Crossing Into The Emperor's Body At Night


Crossing Into The Emperor's Body At Night Chapter 2 part2

Edited by: Siha Ma

While in the body of the emperor, she looked forward to eating the most. But she had little culinary knowledge, leaving her incapable of knowing what her options were. Every time the head eunuch had asked her what she'd like to eat, she'd casually told him to arrange according to the emperor's preference. She didn't dare to change it, for fear that the head eunuch would serve her a dish that would become her favorite food, causing her to ask for it again and again. 

When the real emperor would ask why the head eunuch had served him that dish, the reply he'd get would be "Isn’t this what the emperor likes to eat normally?"

The emperor would certain doubt when he'd begun to eat like that.

In one go, they'd find out everything.

Once the emperor found out that another could possess his body, what would he do? Considering the strange events that'd happened in the past years, she'd be caught at once. Thus, she'd take care to not change anything in the emperor's room. Normally, she'd not even touch anything. Even if she did, she'd immediately restore it to its original state. Due to her carefulness, she hadn't been caught in the half a year of possessing his body.

But is was also because his mind wasn't in such things. He seemed to pay no attention to anything other than the unification of the country.  

Fang Shu sat up in the emperor's body, and got down from the bed. The calligraphy and painting hanging there was not that shocking anymore.

She'd gotten frightened when she'd first possessed this body. The two words "Tian Xia" were written in blood that dripped down, and they'd tainted the imperial paper through the back.

Tian Xia, or Land Under Heaven, meant everything under heaven. This word was hung opposite the head of the bed so the emperor could see it when he opened his eyes every day. Was it to remind him that the unification hadn't been reached yet?  

Fang Shu went around the screen and into his study. Perhaps for convenience, but the study was connected with the hall of mental cultivation and was just behind the screen.

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Upon entering, she laid her eyes on a desk with many memorials on it. The left ones hadn't been processed yet, and the right ones had. This one folded account book has been approved for a long time and the left one has not. All piled up on the right.

It wasn't a mess, but a neat arrangement, clean and comfortable to see.  

She couldn’t deny that the emperor was a good ruler.

He worked hard like a robot, with determination and discipline. But apart from his ambition, the decoration of the room barely hinted that someone human used it.

His life must be boring, she thought. Only military books and various  weapons were in his study. In addition, there was a large map on which various countries were drawn. 

Half a year ago, when Fang Shu had begun to possess him, she'd found that she belonged to the Dashun Dynasty. Its situation wasn't good: it was surrounded by small countries that were easy to defend and difficult to attack. Later, one by one, those small countries were waving the Dashun Dynasty flags. 

He'd said that he wanted to unify the whole kingdom. He hadn't been joking. He'd been working hard in that direction, and in half a year, he'd already conquered two border countries, one small and another medium, and was marching towards his ambition. 

The reason why he insisted on unifying the lands was that this kingdom used to be small sized and would always be defeated by others, which made the people suffer. So, the emperor realized a fact.

Two households would fight, but a single household couldn't. If the world was turned into one family, there would be no more cases of devouring each other.

In this way, since he became emperor at the age of 16, he'd kept expanding his land. Everyone respected him, feared him, and worried for their necks around him.

But let alone others, even Fang Shu was afraid. Whenever she possessed him at night, she wouldn't dare to often look at the hard-edged emperor in the bronze mirror.

Only a quick glance revealed that this man seemed to be extremely handsome, but with some ingrained hostility in his looks. His ambition lay deep in his brow, but the delicate and pretty appearance couldn't be hidden.

Every time she looked at him in the mirror, he seemed to be a beast hidden under a beautiful appearance: the beast could come out at anytime and bite her.

Originally, she had the idea of ​​conquering the Dahai sea, but then she simply gave it up. Let others conquer the dahai sea, she'd thought.  

She could eat, drink, and plant flowers as she wished. After sneaking around the empress’s big cat and climbing to a certain position, she wouldn't need to worry about her life and could live a life of ease for the elderly.

Fang Shu, who was familiar with the books in the study, went through the rows of bookshelves to the last row and squatted down in the corner to take out some books on flowers and grasses she'd hidden.

She could be reused by the empress. The tacky palace attendant who specially arranged flowers and plants from the imperial garden would go to the Changchun Palace.


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