face with her hands to make sure there were no injuries. She sighed, seeing nothing more than minor scratches. Protectively hugging her, "Like I said, take what you want but leave us alone. We are only travelers trying to find a better life!" 

"Guang..." Xiong Jingfei's eyes widen. 

Xiong Guang laying in Xu Song's lap was shaking nonstop. It wasn't due to the pain in her stomach, but the fear the bandits is putting into her. Her back became soaking wet, and her hair felt like she just took a bath. 

"We need to get her treated immediately!" Xiong Jingfei shouted, covering Xiong Guang with one of the blankets that were flung of the carriage too. 

One of the bulky ruffians chuckled, "Boss, look at this little girl shaking!"

Xiong Guang was doing precisely what they wanted her to do. They wanted them to fear them, and it brought them excitement when their prey trembles in fear. 

The bandit with the scar bends down to look at them. "Pretty ones, why are you covering your face?" 

"Hm!" Xiong Guang held back her scream when he ripped the veil away from her face. 

He smiled, "Not bad!"

He proceeds to take off Xu Song's veil too then joked, "This one isn't bad either! Ready to be someone's bride!" 

Xiong Jingfei scorn, hugging Xu Song tighter than ever. Xu Song was the oldest out of the three of them. She was already eighteen and unmarried all because of her. She cannot let these disgusting bastards touch a single strand of Xu Song. If not for her existence, Xu Song would have been married with a family of her own. Because of her... Xu Song chose to stay during the sunny and rainy days. 

"What about you, feisty one?" The man with the scar chuckled. 

"Wait, let me do it." The boss of the bandit grinned. He was the most excited about ripping off the veil of this one. He liked the way she looked at him, filled with anger and hate. "This one is mine!" 

A moment ago, before the attacked happened. The boss of the bandit was already behind Xiong Jingfei and grabbed her by the wrist. Luckily, the dagger didn't drop too far away from, so she was able to grab it. Unfortunately, her strength and fight skills were not even close on par with a bandit. He dodged her stabbed and twisted her arm until she dropped the dagger. 

"Weak," The bandit boss smirked, dragging Xiong Jingfei by the arms to the other two girls they discovered. 

"Don't come near her!" Xu Song bellowed, waving her arms in front of them. 

"Out of my way," The bandit boss aggressively grabbed Xiong Jingfei by the arm and forced her to stand up. She winced out in pain. It was like he was trying to pull out her arms. "Let's see..." 

As if ripping her clothes off, the veil dropped to the ground, revealing her face. 

"Aren't you a beautiful one," The bandit boss sarcastically gasped rubbing his chin, admiring her face. "Isn't it a good thing I didn't damage your face?"

She glared at him in a haughty tone, "I may be weak, but you can only take a dead body back with you!" 

With her other free arm, she opened a paper bag filled with powder spice and threw it with all her might. In the process, she was able to land a slap across his face. 

Instantly, he released her and covered his eyes, "My eyes! My eyes! Water!"

"B-boss!" The scarface bandit tried searching for his boss with his eyes closed. He was already struggling with the spice in his eyes, and now he was trying to help his boss too. 

"Get up! Hurry!" Xiong Jingfei took a big sneezed. 

However, it didn't stop her from grabbing Xiong Guang by the arm to push her to move forward. For Xiong Guang, it was as if time stopped, and she stopped moving along with it. 

"Xiong! Guang!" Xiong Jingfei screamed, slapping Xiong Guang as hard as she slapped the bandit boss. "Do you want to die here! If not, get up and run!"

"N-n-no!" Xiong Guang stuttered, trying to grab onto anything to pull herself up. 

Xu Song wrapped her arm around Xiong Guang's waist and pulled her up to run. On the other hand, Xiong Jingfei ushered them to run into the forest to hide. 

"Bitch!" The bandit boss was able to grab hold of Xiong Jingfei's waist belt and pulled her back. Disheveling her dress and causing her to fall down. "As beautiful as you are, I will kill you!" 

"Miss!" Xu Song screamed, turning back around but was held back by Xiong Guang. 

"Don't go," Xiong Guang cried, shaking her head vigorously and unwilling to let go of Xu Song. Xu Song was her only escape because she couldn't run on her own. 

The boss bandit raised his hand into the air, "If I don't kill you-"

Blood splattered across Xiong Jingfei's shocked face. The head screaming about killing her was no longer intact with his body. It flew then rolled and rolled away from the body. 

Xiong Jingfei stared at the person standing behind the bandit boss's headless body. His sword was as sharp as the wind, it sliced and did a clean job.

The moon that has been hiding behind the dark cloud finally showed itself. Giving Xiong Jingfei a glimpse of half her savior's face. 

"Attack the bandits!" His fierce voice roared. It was in a commanding tone like Captain Hu, but the type to hold true authority. "Do not let one escape!" 

His face turned to look down at the person he saved. Both of them were just as shocked to see one another.

It was the person she was making fun of at Zhao Fan's wedding.

"Feifei? Feifei?"

Xiong Jingfei felt someone lightly shaking her shoulders. Blinking her eyes, she turned to face the person and dropped her backpack. Her breathing became heavy. She felt like she had forgotten how to breathe, staring at the person who touched her shoulders. 

"Feifei, are you alright?" Feng Huan felt her forehead with the back his hand. "You are pretty warm. Let's get you back inside the school." 

Xiong Jingfei didn't move when Feng Huang tried taking her by the hand. She only blinked and continued to stare at his face. Then mouthed, 'Feng Huan? Feng... Huan... Feng Huan?'

She shook her head to make sure her eyes were seeing things correctly. There were no blood on his armor... She looked at him up and down. He wasn't wearing any armor, but regular clothes like a shirt and pants. 

Feng Huan saw that she was trying to saying his name, he smiled. She was finally willing to say his name even though no actual sound came out. "Yes, it's me. Feng Huan."

She pushed him away and gripped the side of her head. A sharp needle-like pain was attacking her head from the inside out. 

"Feifei! Are you feeling unwell?" Feng Huan grabbed her by the shoulder, panicking. She was acting out of the ordinary. 

Shut up! Shut up! Xiong Jingfei screamed on the inside. She slapped away his hands and pushed him away from her. Her world turned dark, and her body felt heavy. 



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