Confinement by my Yandere Imouto


Confinement by my Yandere Imouto Chapter 2 part2

Translator’s Note:

I may drop this novel at this chapter. The author hasn’t updated in a week and the chapters are becoming a lot more difficult. Some sections of this didn’t make sense to me.

Sorry in advance, but enjoy this at least!

Confined Life – Day 2 [Part 2]

I am going down the stairs of the apartment with Saya. I’m feeling quite depressed. I will meet otou-san now……? Honestly, I don’t like my otou-san very much.

The reason is–


「Owa!? Dangerous!!」

At the same time as I got off the stairs, someone tried to stab me. I succeeded in avoiding it at the last minute by twisting my body. What are doing so suddenly? I try and find the person’s identity.

I remember this person. It’s too embarrassing. No mistake it was my otou-san with a wooden sword in his hand.

「Who the hell do you think you are」


I was a little late on the reaction and the wooden sword entered my eyes once more.

「Stop it!! What are you doing otou-san!? It’s dangerous!!」

「What!? Who are you to call me father in law!? As if I’ve already given you my daughter!? I can’t give my daughter to a man like you!」

This is….what!? My otou-san is slashing at me with a wooden sword. I tried to avoid it, but couldn’t. My hand was still connected to Saya’s with the handcuffs, I could not escape. I saw the sword draw closer to me.

Game over!

When I thought so.

「Stop otou-san」

「Gouooo!!! What?」

Saya was mercilessly looking at otou-san with a deadpan expression.

「I will not allow even otou-san to hurt onii-chan」

「But… cute daughter who I raised with great care…..」

「Huh…..otou-san. If you keep getting this protective of me, I’m going to get mad you know?」

「Yes! Yes! I will stop now!」

Seeing Saya get this angry made it seem like the girl this morning was a lie. I felt sad for otou-san, but then I remembered what type of man he was.

Otou-san came up to me with a refreshing smile and hit my shoulder lightly.

「Well, I’m sorry. I wanted to try it once, being the angry father who is furious at the man who wants to make his daughter his bride!! Hahaha!」

「Ah, yes….」

「But you have also grown so much. For you to get married, really…」


「Hmm? Am I wrong?」

「Wrong!! But why would otou-san think that!?」

「Marriage between siblings huh? I don’t mind myself」

「What!? We are siblings you know!?」

「Hmm? Have you not heard?」

「Huh……? What?」

「You are siblings, but you don’t share the same blood」


「Nn? Hey? What’s wrong? Are you listening?」

「….You’re joking right?」

「It’s true」

Our blood is not connected. In other words I am Saya’s brother in law. I have been with her for over 10 years, it’s been a long time.

I have always thought…..that I was her real onii-chan….all this time….I thought we were real siblings. I suddenly remembered the past.

It was said that me and Saya were not similar since long ago.

Saya was superior in appearance when compared to her surroundings. The number of people confessing to her was also large in magnitude. Solicitations from idol and model agencies frequently came. In contrast, I was the definition of mediocrity.

Even if I got mixed up in a mob crowd, you couldn’t distinguish me at all. I have also never been confessed to, except by Saya. I wonder what the difference is? Perhaps mine and Saya’s mother are different?

Brothers and sisters cannot marry for another reason. Medical problems.

Saya is smart, so she understood that. After understanding that she shouldn’t have seen me as a romantic interest…..however in this case, Saya knew the truth.

Me and Saya are siblings in law. Since there is no blood connection she could also be called a stranger. How did Saya feel when she found out that we weren’t real siblings? When Saya had contact with me, what did it feel like?

At the very least I can’t stay calm. It’s been discovered that there is no family ties. Because she is not family….I can’t be calm.

How was Saya? Is she feeling the same as me? I was interested so I turned to look at her, our eyes met.

Saya’s eyes seemed terribly anxious. At the same time they held a hint of worry. Perhaps I’m showing a bad face right now. It’s not as if I’ve just found this out at the front of an apartment building.

「Do not be afraid to face it!! This idiot son!!」


I was beaten on the back, it hurts. However thanks to that, I felt a little better. I felt happy that my otou-san was concerned. My cheeks loosened.


I felt a death glare emanating from my side. Saya was staring at otou-san emotionlessly.

「Otou-san? Didn’t I say I wouldn’t forgive you if you hurt onii-chan?」

「What!? He hasn’t been hurt! Look!」

「Is it painful onii-chan?」


Otou-san grew instantly silent. A mover appeared shortly afterwords carrying our baggage.

I was waiting with Saya until the move was over. Otou-san was carrying the baggage along with the movers. Occasionally he threw a glance at us, probably at Saya.

Otou-san loves Saya. She was certainly brought up with great care. However, he was a bit excessive with his praises. I don’t think Saya like otou-san much either.

I was always told off by okaa-san and otou-san, but what will they say to Saya? She became someone who confines people after all.

Saying that, does otou-san already know? After all the luggage was put into the van, I got into otou-san’s car with Saya.

「Fuu. Hmm? That…」

Otou-san finally noticed the handcuffs sticking from my wrist to Saya’s. My heart sunk. What would he say?

My hands were wet with sweat as I anxiously awaited otou-san’s words. He looked at me with pity and spoke up.

「It’s not actually such a bad thing you know」

「Eh? otou-san? What kind of—」

My voice was muffled by the sound of the car’s engine. However, he seemed to have heard the words perfectly and replied.

「Me too actually. Your mother was the same as Saya now」

「!? Is that true otou-san!?」

「Ah yes well. I was married to another woman who was not your mother. Due to her constitution she could not give birth. After getting frustrated I decided to get an adopted child. That child is you idiot son」


「I don’t know why, but the character of my ex-wife changed a lot at that time. In the past she was much more gentle and motherly, but when I picked you up she got very hurt. We started quarreling and I began to have doubts. I’m not sure if it was fate or coincidence, but I was confessed to by a very beautiful girl after that, who said she had been watching me forever」

「That’s my mother now….」

Otou-san nodded.

「At that time I was under a lot of stress due to the matter of my former wife, so I accepted the beautiful girls offer」

「You’re the lowest, otou-san」

「That’s just it! While I was sleeping she took 2 photos of me and her naked. When I got up the next day, she asked me to marry her. I have a wife! I told her. However, she threatened me with the photograph」

「So did you do it? Otou-san」


「Otou-san I don’t see how this is relevant. I will not let onii-san free if he cheats, however I will release him after we’re married」

Originally, Saya and I weren’t in such a relationship yet. But I have a doubt. Otou-san spoke about marriage in front of the apartment like it had already been decided. Was I wrong?

「….otou-san? Why aren’t you saying anything? Did you tell a lie?」

「Chi! That’s different. I said only if he himself wishes to marry Saya!」

Saya glares at otou-san. After being told that, she draws me closer and clings to my arm. Her breasts hit against me, but if I respond to her here she will most likely go further. otou-san looks annoyed out of jealousy. It will be no joke explaining how an accident occurred here.

I tried to calm my heart.

「The story has derailed. What happened next?」

「From that point, your otou-san got married after being threatened with a photograph」

「It was bad news for a while due to the cheating. Oh right, when I got married to you r present okaa-san, she confined me as well」


「When I got up the next day I found my arms and legs had been restrained on a bed fit for 2 people. Even if I used all my strength, I couldn’t do anything. Perhaps sleeping medicine had been served in my meal, I didn’t even notice it happening」

「Didn’t I once fight a bear with otou-san as part of my mountain upbringing?」

「Uu, old wounds are painful. When I was in such a state your okaa-san appeared. She told me she wanted a child, that was when Saya was born. To be honest, I first thought she had adopted a baby girl. After being released from confinement, we married normally. It’s not so bad, she’s a beauty and her personality is good. The sounds of her cooking have become like a melody to me now」


「Otou-san, that’s a little」

「I know! You got it like I do right!? Your okaa-san still brings a kitchen knife whenever we go drinking with another woman. But I’m still happy with the way my life is now」

「…..have you asked Okaa-san why she loves you?」

「No, but what about it? It’s not necessarily bad for it not to be heard」

「Is that okay with you?」

「Hmm? It doesn’t matter. The important thing is that we can laugh together now, no matter the process」

My otou-san’s words echoed in my heart for some reason.

What matters is that we’re both happy and laughing. I look at Saya.

「Nn fufu~♪ Onii-chan」

Saya gripped stronger on my arm. He current smile seemed happy. I think. I wonder if a future where we’re both happy is what I was really aiming for.

Now that we know we have no blood ties. Should I still try and correct Saya? Otou-san accepted it and now he’s laughing solely from the heart. I do not feel anything cloudy in that smile.

I cannot think as optimistically as otou-san. So I cannot agree with his opinion that much. However, I don’t think what he is saying is wrong. Even if you face difficulties, as long as you’re both happy, it doesn’t matter.

I thought again. It was necessary to learn more about Saya as well as these new feelings of mine.


I looked out of the window.

It’s the first time I’ve been outside in a while. However, there was no pleasure or openness. I stared at the changing scenery. I couldn’t put my feelings into words.