Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~ (WN)


Drop!! ~A Tale of the Fragrance Princess~ (WN) Chapter 13 part1

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Act 13

At the Fief: Last

—part 1—

If Cordelia have to name her new mission, it would be “Finding a Teacher.”

However, this wasn’t a difficult problem. Even without thinking carefully, someone who can be asked is nearby. Yes, it was Aisha who said to read stories and tell the children about letters.

Today, Cordelia came to inspect the museum with Aisha.

In the corner of the museum, the history of Pameradia was also displayed, carefully explaining the living conditions of being a hunting nation. But the main attraction was painting and sculpture. Even though Cordelia had never been there, Aisha explained that there were many things that emphasized the power more than those in the museum at the capital. There were magnificent paintings and sculptures indeed.

“Have onee-sama visited the museum at the capital before?”

“Yes. I used to live in the capital. My father was indebted to the Earl as soon as he retired, but I said that I didn’t want to be separated with my friends in the capital, and I had been living with my grandparents until two years ago.”

My father was saddened though. Aisha smiled mischievously.

“But probably I do not think we will be back any more, I think that it is better for me to live here.”

“Oh … but … there is something I would like to ask onee-sama.”

“Oh? What kind of request?”

Aisha replied softly while laughing prettily, but then her voice stopped. What is it? Cordelia wondered and followed her line of sight.

There was a young man.

He was looking around panicly, and eventually turned his face toward Aisha, then, he seemed petified. Aisha knotted her eyebrows.

“Let’s go, Cordelia-sama.” She tried to leave the place.

Then, the young man who seemed to be petrified got his energy back, “P-please wait for me, Aisha!” He raised a loud voice that wasn’t suitable in the museum, and continued:

“The only one I love is you, please marry me!”

Those words not only make Aisha petrified, not only Cordelia either, but everyone on that place was totally solidified. Too flashy and passionate. It wasn’t a place right for confession.

From that situation, how did they change place, Cordelia was uncertain.

The only vivid thing she remembered was stopping Aisha’s hand from slapping the young man with a red face, then dragged both of them into this place.

(I didn’t expect to witness such a scene at the age of eight.)

While thinking so, Cordelia sit on the edge of the bench by the canal, secretly looking at the situation betweem the two people beside her. The truth is, she wanted to go home, and let them talk to each other. However, Aisha didn’t release Cordelia’s hand. She seemed to be quite desperate about this situation.

Cordelia slowly observed the young man.

Dark brown eyes and same colored short hair, lips pursued into a straight line. He looked down with a red face which seemed different from the person that boldly confessed before, also looking tense and can’t stay calm.

Just what is happening? I’m not sure what should I do.

Naturally, Cordelia didn’t have the skill to soften the atmosphere. Since the first, she didn’t know the relationship between these two people—no, one of them was proposing. Even so, if no one start the conversation, they won’t be able to move forward. When she thought so, the young man opened his mouth.

“I… passed the Knight’s appointment test. So I came to apply an engagement for Aisha. In the past you always said, that you want to be a Knight’s wife. A person that’s strong like your dad would be good.”

“What are you saying!? That was just a kid’s speech! And you’ll be injured soon enough. Stop it before you get hurt. ”

“But, if I don’t do it, you won’t acknowledge that I’m serious. ”

“Why do you do something so reckless!? Because you were weak?! Doing something like that for me…!”

While listening to their conversation, Cordelia felt very uncomfortable. Is this situation is what is called… lover’s quarrel? And have they forgotten that they have a child with them in this place? I tought that it was a fight, but looking at their faces, it doesn’t seem to be that way. It shouldn’t be only because of the weather that their faces are red.

And why are you stopping there? Should I mediate between them? Or should I stick being a stone statue? Thus the Cordelia that feeling lost, suddenly got her arm pulled. Realizing that Aisha was standing up, Cordelia stand up too.

“Anyway, I can’t return to the capital anymore—!”

After that, she ran with her hands covering her face.

At the same time, Cordelia’s hand was released and she stood still, finding that she couldn’t follow her. Instead, the girl was more concerned with the words she left behind when she ran away.

“…can’t go back to the capital?”

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