Empire BOSS and His Sweet Wife


Empire BOSS and His Sweet Wife Chapter 35

  Cheng Nuo really had noconfidence in herself. He Familywas a famous family of upper classin the whole Xigang City, and she accidentally becameHeZikai's wife, rather thanchosen by the He family. If the family hada problem with her,that could not bemore normal.

  When He Zikai was clear about her worries, hesuddenly found this little woman, was some kind of lovely.

  Touching her fair face, He Zikai said, "you are my woman, and I don't need anyone else to like you."

  After a pause, He Zikai continued, "Remember, no matter what, just be yourself, understand?"

  Cheng Nuo swept herlips,anddid not speak, but nodded herhead to show that she understood what He Zikai said.

  After they got upand wash, it was 11:00.Cheng Nuo changed a decentdress, put on a light makeup, stood in front of the mirror, made sure herdress was all right, and then went downstairs withHe Zikai.


  In He's mansion, He Peixu and the housekeeper had long been waiting at the gate of the house.

  Whenseeingthecarof He Zikaislowly driving into the courtyard, He Peixu became even more excited.

  Hehadseen the picture of hisdaughter-in-law, and this time hewas goingto see her as areal person. The excitement and joy in hisheart werereally out of control.

  He Zikai stopped the car and unbuckled his seat belt to get off, but he saw Cheng Nuo in the copilot seatdid not move.

  Her hands were tightly held together, and seemedto be a little nervous.

  He Zikai sat up straight, reached over, took her hand, and said with a little tenderness in his indifferent voice. "I'm here, huh?"

  Feeling the temperaturefrom hishands, Cheng Nuo's heart calmeddown inexplicably, and herpoundingheart returned to its original beating.

  Looking up, Cheng Nuo looked intoHeZikai's eyes and just heard what he said.

  "Mm-hmm." Cheng Nuo nodded and now relied on him in herheartat this moment.

  After she unfastenedherseat belt and gotoff, Cheng Nuo wentto He Zikai.

  He Zikai naturally heldthe hand of the Cheng Nuo,andwent to his fatherand the housekeeper together.

  "Sir, your daughter-in-lawis quite beautiful." The housekeeper, looking at the people coming towardthem, had already been whisperingtothe ear of He Peixu.

  "That's Zikai's taste. I dobelieve it." He Peixu looked proudly at his son and his daughter-in-lawwalking to him.

  He Zikai and Cheng Nuo went to the old man and stood before him.

  "Dad." He Zikai greeted him.

  "Well, you’reback." He Peixu nodded and then looked at Cheng Nuo.

  "Dad..." said ChengNuo. Cheng Nuo wasvery polite to greet the old man, because herhand couldfeel the temperature from the hand of He Zikai, she wasnot nervous at the moment."

  "Well, Cheng Nuo, welcome home." He Peixu said that witha kind smile on his face, and he was satisfied with the daughter-in-law.

  Cheng Nuo smiled and did not speak any more.

  "Young master, young mistress,welcomeback." The housekeeper said respectfullythen.

  He Zikai noddedas an answer tothe housekeeper, and then introduced him to ChengNuo, "This is the housekeeper ofthe big house."

  Cheng Nuo smiled at the housekeeper and politely greeted him, "Hello."

  With the simple communication, the housekeeperhad an excellent impression on Cheng Nuo as well.

  "Come on, go inside. Your eldest brother and sister-in-law are in the living room." He Peixu said.t Since his son and daughter-in-law came back, it was not appropriate to stand at the door all the time, especially when her daughter-in-law went home for the first time.

  The three peoplewent to the mansion, followed by the housekeeper.


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