Doom Lord


Doom Lord Chapter 108

Chapter 108- Enchanted Bird

Yu Kai was filled with expectations, he said, “Hey, that’s also good. We better take all the advanced-grade instance’s first clearance, and make the profession all around the world cry.”

Cheng Yang turned around and walked out of the pub, ignoring the guy in the back that was daydreaming.

After a while, Yu Kai came back from fantasy. Seeing the back of Cheng Yang walking further and further away, he immediately ran out and shouted, “Lord, wait for me!”

Yu Kai came to Cheng Yang’s side, he seriously asked, “Lord, since Yuan Jianze started looking for  the instance, I believes it won’t take long for him to find Undead Canyon instance portal. What should we do when that happen?”

Cheng Yang smiled helplessly, “What else can we do? We can only resist by whatever means available. Or should we just hand over the instance portal to these people?”