Aogan no Madoushi


Aogan no Madoushi Volume 1 Chapter 1 part5


Day of the date. Yuuto was in front of the station waiting for Isana. The two of them, using the ticket Touma gave, was going to the rumored aqua park. To not think of the meaning behind Touma’s idea, he gave up on thinking any deeper.


The words Mikage said yesterday was still on his mind. Because of that, he was lacking sleep.

[Thanks for waiting, Yuuto. Did you wait long?]

Unknowingly, Isana was already standing behind Yuuto. She, with upturned eyes, looked at Yuuto with worry.

[Oh. I didn’t wait for lo—?!]

In retrospect, it took Yuuto by surprise. There Isana was with casual clothes. There was nothing strange about that.

A thin, pink one-piece dress, and a yellow cardigan.

It wasn’t fancy by any means. However when she wears it, it exuded a sense of security. It was drawing out her charm to the maximum.

Words couldn’t come out.

Even though, including Touma,  the three of us often went out together but, why is she wearing clothes that I have seen for the first time today—–.

[Yuu? What’s the matter?]

[No… Nothing at all. Well, let’s go]

Yuuto said while covering up what he thought.

(Can’t say that I’ve never seen it before… Right)

Looking at the reaction of Yuuto flinch,

[Un. … So you’re conscious of it huh]

Isana made a little guts pose. It goes without saying that she prepared carefully for today.

The aqua park was at the third district——located at the most south of the town. It not only has a sea-facing aquarium, but also a shopping mall, art gallery, sports facilities and many other recreational facilities in one place, which makes up the theme park.

They took the monorail around the city.

[That bracelet, you’ve been wearing it recently. Took a liking to it?]

[Aah… I saw it at a small shop selling these and bought one]

It’s better not to show the bracelet too much. Since it’ll be exposed to others that know about it that I’m a magician. It was supposed to be hidden under my sleeves but, a bit of it was seen by Isana.


The monorail carriage suddenly moved, causing Isana to break her balance. Yuuto on the other hand, took it alright. He hugged her to prevent from falling just in time.

[… Ss-sorry]

[Oo, oh… No problem]

Somehow he felt that he himself was strange today.

Reaching the destination, by using the ticket they had, Yuuto and Isana went in without a hitch. Just by having this ticket, they got to have 20% off all purchases, which was something to be thankful for.

They started off with walking in the mall. Surrounding them were the walls and floors, with the aquarium being seen everywhere. While walking around and shopping, it’s a dream-like setting where you get to walk in the ocean.

[Pretty… Hey, since we’re at it, why don’t we use the ticket to buy something for Touma?]

[That’s true. Since this place is a theme park and a shopping street at the same time, there’s surely something we can get. You have something in mind that’ll make Touma happy?]

Isana thought about it a little, then opened her mouth.

[Erm, he’ll like something that’ll last, I guess. Since he looks to be quite the romanticist]

[Fufufu. While thinking that way, I already chose one! Look at this!]

And the thing Yuuto picked was a sea cucumber key holder which had many striped tentacles attached. On its tag wrote [Sea cucumber]. On top of it giving off bad feelings, it’s also a mystery as to who’ll buy such a thing. It makes one wonder if this is the most cutting edge period of this era.

[How about it?]

[Stop it]

[… Yes]

Isana said it without taking a breath. Even though her face says she’s smiling, but her words said otherwise. Yuuto got taken aback.

(There must be times where I must be strong…)

[But, a key holder is fine. Let’s get matching ones, the three of us]

For now, the shopping ends. The next objective being the theme park. Somehow or another, there’s a huge ferris wheel there. An uncountable amount of couples were waiting to go on it. A three hour wait.

[Seems like we won’t be riding on the ferris wheel, huh]

Isana said with a tinge of disappointment in her words.

In the end, Isana being the one that picked out Touma’s souvenir, chose a dolphin key holder. While Isana went to pay for the three straps,

(Sorry, Touma. I tried my best today)

Was what Yuuto thought, and held his hand at his chest.

[With that, this is yours]

Yuuto took out from his pocket was something else other than the key holder they bought.


It was a water-coloured ribbon.

[I bought it just now. I’ve been in your care recently. I can at least buy you something in return, or something like that…]

He got more and more embarrassed while speaking. Isana was silent while staring at the ribbon in his hand.


[It’s fine if you don’t want it]

[I want it!]

Isana hurriedly grabbed onto Yuuto’s hands. After receiving it, started to tie it in her hair while going, ehehe.

[I’ll treat it with utmost care]

[But it’s cheap?]

[It’s fine. Because…]


[Fufu. Nothing at all. Alright, let’s continue on]

(Because, it’s the first present you ever gave to me)

Isana held onto Yuuto’s hands. Her smiling profile felt more beautiful than any he’d seen so far.

Because the central focus of East Float being research and development, there never existed a theme park up till now. Since the number of students increased, only recently did they start building buildings that responded to their needs in undeveloped areas.

Yuuto and Isana went around the attractions appropriately. A glittery 3D stage, Jet coaster, a coffee cup that went around in the parade. They went to attractions that could be said to be synonymous with amusement parks.

[Haaa, that was fun]

[That’s good to know]

The two were resting on a bench. Isana, with her whole body bathed in sunlight, stretched.

[Lately, you’ve been returning late. Did something happen?]

[Aaaa… Just a little. It’s just that my wallet has been tight lately, so I got a job that a friend introduced me to. … Sorry, since you’ve always made me dinner]

[Uun. It’s not that at all!]

Isana’s hands shook frantically.

(I can’t actually tell her that it’s because of magic now of all times, right?)

Isana, standing in front of Yuuto,

[But I’m glad. Today was the usual Yuu. You’ve been looking glum recently after all]

[Is that so? I thought I was like usual…]

[Un. You’re the kind Yuu like always]

It made me awfully awful.

(… It’s because I’m always a coward.)

Yesterday’s conversation with Touma came to mind but, I saw Isana looking around suspiciously.

[E, erm!]


[I made a bento but… want to eat over there?]

Isana started to take out the bento container from her bag while saying that.

[A, aah]

We went towards the plaza in front of us for now.

Unfolding the seats, Isana gave Yuuto his share.

[I made fried chicken today]

[Oh, you’ve gotten better]

[Of course. Have I ever not cooked when I could?]

Isana folded her arms in pride.

[Then, let’s start]


Yuuto inserted a piece of fried chicken into his mouth.




[Uun. I just thought that Yuu has always been like this]

Isana started to snicker.

[You just said what I thought]