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Dragon Dragon Dragon Chapter 52

Chapter 52: Dragon servant

After Yi Longlong delivered her commands, Roland slipped once again into the state beyond his control. The words seemed to convert into a power that completely dominated his body.

After completing the whole set of actions especially given to him by Yi Longlong, Roland felt only shame. He no longer wanted to avenge. All he wanted was to simply find a tree and go hang himself.

How is this coming to avenge himself? Clearly, he was being delivered up to the doorsteps for a dragon to toy with.

Without waiting for his retreat, Leina’s attack had already swung towards his face.

Although he was ashamed to death, Roland still highly valued his own life. He lunged sideways and swiftly dodged Leina’s flying axe, then nimbly drew out the long sword that was still hanging from his waist, blocking Leina’s downward slice of the blade.

The downward momentum increased the attack power. Roland’s palm was stunned numb. He nearly dropped the sword hilt. He stamped on the ground with great force and retreated. Although he had just escaped from death by the margins, he didn’t feel any terror at all. All he did was look at Yi Longlong ferociously. “Just what did you do?”

Yi Longlong felt she was completely innocent. “I didn’t do anything at all…” All she did was say something off the top of her head. Can it be that it posed such a great power?

With thoughts of testing out her hypothesis, she turned towards Leina. The young child-like voice tried out a command. “Kneel down.”

Leina had originally planned to pursue Roland, but when she suddenly heard Yi Longlong turn her attention towards herself, her body involuntarily shivered. Her tensions ran high at the same time, lest she did those stupid actions, but after a moment of delay, nothing happened.

In other words, Yi Longlong’s verbal commands were only effective towards Roland.

If it’s like this…

Yi Longlong suddenly thought of something. She looked up at Roland, and the latter also seemed to be thinking of something as well and looked over.

Amidst the exchange, the man and dragon thought of the same thing:


The bit of blood that Roland had swallowed and then tortured him to death and back was still exerting its additional influences, continuing to torment the pitiful purple-haired rogue.

At this moment, Yi Longlong heard a deep, low voice. “It’s a dragon servant.” She turned around and discovered the person speaking was the guy who wore the cloak, which was the strange white-haired man named Beastmaster. Ever since that night, the white-haired man put on his cloak again, concealing his appearance day and night. These days he didn’t even utter a single word, having simply omitted the ability to speak.

The voice of the white-haired man beneath the cloak was very low, as if it came from a place far away. “From what I know, in very ancient times, there were people who became the dragon’s servants. Did you enter some sort of ritual?”

Because of the sudden words from the white-haired man, Leina and her group also temporarily halted their attacks on Roland. They waited for the white-haired man to continue his explanation.

Roland clenched his teeth. He stared at Yi Longlong, his glare shooting out flames of enmity. He couldn’t wait to pounce and take a bite out of her. “What damn ritual? All I did was accidentally swallow her blood!” Ever since he met Yi Longlong, the humiliation he received kept breaking records non-stop.

The white-haired man’s voice remained calm. “That’s it. A long time ago, the first time the dragons gave humans their blood to drink, it was the most ancient and simple method to make a contract. It used the strength of the bloodline to decide who’s dominant.”

By the looks of the current situation, very clearly, there was no need to say any more just who was dominant here.

The contracts between dragons and humans later on were actually a revised edition of this ritual. It was able to use some certain methods to make humans immune to this command.

Becoming a dragon servant wasn’t without benefits. One of them was that the dragon could transfer their power to the dragon servant via blood as the medium. Yi Longlong’s power was limited by her body, and the power was instead exhibited by Roland.

Or, in the words of a popular expression: Although Roland’s power increased, due to the limits of the blood-binding contract, he was unable to harm Yi Longlong, and instead was placed under her thumb.

Even if Yi Longlong were to order him to die, he would not be able refuse it.

Having understood the situation in full, Leina’s eyes brightened as she suddenly thought of a method to get rid of Roland, but Yi Longlong’s reaction was even faster. Before Leina was able to act, she gave the third order to Roland. “Leave this place, don’t let them find you!”

As her last words fell, Roland’s body had already hastily retreated. That speed surpassed the limits of any member in the Whole Lot squad. With just a moment’s effort, he had already sped past the hills and entirely left the battlefield.

They were unable to catch up, and long-range attacks could not hurt him.

Leina immediately made a decision. She decisively gave up on pursuing him. When she realized Yi Longlong could command Roland, she thought of killing him through using the special relationship between Yi Longlong and Roland. Regretfully, Yi Longlong was quicker than her, having sniped ahead and ordered Roland to flee.

Yi Longlong felt relief as Roland’s silhouette disappeared. If Leina used Lin Qi to threaten her to hurt Roland, she might have really done something she was reluctant to do. The only way to solve the problem without any side getting hurt was to have Roland take cover far, far away, such that he will be unable to hear her commands.

Leina untied Yi Longlong from her back and dumped her on the ground. She immediately gave orders to continue the breakfast that was interrupted by Roland. She didn’t really blame Yi Longlong for foiling her plans. They were on different sides, and only took action according to their own angles. There wasn’t anything worth criticizing.

Although Roland had fled, as of now he wouldn’t go spread the word about the dragon but instead try to cover it up as best as he could, because he was the world’s last dragon servant. If anything were to happen to Yi Longlong, he would also be damned.

After the disturbance caused by the raid, the atmosphere in the latter half of breakfast time was filled with an even greater oppressive silence. The only one not affected by this was probably Lin Qi. His wrists were shackled up in manacles that were about as thick as the index finger. The shackles possessed the ability to interfere with mana. With the shackles on, it was more difficult for him to gather mana and use magic. Furthermore, in order to prevent him from hurting people, every meal he ate was mixed with large amounts of sedatives produced by the rogue, which knocked him out for most of the day.

Despite receiving this sort of treatment, Lin Qi didn’t display any discontent. He was quiet from beginning to the end. The one time when he first woke up after that night of heavy injuries, his eyes emitted a light sparkle at the sight of Yi Longlong being safe and sound.

After breakfast, the rogue gave each person appearance-modification drugs to get into disguise, then they bought an old horse carriage from the village. They disguised as an ordinary adventure squad, and in order to avoid coming across any other troubles, they did not stop at the village and instead headed straight to the nearby city.

The clattering of hooves and wheels were unhurried. They left a shallow trail on the dusty road, facing the glow of twilight. Slowly, they approached the city of Baldur.

As the carriage passed by, a nimble silhouette stepped onto the trail and silently followed.


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