Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou


Bishoujo wo Jouzu ni Nikubenki ni Suru Houhou Chapter 53

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Head down the pathway while holding onto a wall.

My steps are shaky and my vision is a bit blurry.

By learning a lot of things just now, I realize I know nothing.

How should I go about my life now? Should I take my brother's advice and I simply become the new Kijima head.

I don't really like that choice. I don't have such a caliber, nor do I want to take on that responsibility to begin with.

Additionally, my grudge against my father hasn't just gone away either.

His eyes, even though they were intended for my sake, I cannot forget.

Then there is my mother. I know the things she has done in the past. But even if it also was for my sake, when I left the house I wanted her to convince father to let me stay. She could've done that, but it being possible isn't the issue here. All I wanted was her to say something.

Even though it's unreasonable, I wanted her to at least give me some comfort.

Even a lie like'This is your home. If it becomes too hard on you, come back.' would've been fine.

I barely have any memories of the two years I lived till I met with Makoto. It isn't that I forgot, but because I've lived every day with no meaning.

My sadness and pain by being abandoned by my family turned into anger and resentful fuel I lived off day and after day.

What is the difference now? Is even a difference knowing what I know now? For my sake? Bullshit.

My brother was even in on it. And to think I believed we would eventually be able to possibly go back to old times.

He plans to leave the role of heir to me, and then commit to the role as the bad guy. He is willing to abandon the gorgeous future he had laid down before him and walk that dark alleyway.

All because of me. My existence has clouded my brother's eyes.

Mother lied about herself, father took on the role to bear my grudge, and my brother, who continue to regret what happened by driving me into a corner, is all my fault.

If only I wasn't here. If only I wasn't born. Without me being in the picture, my family wouldn't be in chaos, my brother would've inherited what he is entitled, and all should have gone well.

I have to either run away or at least create some distance. But, where? If I do run away, it's inevitable that my brother will look for me. Then if I continue to run, he will surely abandon his life and search.

Will this continue forever? Even if he accepts the responsibility of the family and I run away, as long as I live he will continue being trapped.

I don't understand. I just don't know what I should go do.

Knowing her past, I can't blame my mom. On the opposite end, it becomes impossible to hold a grudge against my brother after what he went through.

Finally, knowing the gentleness my father has, I lost my target to take our my anger with.

Empty. There is a big, empty hole in my chest.

How funny. Currently, I'm like Ogasawara Shizuka who tried to throw herself off from a cliff.

She never stops cornering her, but if she dies, Makoto will be sad. Right now, all my ways are blocked like her.

If I knew what I do now when she was about to jump off, I might've let her. Perhaps I would've joined her as well.

No, it isn't the same. Unlike me, she had no escape.

Even though that little bitch had been driven further than me, she just couldn't die.

She had reached the conclusion that to fulfill her desire die peacefully she'd have her sister do it, but she still suffered the most. It's impossible for us to be the same when I had an escape.
Well, it seems I can't spank her anymore.

I shouldn't be scolding and spanking someone who is stronger than me. I currently don't have that right.


Before I knew it, I was in front of my room door.

I have the card key in hand. My brother gave it to me.

Do I face Makoto in this state? I don't know what face I should have.

I'm the cruel Kijima Aoi, the one who roars in laughter by turning women into meat toilets. I simply cannot be known as a weakling.

"Should I…leave school?"

I mutter to myself as I stare at my door.

If I keep living on my father’s support, no matter how much times past I will be in a limbo.

Ther way things are going now, I will now eventually be called in and become the successor.

"My brother should really be the one to take it. Not me…"

My family is in a mess. The only one who can bring back everything to the way it was is my brother.

It is the truth that father doted on brother, so I knew he wanted him to be the successor.

This doesn't mean I support father, but he really should be the one. No, he has to, because otherwise, everything will be in a chaos that cannot be subsided. It will go on until it reaches a point of no return.

It's a bit late now, but it is still somewhat salvageable.

Then, how do I convince him? My brother won't listen. He will ignore my opinion and continue forward.

What should I do? I need help…"

I clench my keycard, unable to actually open the door.

It's best I don't meet with Makoto anymore. With how it is now, I don't want to involve that fool in the Kijima troubles.

So, with how it is now…

"No, there is no point. She is my exclusive meat toilet. Why would I just let her go?"

Makoto cannot live without me. I groomed her to end up like that. If I rid of her now, she'll surely die.

If she sees me as weak, then she'll be alright to leave me herself. However, doing it now has no point.

Absolutely no point.

But, if she gives up and leaves, what becomes of me?

I felt a sad laughter come over me.

Well, it was a matter of time that she'd leave.

I insert the keycard as my mind began to wonder.


It's dark inside. The little bitch and Makoto should be here, but so far I don't see them.

Are they hiding, or did they go home?

Since the door was locked, I have a hard time believing they just left. So, the only reasonable explanation is that they're hiding.
"Makoto, where are you? Come out."

I went to turn on the light as I called out to her, but then I stopped dead in my tracks.

If they're hiding, shouldn't I just ignore them? I'm not willing to entertain their little game.

I really am tired today. I want to sleep, so the darker the room the better.

I want a blanket if possible, but it's too much of a bother to look for one.

I placed my knee down and then the rest of my body on the floor.

I close my eyes and prick up ears up. I can only hear the sounds of my breathing and heart.

Perhaps, they really aren't here? Since I left the key here, maybe they left and locked the door?

"I didn't really…want to see you anyway."

I expected for Makoto to jump out to me once I came home, but it's a relief she didn't. I'm tired and want a peaceful sleep. So, it's good that she just went home.

If she was here, that noisy woman would just keep me up. There is only so much I can take when I want to sleep.

"Makoto…you damn fool."

She's so damn annoying, stupid, and noisy, but she does have a great amount of meat on her chest, which would be a perfect use for a pillow.

"Don't just go home without permission, idiot."

I mutter as I place my right arm over my eyes. My shaky voice sounded like it came from someone else..

If she's not here, I can probably cry. I'm allowed to if nobody will know.

I want help. What should I do? I run away, but then what after that?

If I run away, will Makoto really follow? Will she just look at me running and not turn away? Will she say she does not mind even when I’m no longer strong?

Though in the first place, I have no escape.

Sobs fill the room. Even when I was driven out of my family's house, I didn't cry. Nevertheless, I had a grudge against my father after it. My hatred that trumped bitterness became the source I fed upon. What is left of me now that I lost sight of that? Nothing, absolutely nothing.

I need to plug this gaping hole in my heart with something, otherwise, I won't be able to move on.

I know just what I need to do that.

Why did you go home? Why didn't you wait? I need you, Makoto.

You really are an idiot.

"I, I, I didn't know. Since it wasn't in my place to…"

I quickly wiped my eyes when I heard a voice.

I began to be able to see what was going on.

What? Did something happen?

"Didn’t you tell me to stop since I was being bad?

It's Ogasawara Shizuka's voice. Is she still in the room? That means…



Something jumped onto my stomach, causing my vision to go white.

With all the air exerted out of my lungs and both hands restricted, I then heard something like a frog that was run over by a car. I then noticed it was my voice.

"Gahh!? Gahhhh!? W, What is with this!? Haaa, haaa"

"Shizuka-san! Quick before it's too late! While Aoi-san is frightened, tie him up!"

But, is this really a good idea? He'll be angry at me even if it isn't my fault, no?"

I could faintly hear Makoto and Ogasawara Shizuka speaking.
I wasn't able to breathe with the sudden pressure on my stomach, but my eyes began to clear, giving me the ability to realize what's happening.

Makoto is both on me and grabbing my arms, while her sister, seeming a bit nervous, is standing on the side of the room where the light switch is at.

"M, Makoto! What are you doing! Stop it! Let go of me!"

"H, Hurry Shizuka-san!"

"Is it fine? It really fine to tie up big brother?"

In spite of my attempts to push her off, Makoto doesn't let go of her grip easily.

I then saw it. Her sister was holding a rope.

"H, Hey Makoto. I'll like to be scolded, but I have a bad feeling about this…"

"It's alright! I'll take full responsibility! Shizuka, don't think about it and just please tie Aoi-san up!"

"If you say it like that, mmhm, I get it."

"Oi, you moronic sisters! To go this far! Are you insane?! I don't get why this is happening!"

I struggle desperately to get up while Ogasawara Shizuka approaches with the rope.

Her eyes looked so pitiful when looking at Makoto, but now she has an unsettling smile.

Bad, this is very bad. It's all over if I’m tied up. I couldn't have possibly predicted this.

"T, Tying big brother…my heart is slightly beating."

"Shizuka-san! Don't get lost in your emotions, please him up quickly! I can only keep him down for so long!"

"These women! O Oi, you fucking idiot! You! Don't you dare mess with me!"

I continue my struggle, but Makoto keeps complete control of my body without the intend to let me go.

As I struggle, her sister crawls up on her knees. You can very much tell she's trying to hold back a smirk.

"Well, I guess I just go on to it, no?"

"P, Please! As quickly as you can!"

"S, Shizuka! Oi, wake up! Stop being an idiot! If you stop right now, I'll forgive you! I'll forgive you now!"

Whether she simply cannot hear or is just ignoring me, Ogasawara Shizuka extended her hands towards me with foggy eyes.

Even with my continuous struggles, both my hands were tied up behind my back.

I'll never excuse this. Never. These stupid sisters. I'll make you sorry and beg for forgiveness by having you taste hell on earth.

If they don't want such a miserable experience, there is a chance I'll forgive them if they untie me now.

"That went well."

"U, Uh huh. It's quite thrilling to look at big brother unable to move.

Currently, I’m turned over onto the floor, arms tied behind me. I felt sweat creep along my body as the two people stare down at me.

I, I'll let bygones be bygones if you let me go now, okay? It's the truth, okay? So, why don't you let me go?


"M, Makoto! Big brother is behaving violently, so I can't take off his clothes that well!"

"Then please try harder!"

"Stop thisssss! I'll forgive you if you just untie me now! Any longer you let this go on, I won't! I'll seriously go berserk! But I guess if you let me go now, I'll forgive you damn morons!"

Makoto is now pressing down both my shoulders as I swing my legs in a desperate attempt to escape.

Shizuka is now the one on riding on my stomach like Makoto was a little while ago. But unlike Makoto, her athletic ability is lesser, so she's unable to pull off my jacket that's on me.

"M, Makoto! First off, was it smart to tie him up and then try to take off his clothes? Is this the best thing to do? I feel dizzy!"

She's simply trying to keep herself from falling off from my frantic movements.

Although I should be able to knock her off after a bit more of this, this little bitch is stubborn.

"I get it! Do you want to take off my clothes? Fine, but untie me! I'll take them off myself, then when I’m done you can just tie me back, okay? Yeah? So, untie me, woman!"

To my suggestion, Makoto's eyes began to shine as strengthen her force upon my shoulders.

"Shizuka! Don't be confused by Aoi-san's words! We won't be able to control him once we take the rope off! We cannot miss this opportunity the second we dropped out guards!"

"I, I understand! W, Whaaaa! B, But, hnuuu, I’m dizzyyyy!"

She cries out to Makoto while her eyes cannot stay at one place.

Shit, even if I am simply stronger in upper body strength, it isn't a big difference. Makoto has some freaky strength.

Moreover, I’m on my back, both hands tied behind me, and on top of that, it's difficult to struggle when hands are being pressed down on my shoulders.

Makoto is basically obedient to me, but here as I’m struggling as she ignores my cries. It's currently impossible to sway her.

Then when I speak with the little bitch, I can't get my hands on her either.

I give up on convincing Makoto and continue popping my body. My aim is now on Ogasawara Shizuka, who is desperately trying to keep on.

"Oi, you damn idiot! She is wrong! I won't do anything if you untie me! It's true! I'm telling the truthhh! I promise! Besides! I’ll take a bath with you! As a specialty! I promise all that if you untie me!"

I raise my voice in a desperate tone towards the little bitch. She appeared to be slightly swayed as she bounces, but then she looked at Makoto dizzily.

"Bath…with big brother…Makoto, sorry."

With the mutter I heard, her grip weakened.

This might just work.

"Please don't get tricked! Satonaka-san told me to absolutely never believe Aoi-san when he is strangely being kind! So Shizuka, don't! You might as well kiss that chance of bathing with him goodbye if you untie him! If can't undress him normally, then just please cut them off with scissors! "

Hearing Makoto shouting, the little bitch suddenly strengthens her grip again.

"Eh!? I can cut them off!? Won't he be super angry later!? But he seems so comfortable!"

From weighing the two options of taking a bath with me and cutting my clothes, the little bitch would quickly pick the latter.

I saw through the little bitch's desire, and so did Makoto as she quickly tapped into it.

Goddammit, why did she have to do that! If only I had a bit more time to win her over.

"That's okay! I'm allowing it!"

Makoto declared with confidence. I'd like to ask where she got such a thing, but it was obviously the best way to control the little brat.

Isn't Makoto doing a lot of well thought our things? It's not like I’m impressed, though.

"Oi, Shizuka! I won't just let you get away doing that! I will spank your butt until you faint! Even if you holler and scream, I will absolutely―"

"Horray! I get spanked again! I shall quickly get to clipping then!"
With her spinning eyes bolted back, the little bitch somehow managed to handle my bounces effortlessly and took our scissors from her uniform pocket.

One look at her gruesome smile and I knew I had handled this kid all wrong.

I forgot. This person wants to get slapped.

Far from using it to control her, it has drawn out all her potential.

I'm a fool. She is indeed quite the little bitch. Awaken to her interest in spanking, she's no longer just one for show.


In the end, my clothes were all cut off that I was left in just my underwear.

It didn't see necessary to tie both my hands and cut my pants, but I lost the willpower to even protest and simply stared at the bitch cutting them off.

I won't forget this humiliation. I'll show you hell later. I swear.

Now, as they leave me in just my underwear, the two stupid sisters left somewhere to have a private conversation.

While Makoto is gone, I have a chance to escape. However, I don't have any motivation.

My feelings of rage had subsided to calmness.

I rather face reality than fool around aimlessly.

After a few, Makoto came over. The little bitch was looking at me from afar but had no intentions of approaching as well.

What in God's name did they talk about? The brat looks dissatisfied like they made an agreement to have her not approach me.

Guessing the exact details is impossible. It doesn't matter since it's stupid.

"Aoi-san, you seem tired today. Let’s take a bath and get that sweat flowing. And then you can fall asleep, causing your fatigue to quickly be washed away."

Squatt down right beside me, Makoto declares such a thing with a carefree smile.

Am I tired? I certainly am, but who is the cause of such a thing? You.

"Quite the loud mouth you have, bitch…"


Glaring at her as I spoke under my breath, Makoto simply laughs in embarrassment.

I'm not praising you. I certainly ain't praise.

"Remember. This ends the moment you untie these ropes. I rather die than continue this. I'll never allow you willingly."

"Yes, I expected as such."

Paying no mind to my threat, Makoto unexpectedly blushes as she gently places both her hands onto my shoulders.

I'm rebelling against you, Makoto, but to be honest, relaxing would be nice. I feel a bit mentally and physically exhausted.

Although I noticed half way through this fiasco, this idiot probably knew about my exhaustion. I don't know how, but I'm certain I more or less get it from these current affairs.

Her eccentric behavior…perhaps occurred from that. Perhaps. Yup, it's probably it.

My brother probably caused this. It's reasonable to think he would've called Makoto. Which would also mean that him telling her what happened at the park isn't that far off either.

"Don't be manipulated by my brother. The person can only be dealt with by me, just me. You're the worst person to be doing it, and so it's unreasonable for you―"

"I'm used to dealing with people like that."

Interrupting me, Makoto smiled. My eyes opened wide.

Used to it? Ah, that is right.

Makoto glanced back. Her sister was now sitting upon her knees in the corner of the room.

Perhaps because she's jealous that Makoto and I near each other, Shizuka puffs out her cheeks in a sulking manner.

I do believe that she's similar to my brother, but that’s falsely representing the person. I bit in the butt when I underestimated my brother.

"You shouldn't do that. They may be similar, but that doesn't necessarily mean they are completely the same. If they set their mind to it, they can be thoroughly cruel. Moreover, my brother has more power. Power, in the sense of physical power, he is way different from that brat."

"You're the same. In other words, a spoiled child. Besides, if you could manipulate your brother, don't you hate it? I would know since I love you."

Gaze unwavering with her smile, Makoto spoke to me.

I wasn't able to say anything in return.


With no willpower present to resist, I simply followed Makoto into the bathroom.

"So, since I'm really tired today, I shall put off your punishment on his humiliating thing. So, untie me."

Being tied up is making me extremely depressed.

Though, my mental image is just taking up what energy I have.

I'm not able to do anything without my hands, but my legs are free. Nevertheless, even though I can go anywhere I like, I don't.

I can clearly push her away, but I just don't have the heart to anymore. I might hurt her knees if I relax.

"That is pointless. It doesn't matter if it's untied."

"Please show me your weak side more. I already know you aren't perfect. Even if it's painful, know I will come back to you."

Her gentle voice pierces my heart. I can feel my tear ducts warming up, but I can't cry. I have to be the inhuman Aoi Kijima in front of her.

"Shut up, you damn idiot…"

I turned away from her face, but I could tell she slipped a chuckle.


I may have been undressed to my underwear, but before entering the bathroom Makoto undressed herself.

White steam noticeably coming off from inside the bath. It was a soothing view for me, as I really enjoy hot water.

Entering a hot bath, washing away all the greasy sweat – thinking of nothing while falling asleep.

But even though sleeping would be nice, the fact of the matter is that I’d be woken up.

"Please sit down on this chair. I shall attend to cleaning your body."

I sit down by Makoto's suggestion. After I do that, Makoto grabbed the shower head and turned on the hot water. Once the water warmed up, she squatted down and begun pouring the water on me.

Before my eyes were her fruitful breasts. Every time she moved, the snow white breasts that strawberry colored tips slightly shook.

From such a view, I leaned forward and sucked onto the red fruit.

"Nmuu, haa."

After her tip quickly erected from my nip at them, I rolled my tongue around it. In spite of her small moan, she continues pouring the water over me without a single word.

Her increasingly louder pants began to mix into the rushing water sounds echoed in the bathroom.

You're a hopeless pervert. After a bit of teasing your tits already erected this much."

I grinned saying after I separated my mouth from her breast.

"You, You also have gotten…bigger."

Contrary to my thoughts of her replying back with I'm sorry, Makoto talked back to me while her face was completely flushed.

It is true that my dick has gotten stiff, but her defying behavior isn't fit for a meat toilet.

"Huh? Your way of speaking has taken an 180. How self-righteous of a meat toilet. You're only a doll looking tool for my lust. All you have to do is shake your bottom without speaking back."

I became to feel something coming up from inside of me. I don't know what it is, but it was emerging from inside me distraught heart.

I realized it was my lust and sadism that was making my heart jump.

I can't be depressed. I have to train this rebellious meat toilet once again.

This bitch really is something else. A woman born to be my exclusive meat toilet.

When she's here, I can be the merciless Aoi Kijima. Even if it's basically a facade, I can fake the strength.

Makoto needs me to continue being this way.

The shower head falls on the floor, moving wildly like a snake. At the same time, our bodies were wrapped together.

"Is it not okay for a meat toilet to talk back? If you want me to do as you say, you should punish me."

As she holds on tight saying those words, she then places her lips onto mine.

Her tongue surges through, twisting around mine while drawing it towards her.

"Haaa―A, Aoi-san, please, please touch me."

Breaking away from the kiss, she begs me.

Her tits were clearly more erected, and after standing up, I could see her erected clitoris our in the open, too.

Something much thicker than water was being produced from her thighs and then dripping onto the floor.

"So, untie me."

"That…I can't do. Please do something without wit the rope on."

"You speak the impossible…"

Staring at her scornfully, she gave a sullen expression and pressed her lips against mine again. She absorbs herself in out kiss as she presses her breasts against me.

"Haa―I, I thought of something good!"

After separating herself from me, I saw she had a smile on her face.

What is this idea? I have an unpleasant hunch.

Makoto pulled herself away fro me and went around to my behind.

I pretended to be at ease, but I was chasing after her with my eyes as a cold sweat went down my forehead.

What did she think of? What does she intend to do? Since I can't predict it, I’m even more afraid.

What seemed to be her squatting down behind me, she pushed her breasts against my back. Then with her right hand, she moved her way in between my thighs.

Is this bitch really going to jerk me off from behind? But, how does this relate to her good idea?
However, coming from this will be the greatest humiliation I’ve ever experienced. Is that her intention? No, I couldn't have gotten it yet. After all, this is Makoto.

Due to being a bit upset, the once pulsing cock of mine quickly shrunk.

She must be worried she can't use both her hands. Additionally, being naked produces an amount of shame that makes her body not listen to her.

While grasping my penis gently, she moves her left hand to my chest, rolling her finger on it.


With my chest being met with pleasure, my penis swelled up again. And as I had thought, she began to shake her right hand up and down.

This is pitiful. I'm completely naked with both my hands tied behind my back as my chest is being fiddled with.

Even though this is so humiliating that I wish I was dead, it would only get worse by the dignity that I’ve cultivated up into this point turning to ashed the second I come.

This means no matter what, I can't cum. I must endure. Repeating that inside my mind, I clench my teeth and hands.


I heard a moan from behind me. I could tell that Makoto was trembling from her breasts pressed against me.

I couldn't understand: the reaction she just gave would mean she's undergoing extreme pleasure.

But wait, when clenching my hand I could feel my finger hitting something. My nail has to be scratching something.

I then remember what position we're in.
I was down on my stool while Makoto clung from behind. Judging from her height and how she's pushing her breasts against me, Makoto is most likely on her knees.

Which means my hands are in the same position her legs are at.

I open both my hands with each finger moving.

"Nnuu, ahh, uuuu"

I fingers finally hit something soft. It seems like it's the base of her thigh.

When I kept moving my fingers, the tip of my index of my right hand scratched something stiff.

"Uuu!? Nhaaaaa"

The second my finger touched that spot, Makoto gave a loud moan with intense shakes. Fortunately, her hand movements also stopped.

It felt like a small dot. So it became clear to me that it was her clitoris that my finger just touched. I finally got what Makoto meant.

Is this what she meant with her good idea?

She probably adjusted her position for this to happen. Nevertheless, I can only lightly touch it after stretching as far as I can.

Is this bitch intending to challenge me? Is it something like if I hate coming from a handjob, I have to prevent myself from getting absorbed in it and stop it?

Bring it on! It's also fine that I’m at a disadvantage. My opponent is a meat toilet, I can't possibly lose.

"Nmuuu, uuhii, sto, stopp ittttt, naaaaaa"

I continue scratching at her clit with my right forefinger. Her tongue, as well as hand movements, have taken a sudden top due her to shaken state.

Phew, I won. She challenged me cockily and is now in this sorry state.

"Ah? Huh?"

"Haa, haaa―tactic, has been, a hit!"

With her breathing has exhilarated with the simulation I'm giving her, she speaks into my ear.

"Aoi-shan, I get excited when you tease me. So, how is when the roles are reversed?"

Her lips still near my ear, whispering with a sweet tone, she began to strengthen her grip on my penis. At the same time, she continues fiddling with my chest.


My body squirms in the seat in an attempt to resist the enormous pleasure that quickly came over me. However, I knew that it would be impossible to endure.

She played me. Completely and utterly played me. From her breast pressing against me, hearing her sweet moans, and noticing the pleasure from me scratching her clitoris.

I'm too much in a disadvantageous situation to make her yield. Addition, she has now had a taste of the sexual sensation from superiority and accomplishment, causing her to be extremely excited.

She then attacked me there.

"S, Sto, Stopp"

My penis being fully erected, I increase the stimulation onto her nipples.

"You think I’ll stop when you tell me to?"

To her sweet whisper, I grew angrier. However, the pleasure I was experienced topped such an emotion.

"Shit, I will remember you doing this, and return it over a―Uuu"

In spite of my struggle of keeping myself from cumming, my waist selfishly pops. My whole body stiffens to the pleasure running up my urethra.

An electric current went through my whole body as the lump of my lust shot out. Then right after that moment of extreme relief, I began to feel tired. However, Makoto's right hand began to move up and down over my penis almost immediately.

"O, Oi, wait a moment!"

"We are going to jump right in the second time. If you don't like being defeated, please punish me."

My waist timidly shakes from my just ejaculated penis. It's so sensitive that it's downright painful.

Squirming without being able to say a word, Makoto continues pressing breasts against my back. I then felt something hit my fingertip.

Is she pressing her crotch closer to provoking me? She taunting me.

"D, Damn you! U, kuu"

With my own tips being stimulated alongside my sensitive penis,my anger quickly broke from another shameful climax.

I can't let it end like this. At this rate, i'll no doubt lose myself to the point I beg and cry for mercy.


"You, You shitter!"

"Hiyaa!? Hiii, naa, igaa, hiuuuu"

Moving my right hand index finger, I pressed harder onto her clit. My penis reacted to each of her moans.

I get it. It's futile with what I’m doing since I'm just falling into her plan.

If Makoto pulls herself back just a bit, it'll be impossible to stroke her clit. I'm the only one excited enough that I’m close to cumming again. If she gives a few strong strokes, I’m finished instantaneously.

Nevertheless, I don't want to end without fighting back. In addition, I have a chance if Makoto times her pull back too late.

"It, It feeels goooddddd―nyaaa―ahhh, ahhhhhhhh"

"Cum, Cuminggg―Uuu, kuu"

To her moans, I stroke her clit as if my life depended on it. However, my finger quickly touches nothing, placing my plan in failure.

"Haa, haa―how, how disappointing. Another win for me."

"Kuu, shitt―uu"

Makoto's used her body as a scapegoat in her plan. I went to stroke her clit, but from that, I loosed my control on my penis.

Then with my fully erected penis being stroked by her, I suffered a tragic defeat.

"Now onto the third round."

"N, No more…."

To her sweet voice in my ear, I couldn't help by hung my head.


Soaking in the bathtub while exhausted, Makoto comes over and sits ontop of me.

"Ah, hii, nuu, uaaa"

The sounds of her moans and waves of splashing water echo inside the bathroom.

Both my hands are stilled tied behind my back as I involuntarily violate Makoto's anus.

No, it wouldn’t be any exaggeration to say I’m only being violated.

Her breasts are violently bouncing. She's shaking her waist up and down as she drools.

I gave up on winning. This bitch hasn't once climaxed.

Makoto seems sorta unwilling, too. Her actions to forcibly make me climax seem to make her pleasure decline.

Still, we're connected right now, so she has to be really close and just isn't letting herself go through with it.

"Ahh, Aoi-shannn, let it out, i'll take it all innn―haaaaaa"


In spite of its extreme tightness, the slimy hole was made to take in all sexual desire.

The moment my cock reached the depths of her hole, I became unable to endure and came.

How many times has it been? My whole body is tired. However, it should be the same for Makoto as well.

No, Makoto should be well past all levels of exhaustion. After all, she's been violating me as well as never climaxing herself.

Surely that idiot's plan is to make me tire not just mentally, but physically. And now, I have all the intention to sleep like a baby.

I don't need pity and comfort. Right now I want to forget everything and just sleep. If just sleep for even a bit, my mental capacity will be restored and I'll be able to think clearly.

Perhaps you can say Makoto achieved her plan. As of right now, with Makoto wearily leaning against me as her hole sucks up my lust, I could actually fall asleep.

"A, Aoi-shan…"


"Please don’t say you're fine. Please, just slowly close your eyes. I'll always be beside you…"

"Get up, you’re heavy…"

"Nope, even if you say that I don't leave…."

Makoto whispers into my ear while her anus grips onto my cock. Her soft tone calms my heart, causing me to get drowsy.

My heart has frothed up so much, that my desire to sleep has begun to take control.

I feel like closing my eyes and just sleep like this. However, if I do that I might drown.

That may be fine actually. It wouldn't be too bad to never wake up while Makoto is wrapped around me.

Together, just like this…



"Do you want to run away together? Somewhere far away."

"That is fine. I'll follow you anywhere…"

I feel even sleepier with the intermission of Makoto's words as she closes her eyes, laying against me.

"To escape…even if there isn't any escape…"

I close my eyes after laughing at my previous statement, giving into my tiredness.


I felt Makoto get off as my consciously drifted away.

I quickly woke up after feeling like I lost something. When my eyes opened, I saw Makoto staring at me.

"Do you have somewhere to escape to?"


"You'll be Ogasawara Aoi."

Her voice echoed inside my head.
Ogasawara Aoi? What does she mean? What is this?

"Makoto, what are you saying―"

"Because I'm going to be your bride, you'll be my husband, no? So, you should be Ogasawara Aoi. It'll feel like you escaped after shedding your last name."

Husband? A husband that takes on the other's last name? How stupid. How does this settle my problem―wait?

What happens if I become the son-in-law of the Ogasawara family? Naturally, if that happens, I cannot inherit the Kijima birthrightbrotherand my brother will have to.

But, what about my father? My father believes my older brother should take on this important role. However, in respect of his intentions, my father lets him do what he likes.

Though what he truly feelings is that he should inherit the family head position.

In that case, I should leave the Kijima family officially. Moreover, it wouldn't be by force, but by my own free will.

What about mother, though? Did mother intend for me to inherit the position? No, she ought to prefer putting my bother as the head, too.

So if I said I'd like to become the Ogasawara son-in-law, wouldn’t they give me best of wishes?

Besides, the Ogasawara's have some sort of family history. It won't hurt the Kijima name.

It wouldn't be a bad deal for the Ogasawara's either. Makoto has the Ogasawara's blood. So if they decide to marry her younger sister into the Sasaki family, they should prefer not to give Makoto up.

So by me being from a different household, I won't have a lot of power but also have a good social status. I'm an ideal catch for a son-in-law.

If Makoto and I feel the same way, it might also be a very happy lifestyle.

Oi, oi, didn't I potentially discover the ultimate loophole?



"You…are a genius."

Makoto looks at me with a blank stare, perhaps not processing why I was praising her. However, she quickly dropped her flushed face down with a smile.

I'm just recognizing her this time. Even though she probably thought this up without might insight into it, all my problems can perhaps genuinely be solved with this.

If I register my last name to Ogasawara, in spite of my brother’s wishes I cannot become the head.

He doesn't want to, but if he was in the position he wouldn't do a bad job for the sake of our parents.

Keke, it's a perfect getaway for something so easy.

"I heard everything!"

The bathroom door slammed open as the little bitch's voice echoed in. She jumped right through the door with a bath towel on.

Surprised, Makoto's smiling face broke. She then placed a hand on her hips, glaring towards the little bitch.

"Shizuka-san, you said you wouldn't intrude on us, no?"

"I did!"

Still glaring Makoto asked, and her sister replied while nodding her head.

"Then, why did you come in? If you broke your promise, should I keep mine about you sleeping with Aoi-san?"

"Now, now, calm down sis. The situation has changed. I haven't broken my promise since I'll leave once this finishes."

"Why are you even naked then? No matter how you see it, it looks like you intend to go back on your word."

"Isn't it obvious to get naked when entering a bath? I wouldn't think of catching you off guard to play with my big brother, who cannot even use his hands.”

"Huh, did you intend to do all that? I knew it, your promise meant nothing."

"It's fine if you think that."

She huffed away from Makoto's glance and trotted right in front of the bathroom. She then squatted down, staring at me.

Warily, Makoto holds onto me and continue to stare at the little bitch. Nevertheless, she ignored her with a smile and turned to me.

"If you enter our household, then wouldn't you really become my big brother? Additionally, aren't you the second son of a well-known family? If you listen to me, I'll do anything you say."

She has a smile while talking to me, but her voice is slightly trembling.

Noticing that, Makoto's grasp onto me loosened.

"I don't think it's good to bring this up with Makoto around, but it's about Tatsuya."

To those words, Makoto shook. Makoto turned away from the brat and buried her face into my chest.

I was going to scold her for bringing it up, but something has changed. I don't feel like she intends to corner Makoto with bringing this up.

After all, she just reconciled with her. In that case, she should be trying to help her.


"Thank you, big brother."

A tear streaming down her eye, the little bitch nodded gleefully to my reply.

"So, um, you must know that Tatsuya isn't a bad person. However, the fact that he made Makoto sad doesn't change. Even if I'm the reason for him to do that, that doesn't excuse it. It may be selfish, but that's what I think."

"I already knew that. Did you come in here just to say that?"
Of course, I knew she didn't like Sasaki. You just put Makoto in a bad position after especially coming in here to say that. How stupid this little bitch has to be to do that.

However, she can't be. Even she isn't that idiotic.

"No, that isn't all. I'm talking about this with Makoto because I want us to cooperate. And if we do, I’ll help you and Makoto's relationship with all my power. If you're my brother, we can do a lot together. After all, father and mother are lenient on me."

To her words, Makoto slowly raises her face from my chest and glanced towards her.

She's still clinging onto me strongly, but she seems to be interested in what she said.

The suggestion of hers is definitely attractive. When I enter the Ogasawara family, her cooperation will be a big weapon.

Though it depends on what she desires, since it may be quite difficult.

"I can't give you Aoi-san, he is mine…"

Makoto seems to be listening but setting her expectations low.

"I didn't say that. What I want is simple. I don't want to be the bride the person who tormented you, Makoto. I think Tatsuya feels the same way. But, it's neither of our choices. But, I thought you may be able to do something and so I asked. Please, give me your assistance big brother."

Her wish was quite obvious.

While carrying the responsibility of cornering her big sister, she was unable to forgive Sasaki for leaving her. Nevertheless, her guilty consciences overshadowed every other emotion, making her unable to fully hate him. But even if she feels extremely guilty, she would hate to become his bride.

However, she doesn't have any power to decide against both families. So, that is why she is begging me for assistance.

Then again, what can I do? I don't know how far my family name can take me, and there is a high possibility that I won't get any backup.

My parents may acknowledge my family transfer to the Ogasawara's, but not everyone will. There is a high chance that someone will get in my way.

Well, what do I do? I really do want her cooperation, but I quickly promise and then say I can't later, she will be extremely disappointed. She could even feel betrayed and become an enemy.

Becoming her opponent before I enter the family is clearly a troublesome fire.

That being said, I can just plainly refuse by saying it's impossible, think it over and come back once I find it's safe.

But if I refuse, her cooperation deal may go away. However, I don't risk becoming her enemy.

But this is valuable, truly valuable. The influence of this little bitch is probably huge in the Ogasawara family.

The daughter that was doted on due to having no blood connection. And after being ignored, the poor, legitimate daughters decides to marry soon. If it's discovered that the two have got up to terms to one another, and they have become increasingly lovely towards one another then it's obvious they'll dote on her more.

To push forward my goal, I really need that human recourse.

"When do you formally become his wife? Is there a date?"

"Out parents have accepted and so had Sasaki's uncle, but there isn't any particular schedule. I think if I go to a university and graduate, they'll start the talk."

Right, right, there is a lot of time left. Couldn't I just agree and have her help even if I can't do her request?

Once I’m in the household I can do whatever I like. Even if she becomes my enemy, there wouldn't be an issue.

I'll only have problems until I enter in. I’m not concerned whatever happens to the little bitch afterward.

"Hm, it may be easier said than done, but okay, I’ll make sure I put all my effort into fulfilling your request."

"Really!? Thank you so much, big brother!"

I make sure I accept without making any definite promises, but even so, her eyes lit up.

Ha, easy.

Without knowing she's being manipulated by me, she gives a smile, stood up, and took off her towel. She then tries to get into the bath by force.

"Wai, you can't! Aoi-san is naked! I really can't let you see that!"

"Don't be so stingy. It's merely brother and sister skinship!"

"He is not your brother yet!"

"It's already decided. Anyway, I’ll help you now. So, just overlook tiny things. Such as you, me, and onii-chan being alone in the tub like this!"

"Aboustelyyyyyy notttttttt!"

Makoto pushes her away from me, but she still tries to get in. While the two fight while squealing at each together, I smiled inside.

To settle all my problems I have to work out to a plan to become Ogasawara Aoi.

For it to work, it all relies on this little bitch.


She suddenly freezes to my words. She then glances back a bit.

―I will become the son-inlaw of her family. For that to happen I need to persuade this little bitch.

Conveying that with my eyes, she understands and unwillingly agrees.

To even make it a possibility, her cooperation is required. I hate to have her even approach me, but for now, I will have to make some compromises.

That being said, rather than going far and beyond with compromises, it's better to just entertain her as I have from the beginning.

"Little bitch, no, Shizuka, enter if you wish. But, keep it to a moderation. Do you understand?"

"Yay! I have onii-chan's approval!"

"Uuu…she isn't touching you, right? Only looking, yes?"

In spite of Makoto's clear discomfort by her crying, her sister steps into the bathroom with much glee. Her crotch exposed as such.

I could only see a small crack, so she probably has a small anus that has only been used for it's main purpose.

She's also like Satonaka as she's hairless, but she's also different since she's a child.

I may not be interested in a child, but her hole seems nicely tight.

Moreover, she does have a first class appearance. It wouldn't be bad that I prepare that hole for use in the future.

"Yay! Together with big brother!"

While humming a strange tune to herself, she submerged herself to the shoulders. Meanwhile, Makoto sticks to my cautiously while glaring at the bitch.

"Makoto, I'm not breaking our promise. This isn't intrusion. I was given permission by big brother, no?"


Troubled at her boastful talk, Makoto looks back to me for a response.

I gave her nod, and she dropped her shoulders and sighed.

"Th, That is right."

"Then out promise will still go strong and I can sleep in onii-chan's bed! Yay!"

"Y, You absolutely cannot touch him!"

"I know. But, if I perhaps turn over and hit against him, it's an accident, no?"

"T, That…"

Lost all courage to speak against her, Makoto drops down further into the water until her mouth is submerge. She blows air into the water, creating bubbles as tears come down from her eyes.

Sleep by my side? Did she prevent the little bitch from disturbing us with that? Well, that didn't stop her it seems.

Well, I'll allow it. Makoto doesn't seem to like it, but agreed. Which means this would be a good time to get myself untied.

In the end, it'll be fatal if I can't use my hands.

"Makoto, rope―"

"Since it's safer that you can't use you hands, I will never untie it."

Before I could even finish my sentence, she flatly refuses.

Oi, Oi, is she really gonna leave me like this till morning? Like this, I'll never be able to sleep.

It is fine, onii-chan. I'll look after you well."

"That is alright, Shizuka. It's my responsibility for troubling Aoi-san."

With an counterattack, Makoto points to herself with a stiff smile.

The bathroom suddenly become silent The both of them just stare at each other.

That’s not the main issue here. Does she really intend to keep me tied up? It's just suicide if i'm placed in between these two idiot like this.

Moreover, I'm already at not a good state from the handjob earlier, so it'll only get worse if i'm toyed by that brat. I have to prevent that by all means.

If I cum from a mere brat, I won't be able to live with myself.