By A Slight Mistake


By A Slight Mistake Chapter 8


Having settled one troublesome problem, my life as a student turned bright.

Now that Suwa has regained his composure, I feel like I finally recovered my peaceful daily life. Midterms also ended safely and I took 1st place this time, too.

As expected, getting full marks is indeed impossible. I also study hard at home. There’s no such thing as “cheat” after all. For something I studied once, it’s easier to understand after reviewing several times and supplementing the parts I’ve forgotten. Right now, I can understand even things I didn’t the previous life if I heard the explanation. Why didn’t you review repeatedly, past me?! You could have entered a good university if you did! These are my thoughts right now.

It’s really true that ‘there’s no use crying over spilt milk’.

Suwa also returned to his normal condition and made a comeback at 2nd place this time. When I asked about his previous marks, “Please don’t ask,” he begged with a serious expression. I want to ask but it seems like his heart will break if I did so I promised not to ask.

We’re entering the rainy season so my physical condition is a little bad. As an aftereffect of the old wounds I received in the incident, my whole body feels sluggish and painful. The people who know about the situation call out to me in concern, saying I look unwell, so I try not to show them a feeble appearance often.

I don’t want to be absent from school as much as possible so I’m a bit stumped. I’m really thankful for their concern but whenever they talk to me, Suwa and Hayate’s expressions become cramped so I lose all avenues on how to interact with them.

On one such rainy day, I was handed a written invitation.

“…Suwa, what is the meaning of this?”

On my hand is an envelope so white it can be described with words like pure white, snow white or immaculate. Suwa was the one who handed it and the sender is his mother.

“Mother wants to talk to you by all means so she told me to ask you to come have tea.”

“I’d like to decline with all my might.”

When I answered frankly, Suwa made an indignitant expression.

“Isn’t it fine for just a tea party?”

“Can I say you’re so naive?”

It’s merely a tea party but even so, it’s a tea party. A bourgeoise wife plans and executes the unthinkable in a tea party. Please don’t look down on a tea party.


“I’m telling you, Suwa. Are you aware that a tea party is a terrifying thing dominated with evil spirits? If I carelessly attend this tea party, what will you do if they end up deciding I’ll be your fiancee right then and there?”

Parents are beings who run parallel their children’s wishes and arbitrarily push reality onto them. You’ll lose your life if you’re careless.

“That would be a problem!”

“Then don’t bring them to me ’til the end of the world. I will refuse with all my strength until they’re nothing but dust.”

“Your words perfectly hold the truth. It’s this late in the game, but I see you in a new light. You’re Master, after all. I will abide by your words.”

If we’re seen from a distance, others might think “what kind of skit is that?” but we’re actually extremely serious.

“It’s no use refusing what you’ve brought. I have no choice but to attend this time. For the time being, I suggest that you don’t carelessly rebel against what your mother says. Ignore everything. Please maintain the attitude of blatantly ignoring them. I will handle it.”

“Got it. I will bear that in mind.”

After we kept talking with serious expressions, both of us looked at the white envelope together and sighed deeply.

So the Boss came out as expected, huh.

What would the unpredictable Suwa matriarch do? I pondered about it as I bit my lip lightly.


Several days later, I visited the Suwa head estate at the specified time.

Today’s clothes is an Edo komon. In other words, a kimono. I dress in kimono during formal outings. I wear the men’s uniform when I go to school but a female dressing up in pants for formal ocassions is deemed unacceptable. Thinking of a full dress that is acceptable and can conceal my wounds, I finally arrived at the idea of wearing kimono.

By a stroke of luck, I am currently a novice yuzen designer. There is nothing unnatural about wearing the kimono I designed myself in public. It also isn’t strange even if I put on other kimono. I am not yet a full-time designer so my works are very few. Besides, Sagara is an old family that has continued for generations. Speaking of vintage kimono, they have so much that they can even open an entire museum of it. Nobody will find faults with my slow movements if I wear a kimono. Usually, kimono can be worn alone but I still receive assistance in tying the obi because of my still impared right hand.

There are also rules when wearing kimono in gatherings. Brilliant shades and patterns are the best for flashy occasions, simple shades and patterns are suitable for a little visit and so on. There are also a lot of ways to tie the obi (sash). The way of tying it changes based on the season, age, level of the social status and the kimono‘s pattern. You can even chose the color and pattern of the juban (undershirt) and susoyoke (underskirt) depending on the occasion. Dressing in it is hard but the kimono is very profound, let me state here that it’s fun.

But I actually like dougi (martial arts uniform) and hakama better because they are more comfortable.

“My, my! Mizuki-sama. That is a very lovely kimono.”

Normally, I will be shown into the waiting room, then guided to the tea party venue where I will be greeted by the host of the party. There are many situations that follow that course of events but Ritsuko-sama, who is famous for hating trivialities, personally came to meet me.

“Thank you for inviting me today. Ritsuko-sama, I wish you a good day—–”

“Don’t give such a stiff greeting. Please pardon me instead for rudely assuming your consent to my invitation, Mizuki-sama. Now, come in.”

Ritsuko-sama interrupted my greeting midway, taking my hand and inviting me inside. I think the Suwa head family are people who are used to standing above others very well. Their behavior may come across as overbearing but it doesn’t give an unpleasant impression.

It’s a western-style house so I don’t have to take off my zouri (slippers). It’s a really huge relief for me. We advanced inside with Ritsuko-sama still guiding me. I was lead into a reception room with sunlight exposure, the so-called salon.

I was told it will be a tea party but I can’t see any other guests. She must have plotted this, but I expected it.

“Sit here, okay? Do you feel cold? Are you alright?”

“Please do not worry. There is no problem at all.”

I sat on the sofa with an archaic smile. I already handed over my present. To whom you ask? I gave them to the maid. It’s Ritsuko-sama‘s preference, the so-called maid uniform that the women who work here wear. The white and black clothes provided to the employees stir up moe and romance. If it was my friend from the previous life, she can probably eat at least 3 donburi after seeing the women’s appearance. I wonder what my dieting friends are doing now?

There’s no use worrying about it, I thought while looking at the maid and fangirling a little.

Yup. The maid uniform is brimming with moe.

Ritsuko-sama makes black tea in the tea set that the maid prepared. The host is doing this in front of me. The butler and servants prepare the tea thereafter, it seems like one of the rules of a tea party. The etiquette change depending on the kind of tea served in a tea party. In my case, I belong to the group who learn better through experience than theory.

“It has a really good scent. This is…”

When I said the tea’s brand and the country of origin, Ritsuko-sama opened her eyes widely as if surprised.

“Identifying it with just the scent, you truly are amazing. So the rumors that the youngest Princess of Sagara is well-versed in tea is true.”

“It is actually embarassing. When I was a child, I wanted to be my older brother’s butler and studied tea enthusiastically.”

Convinced that being a butler is the best method to stay by her beloved big brother’s side for the longest time, Mizuhime studied really hard about tea at a tender age. I myself think she had quite an extreme personality. Now that memories of my previous life returned, although I am neatly aware that the past me is still the current me, there are also times when I feel like they are somebody else’s problem. Knowledge is knowledge, although one must properly be accustomed to it.

“I heard from everyone that you have a very good relationship.”

“No, I think it’s just normal.”

My siblings have unheard-of personalities. My 2 older sisters are called Empress and Queen behind their backs while my brothers are called with the nicknames Cold, Stern and Aloof Noblemen. It’s a really popular story that they are extremely sweet on their youngest sibling so people think we get along very well. If you ignore that, I think we are just normal siblings.

Ritsuko-sama, the matriarch of the Suwa clan, brought up harmless subjects and confirmed my reactions. While idly evading and creating a smokescreen,  I watched her reactions in exchange.

“Oh, that’s right. Iori was just low-spirited the other day but he suddenly became lively. I heard it was all thanks to you.”

Ritsuko-sama moved on to the main subject while showing a radiant, praiseworthy smile.

“I have no clue what—”

Fufufu, deceiving me is useless. I thought I and my husband should extend our gratitude by all means.”

Ritsuko-sama turned to the doorway while still smiling.

Why do I have a really bad feeling?

The door opened and a man in a suit came in. It’s clear that the tall man who looked like a British gentleman, really resemble Suwa even without checking his DNA.

Suwa takes after him, is most likely the right interpretation.

Blood relationship is truly a troublesome and scary thing.

While pondering about what’s happening, I slowly stood up from the sofa to greet him.


1. Kimono stuff:

Edo komon – looks like solid color from afar but is actually made up of very small patterns (hence, komon/small patterns) and was popular in Edo (ancient name of Tokyo)

obi – sash for traditional Japanese dress. It is often the most expensive part of a kimono.

jubanundershirt and susoyokeunderskirt

zouri – Japanese slippers

dougi or just gi are clothes used for martial arts training.

hakama, worn for several purposes, including budou arts like kyudo (Japanese martial art of archery), aikido and kendo.

2. “I already handed over my present.”
Present as in temiyage (手土産) or gifts you bring when you visit as a guest.

3. “…eat at least 3 donburi.”
This was mentioned before as “bowls of rice” however it’s not actually just rice but a donburi, meaning there’s “something” over a bowl of rice (pork, beef, tempura etc.)
It’s an expression, like when you see something worth fangirling over, you feel like you can consume so much food (I don’t even know how to explain it???).
It’s very high in calories (katsudon has at least 900kcal while gyudon is around 700kcal) so it’s not very healthy to eat everyday, much less 3 servings in one sitting, hence Mizuki’s “dieting” comment.

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