Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye


Destined Wife: The Apple of My Eye Chapter186 Parents-in-law Arrive!

To be honest, it is the first time of Yan Hua to see a man in his 40s crying with snots and tears. However, when she sees Tang Cao's calm eyes, she knows that it is definitely not the first time.

"Hua... Hua!" The woman stumbles behind the people and weeps silently. She holds out Yan Hua's hand to watch her.

The father is tall and strong with beautiful facial features. But now he is not very good-looking when crying. The mother is gentle and beautiful, and time has left no trace on her. Only a faint sadness can be seen on her face.

Yan Hua feels even more guilty. She does not remember the two old people and cannot repay their equal feelings.

"Dear daughter!" Tang Yao cries like a child. He has been calling Yan Hua's name for a long time. His eyes stare at her and he murmurs, "You become thin..."

Bai Susu pushes her husband aside. She takes Yan Hua's hand and sobs without wiping her tears. She says, "It's good to be alive! When you leave us, our family is also separated."

"Father-in-law, mother-in-law, let's talk about in the house!" Lang Ruoxian says. At the same time, the atmosphere is instantly broken.

Tang Yao almost jumps up with anger. He shouts, "Who are you? Who are your father-in-law and mother-in-law? "

Tang Yao are definitely the father of Tang Cao, Lang Ruoxian thinks. Tang Cao's pet phrase is also "who are you?"

"Shut up!" Bai Susu stares at her husband.

Tang Yao immediately loses his nerve. He only dares to mutter in a low voice.

"You are Ruoxian. Right?" Bai Susu looks at Lang Ruoxian with loving eyes. She says, "Thank you for taking care of Hua. We Tang Family cannot repay your kindness."

"We have given sister to him. Why do we still have to repay him?" Tang Cao mutters.

His father is here. He is Tang Cao's friendly forces, which means they can overwhelm the enemy together. It's the best time for them and they shouldn't wait!

Into the villa, Bai Susu looks around the building and she is relieved finally. Although the decoration is not too luxurious, it is exquisite, showing the host's enthusiasm for home, including the flowers in the vase.

Each bundle blooms at the right moment. It seems that they change it every day. Obviously, her daughter lives very well. Otherwise, she will not have time to do these things.

"To be honest, when I first heard that Hua was married, I was very anxious." Bai Susu takes her daughter to sit down. Lang Ruoxian sees Tang Yao and Tang Cao trying to shrink their bodies desperately on the same sofa that Bai Susu and Yan Hua sit.

Lang Ruoxian coughs and sits down alone on the opposite side. When Bai Susu narrows her eyes, his father-in-law and brother-in-law immediately come over to him...

"She is good-looking, and I believe there are few in the country that look better than her." Bai Susu touches Yan Hua's face and says, "But so what... It's the nature of men to like new things and hate old ones. If they look at the same beautiful woman every day, they will feel bored."

Tang Yao quickly raises his hand and says, "I'm not bored. I think you are the most beautiful woman!"

"I also know what she went through before she married you." Bai Susu ignores her husband and continues to say, "When I thought of my darling couldn't remember anything, waking up in a foreign country alone and was brought home by a scumbag to endure the bullying and abuse of that family, my heart aches to death."

Even if she loses her memory, Yan Hua is deeply moved. The rim of her eye becomes red and she wants to say something. But Bai Susu pats her on the hand.

"It's Mom and Dad's fault. We didn't take care of you well and we lost you. In the past five years, I have nightmares every night and I dreamed you being alone in a dark and cold place."

"Mom... Mom." Yan Hua finally cries out, "Don't be sad. I'm fine, really! I haven't suffered anything. Look! You know your daughter. Right? Even in a difficult situation, I will make myself very well."

Tang Yao begins to cry again. Maybe Tang Cao also wants to do something for the occasion. He follows his father to cry, too.

"I know!" Bai Susu hugs her, "But I miss you... Hua... I miss you so much."

"Ooh!" Tang Yao joins them and hugs the mother and daughter to cry loudly.

Tang Cao also wants to hug them, but there is no place for him...

"Dad and Mom." When Lang Ruoxian sees Yan Hua crying, he quickly comforts her, "Hua, don't cry. Or they won't stop crying."

Yan Hua takes the paper towel to wipe Bai Susu's tears and says, "I'm sorry, Mom."

She finally realizes that although she doesn't remember anything in the past five years, she is happier because she loses her memory. Bud her family suffers painfully because of her death in a foreign land and the pain of losing daughter and their broken family.

The dead are long gone, and the living still have to live. It's easy to say, but it's hard to do it.

"I'm sorry..." Yan Hua cries.

When Bai Susu sees her daughter is so sad, she forgets her sadness to comfort her daughter.

"Silly girl. It's good to find you! It is a pity that you are in such a close place but we can't find you." Bai Susu's eyes look fierce for a moment, which is totally different from her previous gentle demeanor. She says, "When I find out who did it, I will definitely not let him go!"

Tang Yao claps his thigh and says, "Beat and maim him. Make him regret coming to this world!"

Tang Cao is excited to shout, "Yes, yes, yes!"

"Hah, hah!" Yan Hua smiles through tears. "Dad..." She calls Tang Yao.

Tang Yao answers her and begins to cry again.

"All right. Don't cry!" Bai Susu takes a deep breath and says, "I didn't expect we could be reunited in our lifetime." She smiles at Lang Ruoxian, "No matter how you get together, since my daughter has married you, you are the son-in-law of our Tang Family."

"That's not sure..." Tang Yao whispers, "Hua's current identity is false. So their marriage certificate is ineffective..."

Bai Susu gives him a special look. Yan Hua still doesn't understand the meaning of the look. But when she regains her memory and understands it later, she just wants to laugh.

Yan Hua specially prepares the very fresh seafood at lunch. Tang Yao and his son obviously like it, and their mouths don't stop eating during the time. Bai Susu wants to shell the shrimps for Yan Hua at the beginning, but later she finds that she doesn't need to do it at all.

Lang Ruoxian does everything.

So Bai Susu is more and more satisfied with this son-in-law.

"All right, let's talk about it since we have finished eating and drinking." Bai Susu says and she personally brews a pot of fruit scented tea. Everyone sits in the small flower hall.

Yan Hua takes a sip of fruit tea and says, "It's great!" It's different from what she usually drinks.

Yan Hua just enjoys the tea and has no other expression. Bai Susu is a little disappointed when she sees that.

"Mom..." Yan Hua doesn't know if she said something wrong.

Tang Cao interrupts, "Our mother's fruit tea is different from others. It tastes sweeter with salt. She thought you would remember it because you liked it best. "

"Sorry." Yan Hua doesn't know how to say.

Bai Susu takes her hand and says, "Why do you say sorry about this? It doesn't matter that you forget us. We can restart! "

"Yes, yes, yes!" Tang Yao closes to them and says, "Dear daughter, it doesn't matter if you never remember us. We can tell you bit by bit."

Yan Hua and Lang Ruoxian looks at each other. Lang Ruoxian always keeps gentle today so that his parents-in-law can regard him as their son-in-law. He frowns slightly and says, "Dad, do you mean..."

"Your father and I have already discussed it on the way here." Bai Susu's attitude is formal. "It doesn't matter if you don't remember the past. We'll tell you. It's not that complicated."

Yanjing's circle of noble women is not large. Yan Hua has no need to woo anyone with her status. Even if those people are jealous of her and don't like her, few people dare to make trouble to Tang Family.

"You just have to remember the two branches of Tang Family." Bai Susu smiles, "As for the social circle..."

"Sister, you have no social circle at all!" Tang Cao shouts and is kicked by Tang Yao.

"That's because they are jealous of your sister and dare not stand with her!" Tang Yao says.

Bai Susu snorts, "Indeed, how dare those plastic faces compare with my daughter?"

Yan Hua is speechless.

Her family's style is really frank, not affected at all! Yan Hua thinks.

"Hua, we will make a list for you later and tell you all the people and things related to you." Bai Susu goes on to say, "It may be a little hard, but you don't need to remember all of it. When you go back, let Tang Cao follow you everywhere. He will remind you when you see anyone."

"You mean that you let me pretend not to have amnesia in front of people?" Yan Hua understands. She also thinks it is a good idea.

But Lang Ruoxian frowns more deeply. He says, "Mom, I think it is too dangerous. We haven't found the person who hurt Hua. If she just goes back without remembering everything..."

In his opinion, even if he has done all his work, he can't make sure that there will be no accidents. The family cannot follow Hua 24 hours a day. They may not know everything between her and others.

"I know you are really good for Hua." Bai Susu's attitude towards Lang Ruoxian is better than that of her son. She explains, "But if she stays here all the time, she may never regain her memory."

Before they come, they have consulted a doctor who has been their friend for many years. The doctor said that Hua should return to her old environment and gradually increase her familiarity. She will regain her memory one day.

"None of us thought of the accident at that time. Now we are on guard and no one dares to hurt Hua in Yanjing." Bai Susu looks at her daughter and says, "Of course, this is only our opinion. If you don't want to go back, you can stay here."

Tang Yao nods, "Anyway, there are only two companies in our family. It will be good to move one here."

"We can also eat seafood here!" Tang Cao says.

Lang Ruoxian becomes silent. He has no position to express his opinions on the family members who consider everything for Yan Hua. Although he does not want Yan Hua to return to that power center, he could not change her identity.

"Why don't you... let Hua think for a few days?" Lang Ruoxian suggests, "Just regard it as a travel and stay longer."

Bai Susu nods smilingly and restores her gentle and beautiful appearance. She says, "We just come out to play! People in Yanjing think we are traveling! "

"Great!" Yan Hua just doesn't know what to do. Hearing her mother's words, she suddenly relaxes. Yan Hua says, "Gungun must be very happy. Yesterday he had an uncle, and today he has grandparents."

Bai Susu becomes excited. She asks, "Gungun is a nickname, isn't it? What is his full name?"

"It's Lang Xuanyuan. Lang Family's Old Master made..."

"We will visit him when we have the chance."

"Sister, look..."

The afternoon sun reflects a beautiful halo in front of the French window. Seeing Yan Hua surrounded by her family, Lang Ruoxian thinks that she no longer needs him. He suddenly has a sense of loss in his heart.

But when he sees her happy smile, he thinks it doesn't matter. If Yan Hua really wants to go back, he will naturally be with her. They are the family! They should be together wherever they go.


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