Api di Bukit Menoreh


Api di Bukit Menoreh Chapter 5

Api di Bukit Menoreh Book 01 – Chapter 05

Untara shook his head "Don't let yor imagination run wild. Was that Teak tree trunk which collapsed tree days ago because of wind?"

Sedayu sharpened his gaze. But that shadow look like a giant person blocking the roadside. Suddenly his back hair was bristling and his heart became tense. He draw closer his horse toward his big brother.

"Hem" his Big brother groaning "you're not child anymore Sedayu, you should be unafraid to take this journey alone."

Sedayu said noting. But his heart still tense.

When there a glint on the sky, and the flash brighten the mountain Merapi slope Sedayu have a long sigh, that shadow truly Teak trunk which collapsed because of wind.

But just Sedayu have a sigh of relief, suddenly his chest pounding hard. Not far in front of them extend outward a meadows. And a few hundreds stepp away, there a giant Banyan Tree. The region known as Lemah Cengkar (dry land).

"We go this way?" sounded his voice sofly betwen gurguling rain.

"No" his big brother continue "we don't passing through Lemah Cengkar. We will take a shortcut. We will turn right."

"The road at the border of grove forest (Org, hutan belukar. Any better term)?" Sedayu became more anxious.

"Yes" aswered his big brother.

"Macanan" urged Sedayu.


Sedayu became more uneasy. He said "what if we suddenly meet with a tiger. Is not that the Macanan region known with the striped tiger?”

“The Striped tiger doesn’t savage as the white tiger in Lemah Cengkar.” Untara frightened his little brother, although he was not afraid at all with the white tiger or the striped tiger. but through Macanan it became more fast-paced.

Agung Sedayu became silent. But his body¬† feel a shivering. Shivering because how small his heart and shivering because of the cold. but their horse still keep moving. even when Untara speed up moving his horse. Sedayu was immediately whipped his horse. He don’t want to be the distance betwen his big brother became far.