Cannon Fodder Counterattack System


Cannon Fodder Counterattack System Chapter 4

Apocalypse counterattack Rebirth (Four)


A female attendant with a flourishing figure was leading the way, her curly long hair falling behind her back, gently waving as her waist sways tenderly, arousing other people’s blood to boil, hating for not being able to immediately pounce on her.

At this beautiful scenery, Ye ·gay guy· Sinian, however, turned a blind eye to it, so much so that not even a least bit of interest grew.

The pupil in his slender phoenix roamed around, having a slightly reminiscing gaze, he glided over to the two doors on both side in the corridor. However, he did not react in the least to those various of faint voices transmitting over from the door.

Gracefully walking in lotus steps, the beautiful attendant that was leading the way, swaying her hip and buttocks, smiles from time to time as she glances behind her back seductively.

Being able to work at Twilight Hue, her discerning ability naturally wouldn’t fall short so she had long heard about the exceptionally famous eldest young master of the Ye family. Regretfully though, she didn’t have the chance to be in touch with him. Now that she saw the person in real, she is, for sure, excited by the memories of the thrill of the hunt. The handsome young man is abundant in his worth, and he is strong so who wouldn’t love him?

Mochi’s Notes

见猎心喜 (Idiom) – Seeing a (hunting) target, she is excited – Memories of the thrill of the hunt – Inspired to do it again, seeing what others do what one loves to do.

He only has to reveal it a bit through the crack of his finger, and she wouldn’t have to rush about for a living ever again!

Though she had never before heard of this young master Ye’s love affairs, she still had a lot of confidence in her good looks. She believe that out of a hundred percent, she would have ninety-nine percent of being able to hook that person into her hands.

Mochi’s Comment

Sadly, it’s 0% Hahahahahahahah—————

Only— it’s a pity that the coquettish glances were thrown at a blind man as the good-looking son of Mr Perfect didn’t even give half beat of response to the point of nearly making the beautiful attendant crushing a mouthful of silver teeth.

Mochi’s Notes

咬碎银牙 – crushing silver teeth – anger

“Young master Ye, please wait for a moment.” The beautiful attendant stood at the doorway of the private room and slightly bow, showing a respectful attitude and the beautiful scenery of her bosom, caused by her leaning over, exposed in full view under Ye Sinian’s line of sight.

Ye Sinian insipidly took a glimpse, but the volume of his voice stayed level, “Is Qin Ge present?”

The beautiful attendant had clearly turned rigid, and the moment she opened her mouth again, it took along a hint of fuming rage between her gritted teeth, “Qin Ge already have a customer, why don’t young master Ye consider others……”

She hadn’t yet finished talking —when, suddenly— the door sitting opposite of the private room opened! A man with a tall stature and an emotionless face came through the door.

Ye Sinian subconsciously took a look thus their line of sight intersected. Then, both sides froze.

#You met the person you’re pursuing in a nightclub. What to do, online etc, urgent!#

Mochi’s Notes

在线等急-Online etc, urgent! Meaning wanting to find an answer urgently on online etc.

“General Qin, why are you blanking out?” Unable to make heads or tails of this, Qin Ge stood on his toes, using Qin Shiyue’s shoulders as his support, and looked across.

Ye Sinian very naturally fleeted a glance at that pair of fair and slender hands, and at that face which is unable to discern from a male or a female, the tip of his brows faintly jolted and then he greeted them thoughtfully, “General Qin?”

Mochi’s Notes

玩味 – Thoughtfully – Ponder subtleties, ruminate, savour.
M: Not sure which one.

Qin Shiyue immediately recovered, but he was nervous until his expression strained. Nodding his head with difficulty, his lack of confidence made his voice turn stiff, “Sinian”.

You you you you, don’t misunderstand I didn’t do anything!

The manner, the man in front of him, with a face so expressionless, is speaking seems alienated and with only a nod that barely got by, made Ye Sinian’s eyes to flash. Once again shooting a glance at that youngster behind Qin Shiyue’s side curiously, his lips hooked up into a sarcastic smile. “General Qin seems to be in a good mood so I wouldn’t disturb you then.”

With that said, he faced the attendant at the side, lightly nodding his head, “Pick a young man with good techniques and send him over.”

Mochi’s Notes

少爷 – Young master – …
: I think it’s something similar to prostitutes. I didn’t want to use the term ‘young master’ because it just sounded weird.

The beautiful attendant who was scared until she was trembling caused by a stare coated with thick ice falling on herself, hastily nodded her head, “Please wait a moment, young master Ye! The person will be presented to you right away!”

As soon as she finishes talking, as if being chased by a ghost, she hurried away —unable to care about maintaining her graceful swaying posture of hers anymore.

Then, Ye Sinian turned his head once again, facing Qin Shiyue, he revealed a smile that all man will understand, “I have a matter on hand, goodbye.”

Finished talking, he also meaningfully nodded his head at the youngster behind him then simply entered the private room and the door slowly closed.

Qin Shiyue expressionlessly stares at the slowly closing door, only thinking that what he parted with was his path and hope to happiness in life…

“Brother in law, this is the one you fancy?” Qin Ge excitedly leaned towards Qin Shiyue’s shoulder as his two eyes almost seem to be emitting a green light.
Mochi’s Notes

发青光 – Emitting green light – To express greed, or a pervert emitting a ‘green light’ when looking at a beauty.


“This is really (something) of the highest quality ah! There is nothing to complain about your insight!

Mochi’s Notes

您 – Your – Back to formal


I have broken this chapter down into three (1k/chap) because I honestly don’t think that I can finish this within a week and the capability to do so for the rest.
So I will split the chapters into three from now on because the average word count is 3k.

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