Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse


Counterattack of a White Lotus that was Reborn into an Apocalypse Chapter 24

Since the conversation with Pig Leg, Lian Hua became Pig Leg’s close personal servant, “From now on, you’re my personal nanny[1]!” Pig Leg nobly left behind this sentence and turned away, leaving behind Lian Hua who was bursting into tears. Pig Leg, don’t you hate the White Lotus? Don’t you want to severely abuse the White Lotus? That bastard Bai Yi appeared right in front of you, shouldn’t you keep this annoying person far away from you? Pig Leg, Pig Leg, forgive me, this mortal, for not understanding your heart.

Lian Hua did not expect that he would be pulled aside by Pig Leg that evening.

“Give it a bath first,” Pig Leg looked calm, as if he wasn’t referring to a three meter tall tiger, but a big kitten!

“Brother Zhi, that is, can’t you make Big White smaller first?” It’s easier to wash it when smaller.

“It won’t be clean,” Pig Leg was still calm.

Responding in agreement, Big White opened its blood red mouth wide and faced Lian Hua, roaring gracefully as if speaking. Lian Hua only felt like he was about to go deaf.

Lian Hua fearfully scuttled closer to Big White, “Big White, ah, Big White, be a good boy, don’t eat me. Human flesh is really smelly, it’s not delicious.” Lian Hua spoke as if chanting mantras while pouring a stream of water onto Big White.

Big White rolled its eyes, a God would not eat a mortal! But the meat of an esper wasn’t bad, Big White licked its lips in anticipation, but unfortunately, right now, the terrifying Master didn’t allow it to eat, too bad.

Lian Hua “…”

The feeling of being seen as food wasn’t good for his soul, Lian Hua rubbed the tiger even more aggressively.

After finally rinsing the entire tiger once, Pig Leg gave him a bottle of shower gel.

Lian Hua “…” Your brother hasn’t used this kind of thing in a long time, ok? You’re actually wasting it on this terrible tiger.

Lian Hua accepted his fate and squeezed a large portion of the body wash onto Big White’s body, then picked up the large brush Pig Leg gave him and brushed up hard. Swish, swish, he started at the head first. Luckily Big White knew how to lie down. He brushed the neck and chin next, Big White narrowed its eyes, appearing to enjoy it immensely. Lian Hua really wanted to poke its eyes out with the brush.

Lian Hua brushed its back until his hands couldn’t reach any higher, it was just out of reach, so he had to climb up with difficulty. Big White narrowed its and swung its tail. Lian Hua stared in horror as the steely whip like tail swept past him. If it swung and hit him, he would definitely be split in half.

When he brushed to the belly, Big White honestly lay down and exposed its stomach very obediently. Lian Hua used a little more strength, continuing to wash and brush. The more he washed, the further down he went. Suddenly, Big White clenched its paws.

Lian Hua looked at Big White’s butt, “Big White, ah, I’m going to wash your butt for you, don’t throw a tantrum. I don’t want to be indecent towards you, be good and don’t move.” Lian Hua carefully moved the brush over Big White’s butt, tentatively brushing. Big White didn’t react. Lian Hua brushed some more, Big White still didn’t react. Lian Hua was finally reassured and intensified his efforts, brushing Big White into a giant pile of bubbles.

After brushing over and over again, Lian Hua was half dead. He threw the brush to the side and started to splash water. If he didn’t have enough power, he took out an energy mushroom and ate it, then continued.

“Roar!” Big White moved and stared at Lian Hua’s hand, scaring Lian Hua so much that he almost jumped up!

“Big White, don’t look at me like that, Brother Lian is really nervous.”

Big White stood up, this time it stared at Lian Hua’s pocket.

Lian Yu “Aaaaaaaaahh, Master, it’s looking at me! I see an appetite in its eye! Save me, aaahh!”

Lian Hua “…” Your brother also wants to call for help.

Big White came closer to Lian Hua.

Lian Hua “…” Help! Lian Hua yelped pitifully and used an unnatural speed to hide behind Xia Zhi, pulling tightly at Xia Zhi’s clothes.

“Brother Zhi, save me! Your cute pet wants to eat me QAQ!” Lian Hua burrowed his head behind Xia Zhi.

Xia Zhi “…” This idiot.

Xia Zhi ferociously glared at Big White, Big White mewed and obediently retreated and lay on the ground.

Xia Zhi rescued his clothes from Lian Hua’s grasp.

“Brother Zhi, I really don’t dare to do this task, please spare me!” Lian Hua put on a pathetic look.

Xia Zhi looked at his stupid appearance and frowned again.

“First of all, wash off those bubbles cleanly, who told you to take out the mushroom?!” Xia Zhi looked at Lian Hua’s pocket, Lian Hua and Lian Yu simultaneously shuddered.

“Master, why do I feel like Pig Leg knows about my existence? So scary, will I be caught and roasted?” Lian Yu really wanted to hug Lian Hua’s thigh and cry.

“Shouldn’t be…” Lian Hua also didn’t know.

Lian Yu “…” People’s fate are so cruel.

Under Xia Zhi’s protection (supervision), Lian Hua’s courage grew and he washed Big White clean.

After bathing, Big White circled Lian Hua twice, as if saying that he was only a stupid mortal, then shook his tail and went out to enjoy the breeze. Lian Hua and Lian Yu breathed out. Lian Hua was soaking wet, and his body was covered with bubbles. He really wanted to shower too! However, the nearby Pig Leg’s pressure was too high!!!

“Boss, do you want to eat?” Xia Xingwen revealed his elegant posture. Dearest elite, Lian Hua never felt that this elite was as cute as right now.

Lian Hua’s eyes shone as he looked at Xia Xingwen, but Xia Xingwen was confused. Lian Hua winked at Xia Xingwen, big brother, quickly call me out for dinner, call me out.

Sadly, Xia Xingwen didn’t understand Lian Hua’s meaning and didn’t receive any of Lian Hua’s brain waves.

“Old Bai, what’s wrong? Why do your eyes keep twitching?”

Lian Hua “…” Your brother’s face is twitching.

Xia Zhi glanced at Lian Hua. Lian Hua’s chrysanthemum tightened and he revealed a flattering smile.

“Bring over two two meals.” Xia Zhi ordered.

Lian Hua’s face immediately fell. Xia Zhi noticed and his mood suddenly became very good.

Pig Leg, weren’t you looking forward to watching Brother Lian die? What did you smoke today to put Brother Lian under your eyelids? Is it because that cheap cousin appeared and made you feel endangered? Are you scared that Brother Lian and that bastard will join forces to PK you?

“Brother Zhi, I want to shower.” Lian Hua forced out his small idea.

“The yard is large, you can shower wherever you like.” Pig Leg spoke seriously.

Pig Leg’s rest area was a separate courtyard, he didn’t forget his privilege no matter where he was.

“That, then Brother Zhi, can you leave?” Lian Hua weakly put out his suggestion again.

Xia Zhi frowned and looked at him, “This is my place, why should I leave?”

Lian Hua “…” Pig Leg, you bastard, what exactly do you want? Why is nothing right about you?

“Then I should return to my original room.” Lian Hua was about to go crazy because of Pig Leg.

“You’re my personal nanny now, where do you want to go?”

Lian Hua “…” QAQ Pig Leg, please spare me, what happened to you today after all? Your brother is scared.

Lian Hua’s shell was already cracked, he wasn’t scared of breaking. Anyway, they were both men, he wasn’t afraid of being seen.

Lian Hua efficiently stripped, water rushed straight down from overhead, and after a few times, he was washed clean. He picked up the clothes he just took off and washed them with water, randomly rubbing them and removed all the water, then put it back on. The entire process didn’t take more than fifteen minutes. Shit, don’t admire how quickly your brother bathes, your brother has practice. 〒_〒 Pig Leg’s eyes almost burned a hole into his body, so scary.

As soon as he wore his clothes, Xia Xingwen came in while carrying a large tray. Elite face, you’re obviously a secretary, why did you turn into a full-time mom? However, right now your brother will take over your job, are you happy now? Lian Hua looked at Xia Xingwen’s face that was sporting an ambiguous smile. He thought about going up and scratching him a few times, was this a relieved smile?

Perhaps Lian Hua’s resentment was too obvious, Xia Xingwen shivered and put the tray down, “Boss, today Aunt Li purposefully cooked a special meal for you two. Hearing that old Bai wanted to work by your side made her very happy! This is for you guys to celebrate. You two eat first, I’m leaving now!” Xia Xingwen disappeared at the speed of light.

Lian Hua “…”

Celebrate what? Celebrate Brother Lian falling into Pig Leg’s grasp? Too tragic! Lian Hua cried without tears, someone come replace him! He’ll give away this glorious task for free.

Lian Hua felt very lost, even though Aunt Li cooked mushroom fried chicken today, Lian Hua wasn’t happy.

Xia Zhi saw Lian Hua’s dead expression and was incredibly pleased.

“For you.” Pig Leg threw a paper bag at Lian Hua. Lian Hua scrambled to receive it. When he opened it to take a look, it turned out to be a bag of seeds! Ah, Pig Leg, you’ve suddenly changed? He was actually willing to take something out of his pocket dimension! Lian Hua suddenly felt that Pig Leg actually did have some human compassion.

“Actually, you can take that thing out of your pocket. It’s always in there, doesn’t it get bored?” Pig Leg spoke meaningfully.

Lian Hua “…” Pig Leg was suddenly so worried about him and his cute pet! He felt overwhelmed upon receiving this favor*.


Lian Hua put on a frightened look. Fuck, Pig Leg must be tired today.

Xia Zhi saw Lian Hua’s incredulous look and suddenly felt a little irritable. It was difficult for him to show compassion, yet the other was still ungrateful.

“What? What are you dissatisfied with?” Pig Leg’s tone was wicked.

“No, no, no!” Lian Hua quickly shook his head, almost making himself dizzy.

“Master, people really are bored of staying in the pocket all day! People want to go out to play!” Lian Yu spoke pitifully.

“If you’re not afraid of being roasted, come out!” Lian Hua stopped caring.

Lian Yu carefully poked its cap out to examine the situation, found that Pig Leg really didn’t intend to roast it, and jumped straight out. Lian Yu was fed by Lian Hua for a long time. Although it didn’t grow, the black spot in its body disappeared. Its entire body had the tenderness of a mushroom, green, small and lovable.

Lian Hua couldn’t help but catch it, pinched and squeezed, the feeling wasn’t too bad! Usually Lian Yu hid in his pocket, Lian Hua didn’t dare to bring it out. Right now, Pig Leg already knew about Lian Yu, why should he grimace and make Pig Leg feel uncomfortable?

Lian Yu frantically struggled, “Master, don’t squeeze people, it itches and hurts, let go!”

Lian Hua and Lian Yu tangled themselves up. Xia Zhi looked at the two epileptic idiots and suddenly felt that keeping this stupid dimwit was pretty interesting. Luckily he didn’t immediately kill him, keeping him around to relieve boredom was really nice.

The author has something to say:

〒_〒 The question mark is gone as usual. The more the scum author write, the harder it is for the lotus to attack, sob sob sob, is the protagonist too strong? This is a really sad story.

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[1]I laughed so hard when I read that. Nanny is also a gaming term for “healer,” which has shown up before, but in this context, Lian Hua is both his personal healer, and his manservant. I considered using “caretaker”, but if White Lotus has taught me anything, it’s that you always pick the LOL option. It’s not even the tiger’s nanny, it’s Xia Zhi’s.

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