Crashing Into You


Crashing Into You Chapter 117: LET’S LIVE TOGETHER

"You seems so comfortable doing wonders in the kitchen? When did you get this skill?" Tan Ja Nin curiously asked.

"I lived in UK for five years alone. I've mastered cooking because I have nothing but myself then."

Tan Ja Nin nodded. Unlike him, although she tried living independently in New York for years, her parent has hired a personal chef for her to take good care of her daily meals. If Lee Jin Ho has been cooking for several years and he seems good at it by the way the food presentation in front of her was prepared, her mind is wondering if she had also cooked for someone else while he was abroad. Aside from Song Dei Si, was he involved in another woman in UK. Her lips pouted with that thought.

"How many people have praised you for your cooking skills?"

"If you wanted to know if I have cooked for anyone else aside from you, the answer to your question is none." Lee Jin Ho answered as if he can read her thoughts.

Tan Ja Nin face turned crimson.

"Can we eat now? I-I'm hungry." She asked.

"You can have me as your appetizer first." Lee Jin Ho teased her.

Tan Ja Nin felt that her face had become more redder so she gave him an eye of a tiger.

"Don't ever think you've got a ticket to tease me shamelessly just because we already have sex"

Lee Jin Ho laughed and pinched her chin. "You're cute when you tried to be angry like that"


"Okay, let's eat now! I know you're hungry from that bed fight that we had."


She wasn't able to finish calling his name because he put a whole piece of wheat bread into her mouth then laughed at her.

"You have to eat more to gain more energy for our next round." He shamelessly said and started to put some foods into her plate.

"Lee Jin Ho, stop fooling around"

Lee Jin Ho looked at her and then nodded.

Then there was silence.

"Let's live together." Lee Jin Ho said after awhile.

That statement made Tan Ja Nin spitted all the foods out of her mouth straight into Lee Jin Ho's face.

Lee Jin Ho cleaned up his messy face and spoke again. "As I said I will take responsibility from what had happened between us, let's live together first before we jump off to marriage."

"I'm not going to live with you and no intention of marrying you just because we had sex. We both scratched an itch and nothing else."

Lee Jin Ho was stunned on her response. He looked at her again like he was trying to read if she meant what she said and then gradually nodded after awhile.

"Yes, it was an itch and nothing else" he said and stood up. "Don't forget to bring all your belongings when you leave." a teasing and gentle voice earlier turned into an icy-cold in an instant.

Tan Ja Nin was left dumbfounded at the dining table.


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