Crossing Into The Emperor's Body At Night


Crossing Into The Emperor's Body At Night Chapter 2 part1

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Fang Shu had a secret. At night she would cross into the body of the emperor, who was an aloof person.

The prerequisite was that she fell asleep while the emperor was sleeping. If successful, she would return to her body the next day.

She didn't know why, but maybe it was because of that time six months ago she'd accidentally fallen into the lake when fetching water. Luckily, the emperor had been resting in a pavilion in the center of the lake. As soon as she had closed and opened her eyes, she'd gone in the emperor’s body. She'd seen her body sinking to the bottom of the lake not far away. Frightened, she'd ordered the servants to rescue her.

From someone else's perspective it could only be summarized as a supernatural power. 

Then again, considering she'd transmigrated from modern times into this little girl's body, was migrating between her and the emperor's body even as strange in comparison?

She thought she’d be the emperor from then on. All night she'd been on cloud nine, even though she'd changed genders. But being the 95th emperor had been fantastic. She wouldn't have to worry about meals, and neither would she fear losing her head. It was safe to say she hadn't been delighted upon returning to her own body. 

After repeated experiments, she'd figured out and confirmed the prerequisite of being asleep simultaneously to him.

After half a year of transmigrating to her new body, Fang Shu had found respite. About five o’clock in the morning, when the emperor wanted to wake up, she'd start feeling sleepy in his body.

He would occasionally sleep for a while at noon. Fang Shu couldn't even take a nap while he was awake, and thus she knew this.

His life was regular to a rule. He went to bed at haishi. Fang Shu would follow behind, and if he was sleeping deeply, she'd be able to transfer over.

[T/N: Haishi means 9-11 pm]

But while they shared the same body, the energy was limited. If she slept too late at night, the emperor's mental state would be bad during the day. She'd come to know about this after randomly hearing Jin Xiu and Jin Yu talk about how the empress had wanted to see the emperor, but the head steward had told her that the emperor was unwell and had gone to rest early.

The first or second time Fang Shu hadn't paid attention. But she'd understood it after staying up in his body till late at night, which had caused him to rest early the next day.

She'd begun to restrain herself a lot after that, occupying him for an hour or two at most. She would go to bed early when nothing important would be happening or delay it if she would be busy.

Of course, the most important thing was that he goes to sleep. Many times Fang Shu couldn't go to bed early because he would be awake, and she would be forced to lie down.

Fang Shu was too timid to do anything else with his body. Every time the 95th emperor went out, the imperial censor followed. Even when he got up in the night to go to the toilet, his movements were being recorded.

Afraid of revealing the truth, she would stay in his room while occupying his body. The only thing she had done was to borrow his identity to eat some delicious food.

This was her only obsession. Everything else she could give up, but not this.

To be continue

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