Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai


Boku no Bungeibu ni Bitch ga Irunante Arienai Volume 3 prologue

「Such a thing like falling in love with 2 people is impossible! Y, you love me, right? 」

「True. It would be troublesome if you don't choose either. Then, let us hear the answer. 」


From the next day when the school festival ended, we entered a test break. During that time, all club activities would be paused. For that reason, I have been spending the time after school at the club like this for about two weeks.

And right now, I'm being cross-examined by two girls.

「I, I'm happy that you have fallen in love with me. But, confessing to two girls, is impure. Because I'm not particularly hate you, if you truly want to go out with me, well……please seriously say……that you only love me. 」

The blond-haired, big-breasted, popular gyaru girl's cheeks become red


Fufu, no way. Because you have confessed to this me once, please correct that you love me. If you do so, it's deemed as the establishment of our master-servant contract. Stepping on you when there are only two of us, stepping on you during leasure time, specially……stepping on you on the bed is fine too. 」

You really like stepping on me huh, this fellow!

I unintentionally retort to the long, black-haired girl.

The blond-haired girl resembles Aizawa, but this black-haired girl is exactly like Shinonome……

Right now, with a low-sound handheld game console, I'm playing a gal-game which was released the other day called 『Loving two people』 , which is about capturing the blond-haired gyaru and the black-haired committee chairman.

Why did I buy this gal-game, in fact,  I myself don't know well either.

Maa, but if I have to give only one reason……that's right.

I change my line of sight to the two girls sitting on the opposite sofa.

「A, look a sec Ibuki! This black one-piece, isn't it extremely cute!? 」

Ara, the material looks cheap, but certainly, the design is elaborate, not bad」

Shinonome who is in the midst of reading looks into the magazine with a great interest.

「You think so too?……uwaa~♪  Nee Ibuki, I wonder if this ojou-sama-like youfuku (western-style clothes) suits me? 」

「Aizawa-san huh? Pu……I feel bad, but it's not」

「A, you laughed just now! Why did you laugh, Ibuki! Mou……so mean……」

Getting angry at the joke, Aizawa's cheeks sightly puffed, so Shinonome kindly soothes her.

「Sorry, but Aizawa-san's blond hair looks flashy, isn't it? Therefore, I think something like this suits me who has beautiful black hair. 」

「Ibuki, you are saying that you have beautiful black hair by yourself……」

「It's the truth after all. It can't be helped」

Shinonome brushes her cool-looking black hair, then Aizawa giggles *kusukusu*

「Pu, ahahaha. Ibuki, it's certainly so isn't it? Somehow, recently I came to understand Ibuki」

「It's the same for me, Aizawa-san. I'm weak at coming into contact with you at the beginning, but recently I'm finally used to it. 」

「Is that so!? Then, let's become good friends even more from now on ♪」

Facing Aizawa who is smiling while bending forwards, Shinonome's cheeks slowly dyed red.

「……A, as expected……I'm still a bit weak 」

「Aha, Ibuki is shy~! Because you are too cute, I'll hug you♡」

「Hug……w, wait……Aizawa-san」

Being treated like an ojou-sama by the surroundings, Shinonome doesn't seem to get used to being clung by others. Being clung by the innocent Aizawa, she has an unusual embarrassed expression.


Ku, is it so after all……

The day of the school festival, I realized the feeling I have to Shinonome and Aizawa

Even at the time when there wasn't any club activities, this feeling didn't become weak, thanks to that I couldn't concentrate to study for the test

Perhaps for that reason, I bought this game which has the heroines resembling these two, trying to hold back this feeling, which has become bigger day by day.

But, it looks completely uneffective.

Actually, just being in front of them, my heart throbs *dokidoki* more than before.

……Kuso, this is impossible

Although I should abhor both bitches and bishoujo.

Though, while Shinonome is a bitch who pushes men around by their chin, she's also a good fellow who worries about me one way or another. Besides, Aizawa seems to only have a “easy to be taken lightly” appearance, but in fact she's a really good, filial girl

Perhaps, I was deceived by the gap of those two……

My hearth becomes hot  just by looking at specific people of the opposite sex. This emotion is something I understand

──As expected, it looks like I fall in love with both Shinonome and Aizawa at the same time.

W, What to do

Because I worry about those two, I couldn't concentrate on the game……

Kameno-senpai 's case was solved, I could finally be able to be an otajuu though. This time, because of myself, I can't enjoy two-dimensional world…… (オタ充 - to say a person who live a fulfilling life as an otaku, different from Riajuu)

Despite thinking so, I properly follow those two with my eyes, I'm seriously ill.

「–Kohon. Other than that, Aizawa-san, that magazine, can I take a look? 」

「Ibuki, you are interested in it? Okay」

Aizawa stops the hug and Shinonome who finally regains her calm looks over the received magazine.

「……This is a fashion magazine for teenage girl, isn't it. Fairly interesting. If saying only about western clothes' design, it's at the level to be on par with shop I often go to」

Shinonome looks at the pages of the magazine while nodding mysteriously many times over.

「Ibuki, since you are an ojou-sama, reading something like this is the first time, right? Etto, this line of magazine is not only about western clothes. About how to conduct oneself in regard to one's beloved boy, it wrote about such lectures like that. Hora, look at this page for example」

Shinonome read out loud the page Aizawa opened

「『If the boy in your heart is completely  not as you wish, this summer, let's appeal by inviting him to the beach with a bold swimsuit』……hee, this looks like an interesting article」

W, why did you look at me and say that? Moreover, with that suspicious smile?

When I hurriedly drop my gaze to the game's LCD screen, Shinonome continues with a surposedly loud voice

「『By showing the boy in your mind your swimsuit figure, you can appeal the woman's charm which isn't always transmitted, if it goes smoothly, perhaps you are able to make him yours in that very day. 』──」

She reads until that and raises her face.

Fufu, ufufufufu. This good article can totally be used as a reference. 」

Such a nice smile which gives me a chill!

「You think so too!? Not only about fashionable western clothes, things like advices about love, helpful knowledge to girls are put in there, we can learn about them too」

Aizawa, don't take Shinonome's words at face value

Although the meaning is " as a reference from the standpoint of someone who want to make me her pet", you are really too honest, Aizawa.

Somehow, in the future, I will be caught by her evil schemes, I must protect myself (なんか将来、悪徳商法とかに捉まってそうだから、守ってあげたくなっちゃうな。)

Soon, Shinonome turns her smile which is filled with ulterior motive to Aizawa

「Aizawa-san, that reminds me, you enter this club to raise your love experience, right? 」

「E? Un, it's true but……Ibuki, what about it? 」

In the past, Aizawa disliked being out of place with her gyary friends and lied that she had experience in love. In exchange for me helping her to change that lie into the truth, she would become a member of literature club. Perhaps because of such shady situation, Aizawa's expression is poor.

However, contrastive to Aizawa, Shinonome says with a lively face.

「Aizawa-san, if that's the case then how about going to the beach with Ikuno-kun this weekend,? He may be a fake-boyfriend but I think your experience about love will also rise if you go to the beach with the opposite sex」

「E……to the beach with Ikuno!? 」

Opening her pupils wide and being over-surprised, after having a glance at me, Aizawa waves both hands in front of her face.

「I, impossible impossible! Something like going to the beach with Ikuno is impossible I said! 」

Gufu! If you refuse that much then I will be hurt though!?

Because right now, I'm……in love with Aizawa……

But perhaps, Aizawa doesn't hate me like that. The reason is perhaps-

「Because, a boy will see my swimsuit figure, right? 」

「Of course, it's certainly so」


Aizawa looks downwards, she becomes red to the tip of her ears and *gyuu* grasps her skirt tightly

「It's impossible. B, because swimsuit, exposure is extreme……isn't it ecchi? Even if Ikuno is my fake boyfriend, he doesn't really go out with me……such a thing is no good. 」

Murmuring with a very thin voice, she averts her conscious face from me

Aizawa is very pure and innocent, so even having her body seen by an opposite sex she doesn’t like is NG (no good). Even holding hands in a date too, she even said she want to keep it for the time she has her beloved one.

Maa, in the date before, for some reasons, she held hands with me though

「But Aizawa-san, I don’t think it’s bad. After Kuroki Ami-san and Kameno-senpai’s cases, the time for club was completely removed, but the finals will be over too, and the literature club will finally obtain its free time. We don’t have any thing to do in particular in the one week period before the summer break, don’t you think it’s just right? The lie is small but to make it the truth, how about that? 」


Although what she said is reasonable, the point is she only wants to take me to the beach, doesn’t she?

Appealling her own charm, she intends to gently persuade me to be her pet

……Wait, Shinonome and Aizawa at the beach, it means it’s natural that their swimsuit figure can be seen

Just being nearby makes my chest hurt, in case I see those two’s exposed chests or their splendid waist, what would I become……?

Dokun, Dokun, Dokun

Imagining that scene, the throbbing quickens further

However, without minding me, Aizawa’s strongly closed lips opens

「……Certainly, it’s as Ibuki said. I’m nervous to go to the beach with a man, but perhaps, if the partner is Ikuno then it’s alright. Besides, Ibuki will also go together, right? 」

「Yes, of course. Because the current role of the literature club is to answer the students’ consult, I, as a member of the club, must go. 」

Aizawa, it’s truly impossible, isn’t it? But Aizawa, who wishes to be honest towards her friend, must have been touched by the words “the lie is small but to make it the truth”

「Is that so. I'm relieved」

As Shinonome is in a relationship that could be called close friend (shin’yuu), Aizawa smiles after receiving her accompanying confirmation. Then, she turns her body towards here, while her inner thighs seems to *sowasowa* fidget,

Anone, Ikuno……I think you already heard but……This weekend, well……」

As if there is a opposition against inviting me to the event of letting her skin be seen, Aizawa’s while porcelain cheeks become red

But she has an unyielding, brave nature

The next moment, she vigorously bows

「–Please have a sea bathing date with me!! 」

Bitch technique, begging with upturned eyes–not

This is the called "better"  pose that shows your politeness when you have something to request earnestly to the another person (人に何かを頼みこむ際、ベターと言える礼節を弁わきまえたポーズ。)

The creature called bishoujo has high pride, knowing that the opposite sex won’t refuse its requests, they won’t accord their partner that courteous. But Aizawa is different

With the condition when she joins the club, it’s natural for me to grant Aizawa’s wish, but she doesn’t forget to show her respect to her partner

Her character is so nice and cute. There’s no way I don’t fall in love with

The virtue of the girl called Aizawa is just before my eyes,my chest becomes hotter than ever, then I decide

I’m worry because I don’t know whether I can keep my reasoning if I go to the beach with those two, but it’s for my beloved girl.

Let’s take a cool posture and OK with a single word

「The d-d-d-date, let's go t-t-t-together! 」

Ku, kuso……!

As expected, it’s too much for me to begin talking

Basically, I don’t talk like that to Aizawa and Shinonome in class, they end up not realizing my abnormality until today. But with such manner then it being exposed to both of them is a matter of time

「Ikuno, perhaps, going to the beach with me……no good? 」

Perhaps she thought she was refused, Aizawa looks at me *chirachira* uneasily

「A……s, sorry! It's not like that! 」

I take a deep breath and somehow keep my temper

「The beach isn’t it? In exchange for having Aizawa join the club, I promised to grant your wish as your fake boyfriend, therefore of course it’s OK! 」

「If Ikuno-kun says so then it’s decided. I’m really looking forwards to it from now on」

I see. Shinonome will also go……

Her beautiful, long and slender legs which are always protected by the black tights and unable to be seen directly. Just thinking of being able to look at them directly makes my throat unintentionally make a sound.

Then Shinonome notices my gaze and with a put on airs look,

「No. I feel like my legs are being entangled by a virgin-ish gaze (doutei) 」

To shake off my gaze, she slowly crosses her legs, her face looks happy for some reason.

「Virgin ? Ibuki, what is virgin? 」 (shinonome’s doutei is in kanji, Aizawa’s is the hiragana do-te-)

The pure angle who seems puzzles smiles while her eyes blinking with surprise

「A, Aizawa, it's fine not to know! 」

He, why? 」

「Anyway, it’s fine not to know! Shinonome, you must not say, too. 」

If she knows the meaning, she will completely become red and enter the state of action suspension without fail. To protect Aizawa who doesn’t know any impure things like a saint, I will stop it with all my strength.

「Ufufu. If Ikuno-kun says that much, then let’s drop this subject. 」

「……I don’t really know, but whatever. A, other than that, Ikuno. Despite the sudden request, you are still OK for me, thank you! 」

「Uun, don’t worry about that–other that that, it’s already this time huh? 」

After having a wry smile, I check the clock and look outside

While the sun goes down, the evening cicada are making sound, it looks like the heat continuing from daytime have softened.

「Today’s club activities will end after a bit while, it would be fine to discuss about the detail of the sea bathing date tomorrow, right? 」

「Yes, no problem」

「Un, me too–I mean…..swimsuits are certainly embarrassing, but if you think about it carefully, having a date at the beach seems fun too」

Aizawa hugs the magazine Shinonome returned, she looks shy like a young girl falling in love

Aizawa completely has the character of a man, but inside, she’s a woman after all.

But, sea bathing with those two……U, I’m nervous from now on

But me too, it’s not wrong that I’m looking forward to it like she said

Two big idols of the school year, the sea bathing with the girls I love. I’m looking forward to it.

The current problem is that my heart throbs *dokidoki* when in front of them, my eyes are always at them. Although right now I’m doing my best to behave normally, if I see their swimsuit figures at the beach, I would stare at them fixedly and my love would expose, it might turn to an awkward situation

The most important thing is that it’s bad since I can’t enjoy my hobby in the clubroom if the current situation continues

U-n, what should I do in this situation

Rather, if I confess, will it be settled

Whether I like it or not, those two are good girls but they are also bishoujo. All bishoujo I encountered in the past were bitches, my courage which was stepped on couldn’t appear

……for the time being, is maintaining the status quo acceptable?

Thinking so, I once again return my gaze to the game console and press the button – then

「「Please choose either properly!! 」」

「U!? 」

The blond-haired girl and the black-haired girl glare with an angry face

It turns into a troublesome development even in the game. Is this SERN’s conspiracy……? (セルンの陰謀in the raw, might be a nod to SERN – an org in Stein;gate, or the real-life CERN which SERN is basically a parody of. I’m not sure about which conspiracy MC means)

……Is it no good unless I choose either after all?

Other than confessing or not, I feel like I should only love one person (not sure tho 告白するかどうかは別として、好きになるのは一人に絞った方がいい気はする。)

After all, vague, or rather, half-baked one is not good

In middle school, I was made a guinea pig of a neat-type bitch in order for her to have a successful date with her favorite boy. At that time, I was told a confession-like line “I’m curious about Ikuno-kun and wanting to know more”, was taken a vague attitude and continued to be exploited. In the end I was thrown away after having served her purpose.

Such experience, I more or less remember

Aizawa Mahana, or Shinonome Ibuki?

At the end of this sea bathing date, should I choose either of them?

When I press the button of the game console, three choices appear

The blond-haired girl, the black-haired girl — there are such choices, and a choose neither choice

My heart hasn’t settled, so of course I couldn’t choose

When I look at the clock, it’s already the time to end club activities

I save the game.

Without knowing that Shinonome is looking at me as if to investigate me