Demon King Reincarnation


Demon King Reincarnation Chapter 21

“Isn’t it going a little overboard to destroy another country just because you found some wigs from their region, ojou-sama.”

Riley softly remonstrated me. But, I’ve already made up my mind.

Stealing away my rival = Taking away my source of fun = Declaring battle against me = Be prepared!


“First, you should confirm if Marquis Muscle – is the true Perpetrator M behind the kidnapping of Victim H.”

“-The perpetrator, didn’t she already decide that he was it?”

“What’d you say? Brat. I could have sworn that I said there wouldn’t be a third warning. I’m going to punish you later. Look forward to it.”

“-Is this for real?”

Sujata fell silent and slumped down on what remained of the desk. Mmm. He’s finally quiet now.


“What is it? Marie.”

“For onee-sama’s sake, may I join in as well? Also, this will be perfect for my bald dad…… I mean, this length of wig should be appropriate for my father.”

“Mmm. If it’s Marie, you won’t be suspected. Alright, go immediately. That’s right, use my horse. You can make a round trip in one day.”

“Yes ♥ Onee-sama ♥”

The gothic lolita went off gallantly and merrily on her way.

When I looked outside the window to confirm things, my horse, the Dark Demon King…… She was nimbly riding off on him.

“Ojou-sama, please calm down…… Tomorrow will be a storm of spears.”

“Mmm. I shall descend upon the neighboring country.”

“Alright, Sujata. Let’s get to your punishment.”

While carrying Sujata who was acting like a corpse, I entered my room and locked the door to prevent him from escaping.

“–……Get over with it already.”

“Oh? Then, take off your clothes.”

As he was ordered, Sujata took off his shirt.

“Hehehe, good boy. After coming here, your body’s become even better, one without comparison.”

“–That’s because I’ve been able to eat decent meals here.”

“Then, I shall immediately have a taste.”

Sujata froze solid and closed his eyes. That’s good, I circled around him and stood behind him. I licked his tense neck, to confirm how it felt.

Then, I bit in.


Only the sounds of Sujata’s whimpers and my slurping could be heard in my room. Sip, sip, suck, I gouged him with my tongue, and held his head firmly as he trembled in pain, and kept sipping up his blood.

Mmm! I haven’t had such good, fresh, blood for such a long time! And what’s more, this blood belongs to a handsome boy! Although he’s actually a bit older than my strike zone, he’s well trained, and his blood is excellent.

Gulp, I had one last drink, then I applied some medicine and a bandage on his wound.

“–……Is it over?”

“What? You want me to have some of your meat next? Hehe, how lewd! My older brother!”

“–……Such a thing, go do it elsewhere.”

“Hmm? I think I’ve heard somewhere that fresh blood should be completely enjoyed to the fullest while you can. I wonder where?”

“–……Never mind, it’s nothing.”

Then, Sujata managed to stand up and open the door.

“-You, you’re really the worst.”

As he spat so at me, he managed to leave the room.

“He really knows how to choose words to entertain me, that Sujata Angelique.”

I laid down on my sofa, and licked the remaining blood off my lips with my tongue.


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