Ancient Dragon Spell


Ancient Dragon Spell Chapter 2500

Do your best


At this moment!

Dragon Fist Art!

He flew up into the air!

"Roar!" Roar! "Roar!"

The roar of a dragon resounded through the nine heavens, reverberating through the entire space.

The True Dragon's shadow was expanding from a size of three Zhang into a three hundred meter long illusory dragon body.

And then …

With his enormous dragon body, he protected both Ninth Brother and Qin Feng behind him.

At the same time!

In the depths of the eyes of the True Dragon phantom, a trace of ruthlessness flashed.

Raising the gigantic dragon tail s, it swept towards the incoming hurricane and energy wave.

"Ha ha!"

"Give up resisting!"

"With your current cultivation level, there is no possibility that you can successfully receive this move in my hands!"

Seeing Qin Feng's actions that did not care for his life.

The sneer on Ye Taixu's face became even more disdainful.

He stood in the air, carrying the Hands on his back.

As if he was a great emperor who ruled over everything, he stared down at Qin Feng from a high vantage point.


dragon tail, sweeping through the sky!

It collided with the gust of wind with a domineering momentum.


It was just as Ye Taixu had said!

Qin Feng's True Dragon image had only just touched it, when this strong gust of wind was instantly shattered.

At the same time!

The remnant strength of this hurricane shattered several pieces of Qin Feng's flesh and bones.

What was even more terrifying was!

This wave of hurricane continued to move forward, seemingly wanting to completely destroy every part of Qin Feng's body, including his flesh, bones and meridians.

Seeing this scene!

On Ye Taixu's face, there was no surprise at all. It was as if everything was within his expectations.

This was because he firmly believed that his killing move, was definitely not something that a fourth stage transformational stage Juniors could resist.


An unexpected scene happened!

That was also the most dangerous moment.

But from within Qin Feng's body, an unimaginable force that could soar to the heavens burst forth.

And then …

It shocked the entire world!

"I am Qin Feng!"

"He was born extraordinary!"

"Of course not!"

"He lost so easily!"


At this moment, the dragon's roar resounded once more.

Compared to before, the power of the draconis radix was several times stronger!

Power of the True Dragon!

berserk battle spirit!

Wind elemental energy!

Lightning Attribute Source Energy!

Ice type elemental energy!

… ….

unleashed all the terrifying energy he had been waiting for.

Moreover, they were perfectly fused together.



The power contained within this punch was ten times more powerful than the one just now!


Qin Feng's face was filled with savageness, with the speed of a thunder, he ruthlessly smashed out a punch that contained all his strength!

In an instant!

A scene that caused countless people to go pale with fright appeared before them.

The hurricane and shock wave that Ye Taixu instigated was actually blocked by the power of Qin Feng's True Dragon Fist.

He was unable to go any further!

At this moment, the hurricane seemed to have frozen in the air.


Not just that!

It only took about three seconds!

This one slash was enough to tear apart the body of a sixth stage Perception Fighter, Hurricane Wave!

It vanished with a loud bang!

This … This was simply unbelievable!

Although Qin Feng had vomited a few mouthfuls of blood after coming into contact with the attack, he was also severely injured by the recoil of the hurricane.

However, he finally took on the killing move of Ye Taixu once again.

At the same time, he had also successfully saved Old Ninth.


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