Beloved Marriage in High Society

Other name: BMHS; Sủng Hôn Hào Môn; 宠婚豪门

Genre: Comedy, Drama, Romance, Shounen Ai

Date released: Unknown
Views: 12843

Author: Jian Jia nizi; 蒹葭妮子

Status: Ongoing

Translator: Crescent Moon

There are only two destined outcomes for an illegitimate child of the Meng family. One is to be useful and then being used to death. The other is to be exploited for being a useless person. After being reborn, Meng Ting chooses the second option without the slightest hesitation. As a result, he’s being married off. “Oh.” =.= *** This is a story of a beautiful young man who wants to become a degenerate after coming back to life from death, but is rejected by his upstanding husband in various ways. This is a story of saving others, and being saved by others in return. You are my beloved, and I am the light of your life. Meng Ting: “Nonsense…” Yan Sui: “Everything my wife says is correct.”
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