Darling, Why Do You Regret It?


Darling, Why Do You Regret It? Chapter 1

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It takes a great amount of courage to try and find the mistress of your husband as the madam of the Duke's family.

Of course, that would only be the case if I was the 'real' Duchess.

But it was different with me, since I only woke up one day as the wife of an important character in a novel.

My husband meets with a woman secretly, every night at a place he bought with his own money, and the woman was a commoner at that, someone of much lower status.

Yet the two were deeply in love.

"Excuse me……."

The frail lady's shoulders were trembling.

Her neck was so long and pale that I was reminded of an animal that was known for having a long neck.

Ah. Now's not the time to be spacing out.

I tapped my teacup as I tried to remember.

"I'm sure you already know who I am."

The woman lowered her head and did not meet my gaze, as if something terrible might happen if she did.

Considering the fact that her hands are trembling, she probably thinks that I despise her.

Maintaining an elegant pose, I gazed at her exposed shoulders.

She looked more frail than thin with her pale arms and slender fingers. Her hair, which flows down was as light as her skin.

She looked like she would fly away if anyone did so much as tap her.

She was like a baby bird that had fallen out of its nest, making you want to hug her.

"Yes…… I do, Duchess."

Her non stop trembling hands told me that she was still extremely nervous.

"So you should already know what I'm going to say."

Woah. Calm down, girl. I'm not planning on throwing water on you or anything.

Of course, this would normally be the perfect time to throw water on her and drench her face. It was a common scene in morning dramas.

"As you already know, my husband is Duke DeLove."

Duke DeLove had taken in a mistress after a mere 3 months of being married to his official wife.

Not only that, he used his own money to purchase a house for her and met frequently with her.

That small, stable place was a place you would call a 'Lovers' Nest'.

"And you are?"

I already knew, but I asked anyway, pretending not to know. The woman flinched, then replied.

"S-Seira Torsoné."

My husband's mistress was a beautiful commoner named Seira Torsoné.

I woke up as the wife of Duke DeLove, the irresponsible teacher of the male lead.

I was inside the book when I opened my eyes, and I began realizing what role this man's wife had in the novel as I was adjusting.

After getting married, the Duke narrowed down his lover and mistress to one person. And that person was right in front of me, Seira Torsoné.

Of course this probably meant Seira had an amazing personality & beautiful looks as well, but there was no questioning the fact that the two were deeply in love.

In the original works, I'm caught up in a battle for power and end up dying, and Seira automatically fills in my spot. After that…… I didn't read on so I'm not sure.

I stopped reading because I was mad and didn't really expect the male lead to learn much from a teacher like my husband.

Duke DeLove was someone who was not only skilled enough to teach the male lead swordsmanship, but was also talented in strategic matters, which meant he had a huge influence on political matters as well.

To top it off, he had an appearance that made anyone who saw him stare in awe.

Anyway, he was someone that women couldn't help but fall for.

And I was his wife, who was stressed and depressed over a man like him, and ultimately ended up dying because of a battle for power.

Just like how every 'possessed' situation is, I knew of the dark future that would come.

"Don't you think all the paintings here have beautiful, unique colors and lines? It's really a heavenly place for people like us since they even have a resting area prepared in an amazing place like this."

The situation we were in made the mood rigid, and I tried to loosen it up a bit by bringing something up that didn't stray too far from Seira's interests.

But even though a topic that interested her was brought up, Seira did not budge.

It's hard to see her as an arrogant cheater with her trembling the way she is.

"Uhm, Duchess!"

Oh. Is she finally ready to talk?

Seira, who had been shaking like a scared rabbit, suddenly raised her gaze.


But as soon as she saw me fidget my teacup, I could see a literal earthquake in her eyes.

But then she shut her eyes and yelled.

"I-I don't know how you'll take this, but the Duke and I love each other!"

She stared straight at me while saying this, her light blue eyes had put me in awe.

Wow, she really is beautiful. I admired her looks for a moment, forgetting the situation we were in.

Unable to hold her gaze for even a few seconds, she looked away. But she bit her lip, as if saying she wouldn't take back the words she just said.

"Ah. So you mean you'll keep meeting my husband?"

Without thinking, the words that flew out from my mouth were like lines on a tv show.

I didn't even have to hear her next words to know what she would say.

"Yes. I'm sorry. I don't plan on breaking up with……."

"Okay, keep meeting him then."

I didn't regret it one bit as I said this.

Why would I be regretting?

I should be grateful that she's taking him- I mean, collecting him away.


Her eyes widened to the point that they looked like they were about to rip.

"W-what did you just…….?"

Her eyes were so large and transparent like a marble, that it looked like it would pop out if I tapped it.

Seira looked confused. She probably either thinks she heard wrong or she isn't processing what I said properly. Actually, it looks to be that she heard it wrong.

Instead of correcting her thoughts, I slowly pulled out a white envelope.

"Take this."

Inside the envelope were a bunch of bills that you could take to the bank right now to exchange for gold coins. Seeing this, she pressed her lips together and clenched her own hands. She was expecting the worst to come.

"It's exactly 100K pounds. It's an amount you'll never be able to get your hands on."

I calmly said my next lines. When I glanced at Seira, she looked like she was going to cry at any moment.

"I-I'm not going to break up with him just because you give me something like this!"

"Of course you won't."

Her lips stopped moving when I nodded in agreement.


"Keep seeing him. That's what the money is for."

Seira looked at the white envelope and back at me.

She didn't mishear this time. She gawked her mouth in shock. I became frustrated because she still didn't seem to understand.

I'm telling you to just date him!

Honestly speaking, I was waiting for this moment.

I did get possessed, but what reason do I have to continue my marriage with my husband?

I didn't want to fight with Seira like the wife from the original story.

And because I didn't love my husband, I wouldn't shed any tears even if I sent him away.

Also, there was no reason to continue a loveless marriage.

I don't want him, so you can have him.

After adjusting to my lifestyle in the novel, I found out that you need a liable reason to get divorced.

Which means you need a reason that's sooooooooo bad that divorcing is the only solution, but they say that the Duke cheating isn't a bad enough reason for it.

How can your husband cheating on you not be reason enough to divorce?

So mistress unnie, please work hard.

I'll provide you with money and people.

Ah. 'People' meaning my husband, of course.

"Are you not satisfied with the amount? I can give you all the money you want. Tell me how much you want."

Seira looked shocked. She didn't seem to be following the situation. But she shook her head anyway.

"I-I can't receive something like this. I won't break up with the Duke no matter how much money you give me!"

No, that's not it. She must've thought I was telling her to break up because I offered more money.

"I really love the Duke. I will never…… break up with him. Even if you never forgive me."

"That's the spirit."

I clapped and nodded.

"Keep flirting with him."

I'm rooting for you!

I didn't plan on staying in this household only to die later on because of a fight.

I don't know why I came to this world and why I became the Duchess, but I need to survive first.

Thankfully, the Duchess' original family was a Count's family, which was not bad.

Not only was the area they lived in famous as a vacation place, but they were also extremely wealthy.

In other words, this Duchess girl is a gold spoon. And her parents still cared for her after she got married.

This meant she had a place to go even when she got divorced.

Seira was now completely flustered.

I saw my husband's face quite often, and I had to admit that he was a man any woman would want.

He was handsome, had beautiful, seducing eyes, had a nice body, lots of money, and even had a lot of skills and talents.

But it was all useless. What's the point in having all that if you have such a messy background that the innocent people around you die for it?

I prioritized safety above all and I believed that jobless people with lots of money are the best type of people.

Hurray for safe, peaceful, daily life!

"Miss Seira."

I handed the white envelope into her pretty, thin fingers. Flustered, she ended up taking the envelope I handed her.

"You're doing great, so just keep up the good work."

Girl, be a little more ambitious. You can have the Duke's family. You can do it. Goodluck, alright?

"And come to me if you ever need help."

This gallery was a place that I had come in secret, hiding my identity, so there were many middle class people around.

It was a place where common artists showcased their works, and sometimes sold their works to those who wished to purchase it.

We were sitting in the resting area within the gallery and the noise in the gallery helped disguise my existence.

"Ah right, my husband is planning on going to Pabel in a week. You should go with him. For vacation."

I felt a little apologetic towards Seira since this was a flustering situation.

But I didn't feel that way towards my husband at all. He was a man who calmly switched his wife with his mistress once the wife died. There was no way she could feel sorry.

I left without giving Seira, who was still shocked, a proper goodbye.

And as soon as I left the gallery, I quickly looked at the alleyway. She could see someone quickly hiding themselves.

'Great. Of course they were following.'

I pulled my lips up into a smile.

My husband's servant had very efficiently and amazingly caught sight of my meeting with the mistress. Soon he will inform my husband of this meaning.

I quickly lowered my gaze, forming a shadow with my eyelashes, my expression was that of a person who wished to die.

So that another one of my husband's servants may see me as the official wife who is shocked and depressed after meeting the mistress.


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