Asura God


Asura God Chapter 29

Chapter 29 : Two Beauties

Yue Qing hasn’t been training in the past five days, her master let her have a 'holiday'.

Except for cultivating, she is always with Qin Ming, they are either relaxing or she is helping Qin Ming.

She was worried that Qin Ming couldn’t handle Vajra Spirit, especially stage five's 'Vajra Strength', it could multiply your strength by five times, but also create a rebound a thousand time greater, so it hurts the user more than the opponent. There were alot of disciples who tried to train in Vajra Spirit, the result was that some got injured and others got crippled, for countless years, only personal disciple Di Yun managed to train in it, after that no one else dared to touch Vajra Spirit.

The good thing was that Qin Ming was performing superbly recently, and this made her slowly relax, what shocked her was Qin Ming's body, he could even handle six times, not to mention five.

Cai Yi also dropped by, and she was also shocked by Qin Ming.

"It’s here?" Cao Wu Jiang came down the mountain, and looked at the hundred meter tall mountain, in front of the thousand meter tall mountain the hundred meter tall mountain seemed like a soldier, if one doesn’t pay attention, one would think that it’s connected.

To be able to own a mountain in Azure Cloud Sect, this disciple should have some status. Cao Wu Jiang thought in his heart.

"It’s here, please Prince Wu Jiang." Zhao Lie laughed coldly in his heart, he appeared very polite on the surface, as he followed the path up the mountain.

"What kind of status does this disciple have? Is he a Golden disciple of Azure Cloud Sect?" Cao Wu Jiang started to pay attention to this unknown opponent.

"He is a servant."


"He does odd jobs."

"Are you fooling me?" Cao Wu Jiang seldom jokes around, so he hates people playing a joke on him too.

"Why would I dare, this mountain isn’t another house, it’s a warehouse, this disciple has been a servant since seven, and he has done it for eight years already."

"Yue Qing is here?" Cao Wu Jiang frowned after hearing, a lowly person?

"You will know later. Oh yeah, his name is Qin Ming!"

In the courtyard, Qin Ming just finished his training in Vajra Spirit stage five, by directly smashing a huge rock, filling the ground with crushed rocks, and dust in the air. He stood amongst the rubbles, his whole body boiling, his skin was red like it was cooked, emitting shocking hot air, evaporating his sweat. He stood there gasping for breath, his perfect chiseled muscle moved according to the rise and down of his chest. Although he is fifteen, he had masculine of a twenty years old.

"How do you feel? Do you feel weak or strong?" Yue Qing took a towel and helped Qin Ming wipe his sweat.

"It’s better now…. At least I didn’t fall onto the floor…." Qin Ming supported his body, he felt dizzy, and his conscious abit blurly. The stage five's strength was very strong, on the moment of impact, it could punch out four thousand five hundred jin of strength, but at that moment of release it squeezed all the energy out of him, and then a strong feeling of weakness afterward.

"There is still half a month's time left, don’t be hasty." Yue Qing has estimated that Qin Ming would only be able to wield the power of stage five no more then ten days away from the competition, but he actually trained it eighteen days before, and is now slowly getting use to it.

Qin Ming took a deep breath, and slowly breathed out : "The power can still be stronger."

"You are already doing well…." Yue Qing let out a light expression of surprise, someone is coming?

Who could be coming at this time?

Her sensitive senses found out that there was someone outside, there was a lot of people, and they are also very strong. Her gaze turned cold, as she wore her veil and stood in front of Qin Ming.

Zhao Lie stood in front of the door, and listened for a while, and laughed in his heart, and opened the door. The first thing he saw was Qin Ming, whos whole body was red and gasping for breath, he also noticed the Yue Qing who was standing beside him.

Cao Wu Jiang glanced at the cultivating Qin Ming, and his gaze landed on Yue Qing.

Is it her?

She is Azure Cloud Sect's golden disciple, Yue Qing?

She could become my future wife.

The veil covered her face, her body petite, and slime, with those watery eyes, from this angle, it’s like she has a golden halo above her, appearing very fairylike. Although he could not see clearly her face, but purely on her aura and attitude, it had already captured Cao Wu Jiang's eyes, his eyes thumped, and he smiled. Not bad, it’s good!

But what is up with that guy, naked except for a pair of shorts, what kind of image does this give!

A dainty lady, is actually hanging out with this kind of guy!!

Isn’t this a bit too much!

"Miss Yue Qing, I have finally met you." Cao Wu Jiang smiled, and walked into the warehouse.

He cleared his throat, and just as he was ready to talk, Yue Qing coldly said : "I am not accepting guests today, everyone, please leave."

"You might not recognize me, allow me to introduce myself."

"No need, please leave." Yue Qing sent them off coldly, she could tell that they were guests, but she didn’t care.

If it was another person rejecting him, Cao Wu Jiang would have already flipped into rage, but he had a good temper today, he smiled : "Miss Yue Qing, I’m not a bad guy, I just want to make some friends."

Zhao Lie smiled : "Miss Yue Qing, this esteemed guest is from the Python King Palace."

Python King Palace?, Yue Qing was confused, she wasn’t confused about the guests background, she was confused on why Python King Palace sent people here, as they are proud and had an disputes with Azure Cloud Sect, why would they specially make their way to the warehouse?

Cao Wu Jiang's bodyguard introduced : "This is Python King Palace's Prince Wu Jiang."

"Hehe." Cao Wu Jiang smile and nodded, he had thought that Yue Qing would be shocked after hearing his background, or at least look at him in a different way, but he was disappointed, Yue Qing doesn’t even care.

"I’m not meeting anyone today, please leave." Yue Qing once again sent the guests out.

Zhao Lie reminded : "Prince Wu Jiang is our Azure Cloud Sect's important guest, Miss Yue Qing, as a golden disciple of Azure Cloud Sect, you represent us, so shouldn’t you be abit more polite?"

"No worries, it’s our first time meeting, we aren’t too familiar." Cao Wu Jiang was rarely this magnanimous, smiling, he looked at Qing Ming behind Yue Qing.

Qin Ming regulated his breathing, then slowly stood up, staring back at Cao Wu Jiang.

Cao Wu Jiang purposely asked : "Who is this? Not wearing any shirt in front of guests, where’s your manners? How could Miss Yue Qing be together with such a boorish man?"

"I will say it for the last time, please leave, you are not welcomed here." Yue qing immediately activated a martial skill, and around her appeared a half translucent barrier.

This is the symbol of Profound Martial realm, Spirit shield!

Profound Martial realm grade one will have one layer, grade two will have two layers, all the way to grade nine with nine layers.

Cao Wu Jiang ignore her, and asked Qin Ming again : "I’m talking to you, are you deaf?"

Zhao Lie laughed in his heart, haha, just as I had expected. Cao Wu Jiang is such a proud prince, after seeing such a beauty like Yue Qing, and the stubborn Qin Ming, it will definitely cause some trouble.

Qin Ming laughed coldly : "This is my place, it’s up to me whether I want to wear clothes or not. If you aren’t used to it, you can go, did I ask you to stay?"

"Impudent!" Cao Wu Jiang's bodyguards immediately shouted, who do you think you are, even daring to retort out prince.

Zhao Lie stepped back, hehe, fight, quickly fight, fight to the death.

Cao Wu Jiang snickered : "Interesting. Miss Yue Qing, is he your dog? He seems pretty fierce."

Qin Ming tilted his head, and showed a weird looking smile : "proper human speech can be interpreted as dog language, Prince Wu Jiang, have you considered what breed you are?"


The Python King Palace's bodyguards all took out their sword, pointing at Qin Ming.

Yue Qing said coldly, and blocked Qin Ming : "Prince Wu Jiang, please be more polite. I will say it for the last time, leave this place!"

Cao Wu Jiang pretended not to hear, he didn’t put Qin Ming in any regards at all, as he continue to smile and invite : "I came from far away, and it is all because of you Miss Yue Qing. I have not know that "

Zhao Lie added fuel to the flame : "Servant Qin Ming, step down! Don’t disturb Prince Wu Jiang and Miss Yue Qing's time."

Qin Ming laughed : "Face is a good thing, I hope all of you have it."

Cao Wu Jiang signaled the others  : "Men, help Miss Yue Qing properly train her dog."

"Yes!" the bodyguards all replied in unison, but just as they are about to move forward, someone came in from the back, a wave of cold air permeated the courtyard : "Who dares to be insolent in Azure Cloud Sect!"

Cao Wu Jiang turned around, just as he was about to harrumph, what he sees made him stunned.

A superbly beautiful lady walked in, her aura cold, like a reborned fairy. Like a water lotus budding, not even stained by any thing. She wore a white veil, but it wasn’t able to hide your beauty, her innocence, such fairylike demeanor, it doesn’t even contain any seductiveness.

Her long silky hair rested on her dress, her hair shiny and smooth, like a shining black jade, making it very attention grabbing.

A very classy lady, cold yet still graceful.

Previously, Yue Qing was the sole beauty, but today there was two beauties fighting to be the best, everything else became colourless.

Cao Wu Jiang was stunned, his bodyguards are secretly stunned too, so their imposing manner weakened.

If Yue Qing was like a flame amongst fairy, the girl before his eyes is like a snow lotus amongst the ice mountains, each with their own style, and equally stunning.

"Ling Xue?" Zhao Lie looked at the person in incredibility, thinking that he had seen wrong.

Personal disciple from Medicine Mountain? Why is she here!

Yue Qing, Ling Xue, Song Ning Ning, the three beauties are all very mysterious, and they seldom appear. Yue Qing and Ling Xue are always being compared, not only were they kingdom toppling beautiful, they had high ranking and talent as well. Although Ling Xue isn’t a golden disciple, but as a Medicine Mountain disciple, the only disciple of an elder at that, her status is not lower than Yue Qing

Don’t even mention Zhao Lie feeling odd, even Qin Ming and Yue Qing felt odd, why was she here?


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