Awakening Chapter 227

Hearing the noise from outside the room, Naoko and Akashiro Miho felt very strange. But Lei Yin’s face became very serious, for he smelled the faint smell of blood wafting through the air.

“You sit here and don’t go out, I’ll see what’s going on out there. ” Lei Yin stood up and walked to the door of the room.

“Lei, you have to be careful. ” Naoko felt a little unusual and could not help but worry.

Lei Yin nodded, and soon went out.

When he left, Naoko waited a bit nervously. Unfortunately, the window is on the other side of the room, so she cannot see the yard inside. Without going out, she was completely unable to know what happened outside. But she felt her heart beating faster and faster as if something bad had happened.

Outside the noise is getting more and more loud, Akashiro Miho finally cannot sit still, and said to Naoko: “Miss Hase, let’s go outside to have a look. “

Naoko shook her head, “I’ll wait here for him to come back. “

Looking at her really didn’t want to go, Akashiro Miho had to ran out of the room alone.

Looking alone at the deserted room, Naoko’s heart became more and more restless.

Suddenly, the door was opened very forcibly. Naoko was startled, but after clearly seeing the person, she finally put down her heart.

“Lei, outside…”

But before she could ask, Lei Yin suddenly came and picked her up, and then walked up to the front of the window and said: “Don’t be afraid, hold my neck and don’t let go. “

Naoko hugged his neck according to his words, and suddenly she saw Lei Yin jumped out the window.

This is the third floor! Naoko had a scare, but when she reacted, Lei Yin’s feet landed his feet with ease.

“Isn’t it exciting?” Lei Yin bowed his head and smiled and kiss at her shocked face, then carried her towards the forest at side of the hotel.

After a while, Naoko slowly recovered, she asked softly: “Lei, just what happened?”

Lei Yin while running said: “A madman came in from outside the hotel taking a blade and cutting people around. “

“There’s actually something like that? Is anyone injured?” Naoko exclaimed.

“Rest assured, no one was injured. Most of the people in the hotel have already fled, waiting for the police to catch him soon. “

Naoko then felt slightly relieved.

She did not know, that in fact, Lei Yin’s words had other meanings.

It is true that no one was hurt, but only because the people were dismembered to death, so the rate of injured was zero. And Lei Yin recognized that the man was holding that evil blade. Although the news or newspaper just said that a man is holding a Japanese katana to kill, but did have no pictures of the murderer and the real weapon. However, Lei Yin is very clear that this matter must be related to that evil blade. Naoko’s grandmother also probably guessed. Fearing that Naoko will worry, he didn’t say it.

Because the guy cutting people at the scene is too bloody, Lei Yin feared Naoko will see and her heart can’t withstand, therefore he hugged her to ran outside.

“Lei, I can go on my own. ” Naoko saw that they’re quite far from the hotel, thus she opened her mouth to say.

“Wait a minute. “

Naoko had to let him continue to run, after a while she suddenly said: “Lei, am I heavy?”

She’s still in the mood the care about this problem. Lei Yin can’t help but chuckle, “Not a bit heavy. This figure of yours I like the most. “

Naoko blushed and put her head on his chest.

Ran for about two kilometers, Lei Yin gradually slowed down, and finally he put Naoko down.

“I wonder what happened to Miss Akashiro and Mr. Hase?” Naoko said with a little worry.

“Don’t worry, they should have escaped. ” As he spoke, Lei Yin gazed at the back.

“Really a maggot of the tarsus bone. ” After a while, he suddenly said to himself.

“Lei, what’s wrong?” Naoko felt that the atmosphere is a bit wrong.

“Don’t be afraid, just a troublesome guy who followed. Just wait a minute, stand behind me and don’t move. “

” I, I know. ” Naoko nervously looked ahead.

Before long, Naoko heard a heavy but very fast footstep in front, and then she saw a figure running over.

In the distant dim light, Naoko saw a quite tall man, although she can’t clearly see his appearance, her intuition told her he’s not very old. The man ran closer and closer, Naoko suddenly felt a very uncomfortable feeling. She had an inexplicable illusion, as if the the man running is probably not human.

The man seemed to have seen Lei Yin, and finally stopped at more than 10 meters in front of him.

After that man stood still, Naoko saw him holding something like a blade in his hand.

Is he that madman? Naoko looked at the man with a little fear.

“Why follow me?” Lei Yin looked at him lightly.

The man’s breathing is very rapid, not because of excessive running caused by asthma, but rather like a wild beast on edge led by a bloody smell, staring closely at Lei Yin.

Not knowing how long, the man finally spoke. It is a very hoarse voice, “Although I don’t know who you are, but I feel that this blade very much wanted to drink your blood. ” His eyes were like a wild beast that saw his prey.

Lei Yin looked at him with pity, “Do you know that you have been controlled by this blade? You should be aware that the time you can stay awake every day is getting shorter. When this blade completely erodes your sanity, you will become a monster who only knows how to kill. “

That man’s breathing became rapid again, “Shut the hell up!”

Lei Yin knows that fighting is unavoidable, he said to Naoko: “You go outside the station and wait for me. “

Naoko desperately shook her head, clutching his hand tightly.

Lei Yin with soft voice: “Be obedient, I’ll be fine. This guy is only half-baked, and have not place him in my eyes. But if you’re here, I will be distracted. ” 

Hearing his words, Naoko turned around to walk towards the outside station.

After she left, Lei Yin pulled out a black dagger from his belt with his right hand in a reverse grip, and then said: “So it seems that you’re the one who followed me this morning?”

The man did not answer, and suddenly rushed with a blade in his hands.

What an impatient fellow, Lei Yin flashed his knife sideways to cut, and then turning his sword towards the neck.

The tip of the black sword was at an unimaginable speed, the man hurriedly move, lifting up the hilt with risk to block the deadly sword.

But just as he was blocking the tip of the sword, he suddenly felt a severe blow on his abdomen. The impact was so strong that his whole person was kicked out.

Feeling the mouth filled with a fishy smell, with red eyes, the man gave a loud shout and brandish the blade to cut him across the middle. This blade is faster than any previous blade, the blade seems to have vanished in mid-air.

Lei Yin’s eyes flashed a glimmer of sneer, his two feet force back to jump a step, only five centimeters away from the tip of the flashed blade. Then his body seemed to have no inertia, from backward to suddenly move forward, a sword stabbing directly to the man’s throat.

To avoid the inevitable, in his eyes can only use his nearest left hand to block in front of his throat.

“Swish”, the black sword went straight through his palm.

Looking at the sword after piercing his palm with its strength still unabated to stab his throat, the man shouted, pushing his left hand aside, this had avoided this extremely dangerous sword(dagger).

But with this opening, Lei Yin unceremoniously kicked his chest and abdomen position.

“Bang”, the man had his whole person fly out, backing up against the collision into a tree trunk two meters away before stopping.

The man had just stood up and immediately spat out a mouthful of blood. That kick had broken his ribs.

He looked up at Lei Yin with horror, “Who are you?”

Lei Yin looked at him coldly, “Although the blade can in a short period of time maximize your physical strength, but for a normal person, the blade can only play a role as much. You won’t have a third chance. “

Looking at Lei Yin coming at him step by step, the man suddenly hold the blade in his right hand, and then put his blood dripping left hand in the blade and wipe a bit, finally he laughed and said: “I’ll give you, I’ll give you everything, as long as you help me kill this man. “

Is this guy really crazy? Lei Yin is quiet puzzled.

After a while, the man’s laughter suddenly stuck, and then his whole personーlike a sudden death, fell to the ground without warning.

Lei Yin couldn’t help but frowned, because he heard the man’s breathing and heartbeat stopped.

When Lei Yin was considering whether or not to make up a sword again, suddenly, he heard the man’s breathing and heart suddenly returned to normal.

Lei Yin’s eyes grew somewhat dignified, and his intuition told him that this fellow had become different.

The man looked up at Lei Yin and looked down at his hands, and after a while he burst out laughing.

“You are very noisy. ” Lei Yin walked two steps forward with the sword to cut his neck.