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DemonLord's Pet Chapter 22

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料理無双の前段階 First step towards unparalleled cooking

「 3 Meals a day with 40 articles! It has been a long time. Let's do this!」

Kazuya who had set the eating habits from now on, was walking with Izuna together on the streets.

The purpose is, of course, to buy ingredients.

「Ehh? 40 articles? Won't it be very troublesome? How to make all that food as well as how to eat it all.」

「Do not worry about how to prepare it all.」

I am able to keep them in the fridge if I were to buy a huge amount of them at one go.
It can't be said that it is troublesome at this point of time.

「… Muuu, If I can fill my stomach, it will be fine. Therefore, even if it's a side dish, I believe that it will be fine. In addition, if it's hamburgers and karaage, I will finish eating them quickly」
「Is that so. Stop eating quickly. The ratio of Internal organs to fat and subcutaneous fat is also increasing quickly.」
「Kaaa. Please stop using your 『Analytical Eyes』!」

I am unable to stop using the skills that I finally mastered.
It seems like the more I use the skill, the better I am able to utilise it.
「Uu.. Kazuya has become really scary… Although you do not use them while playing poker, at such times like this, you are forever using them….」
「It's because it is at this time, therefore I use them. In addition, it does not mean that I have confidence in my cooking. However, with just ready made meals, I am unable to have my own way with the management of your health. Therefore, I will do it.」
「That sort of thing huh…?」
「Ahh, However, it not that the chain stalls are unappetising or anything. I am not trying to pick a fight with the Food King.」
「Umu, I understand. I will not tell the Food King.」

If you do not tell, it will help me out a lot.
As for me, I do not want to spread a wave of discord.

「Saa, let's enter and buy our stuff, shall we?」

As I said so, we arrived at the Jack of All Trades shop.

From now on, this is a place for the househusband to display his skill.
As Kazuya thought this, he entered the store.

「Ohhh, You are coming here really often, Izuna and Kazuya. Please buy more today.」
「I understand. Therefore, I shall buy all ingredients from… Muguu?!」
「Hahahah, we will be buying them moderately, Sekibane.」
After shutting up the Demon Queen's mouth who wishes to splurge, Kazuya started evaluating.

「Alright… First of all, vegetables.」
The ones I am aiming at are the huge number of fresh food that are placed in front of the store.
I threw them into the baskets that are provided by the store.
What's fortunate is that the vegetables are arranged similarly to Japan and it is not disordered at all.

「Etto, Cabbage, Spinach, Potherb Mustard and Lettuce…」

I placed them into the basket non-stop.
Once Once the basket becomes full, I place the vegetables into the next basket to the extent that the food ingredients get piled up like a mountain.
Izuna who saw this scene.
「Fufufu… Kazuya.. You have finally become someone like me…」
For some reasons, after looking at my face, she started laughing nonchalantly.
「What are you talking about, Izuna?」
「Kazuya, despite you always telling me off when I buy too much, isn't Kazuya buying a huge amount of stuff as well?」
「Ahh. that sort of thing huh.」
「Fufufu, This common feeling is good. As expected of my close friend. Get on my level!」
(ED Note:

"Gutto" Izuna clenched her fist and raised it into the air.

「With this, the days that I will have to take care of my own shopping will soon be over! Anyhow, we have become of like mind! With this, I will not be afraid of Kazuya and will be able to buy anything I want――!!」
Is pulling her ears to stop her that scary?
From now on, I must reconsider my way of chiding her.
However, that is that.

「Although I feel bad to burst your bubble, it's not like I am mindlessly buying them, you know?」
「These are all foliage vegetables. Even if I buy them in huge amount, it's fine.」

Izuna tilted her head even though it's not that hard to understand.

「Vegetables that goes through boiling or steaming will get a reduction in volume. I'm planning to preserve them. Therefore, I am buying them.」
「That fridge has that sort of feature attached to it, you know?」

Although it is not written in the instruction book, she had not noticed it until now.

Using my Analytical Eyes,

「Even if I leave the raw vegetables be, I have concluded that you do not really eat them…」
「Well, Salads are bland.」
「This girl…」

Even if I sprinkle salt on it, she will reply to me with the same words in a serious face which made me troubled.
It seems that there is no helping it for this Demon Queen who is bad at food which doesn't have any umami.

「… Therefore, I will season it and boil it in advance before placing it in the fridge. With that, we do not have enough vegetables on hand. So what shall we do?」
「If you preserve it, won't the taste go bad?」
「I will do something about that.」
「I see! As expected of Kazuya! Turning our head!」
「Right now, I am turning my eyes.」

I chose the vegetables using the Analytical Eyes.

『Cabbage。Elapsed time 3 hours.』

With that, beside the cabbage, I am able to see the date it was plucked and the elapsed time.
There are also the moisture level and the freshness of the vegetables which made it clearly understandable and made it very convenient.

Isn't this skill a househusband manual?

「However, even if I say that Vegetables are okay by itself… next is variety.」

I have to get her out of her 'MEAT MEAT MEAT LARD OIL MEAT MEAT' lifestyle.
In order to do that, there is no way but to increase the variety of meals.
In this street, the main carbohydrates that they eat are potatoes and bread.
Therefore, I must make sure that the meals I made will be palatable/suitable to the residence in the house…

「Saaa, What should I do…」

And, after looking around in the shop, a bottle came into my view. It is a fluid that seems to be creamy white in colour. This is…

「…Soya milk?」
(ED note: Oh thank god, I thought it was gonna be Mayonnaise…)

Bean Milk, that's what's written on the name plate.
It seems that it is definitely soya milk.

In addition,『Removed Water overnight by squeezing』is written on the name plate.
When I let my Analytical Eyes activate, it seems like it was really squeezed 30 minutes ago.

「…. Say, Izuna. Have you ever eaten tofu?」
「Ng? What's that?」

It appears that she has not tasted it before.
If that's the case, it's the perfect time.

「I will make tofu. Izuna, Please co-operate.」
「O-Ou, Understood.」

After throwing the soya milk into the basket, I walked towards the counter.

「I will pay for the cost, so it's fine if Kazuya were to step out.」
「Ng? Erm, it's fine. I will pay for it.」

I still have some of the money left over from my salary. Thence, I will pay for it. Or so I thought. However,

「No! Let me pay for this! I am changing my lifestyle, so it's obvious that I will pay for it!」

I was being pushed strongly by Izuna.

Well, I don't believe the total sum is that high.
…. Let me impose on her good will.

Kazuya placed the basket onto the counter and left the store.

「Ahh Kazuya. I am sorry but can you take the price tag and bring it over here. I am unable to see the price tag if you leave it there.」
「Ng? Ahh. Understood.」
Having said that, I brought the price tag and returned to the counter.


And after looking carefully at the price tag and the goods place into the basket, Sekibane looked at Izuna.

「Yoshi. Calculation completed. However, isn't this rare? Izuna, buying stuffs with such honesty.」
「Uumu, If I do not buy in moderation, I will make Kazuya angry…」
「Hahaha, you have gotten yourself an awesome pet. The King's Halberd, you are not bringing it out?」
「I do not plan on bringing it out.」
「I see, if that's the case, it's a pity.」

The King's Halberd? This is the first time I had heard of it. Just what is it?

Let's ask Izuna later.

「Please enjoy yourself later. Ahh. By the way, the total sum is 50 thousands doran.」
「Okay Okay.」

Izuna, with a pop paid the 50 thousands doran.

「….Wa-wait! Why is it so expensive?!」

Despite me properly calculated the amount and price of the food I had bought and I am pretty sure it's lesser than 10 thousand.

While thinking so, I did a close inspection to the contents of the basket and within it there are a huge amount of sweets in it.

Earth-shattering amount of sweet stuff, Earth-shattering amount of oily stuff; they are in abundance.

When I gazed at her, she averted her eyes,

On this street, these types of sweets are pretty expensive. If one were to buy one basketful of them, it would be about 10 thousands doran.
That is in large quantity. She probably snuck the sweets into the baskets when I was looking at the goods on the shelf.

Ah, no wonder the basket got filled up quickly

「We-well. Isn't it fine? It has been bought.」
As Izuna said so, she quickly left the shop.

I see. She wants to change the topic quickly.
Also, the reason to pay by herself was for that reason, huh.

「I want to say this in advance just in case, I do not accept returned goods.」

I was being attacked by Sekibane on the front lines.

I see. Due to that, I must bring these back home.
――I understand.

Kazuya tightly grasped the shoulders of Izuna who left the store.

「Izuna, please come here awhile. Before we return home, I have something to talk to you about.」.
「Wa-wait a moment, Kazuya! Do you have reasons that are deeper than the ocean depths of this world…」

「As it is your money, I do not plan to complain about what you have bought. However, if you do this, when we are changing your eating habits, I need to have a word with you…!!」


And after having a firm conversations with Izuna, they returned back to the house.

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