Ancient Dragon Spell


Ancient Dragon Spell Chapter 1144 sword force

Chapter 1144 - Sword Force

"Boom …"

Right at this moment, just when everyone thought that Qin Feng would die, an extremely terrifying power suddenly exploded out.

"Buzz …"

The void trembled.

The sky changed.

All the energy seemed to have been restricted by a mysterious force and stopped in an instant.

Space, Time, Gold Dragon, Boundless Sword Qi, and terrifying hand seals … Everything actually stopped for a short moment.

Not only that, all the experts within a radius of tens of thousands of meters could clearly feel a kind of stiffness, trembling of the mind, the reversal of one's true energy, and the churning of one's blood energy. It was as if one's body was completely out of control at this moment, almost about to bow down in worship …


A figure covered in blood, like a mad demon.

Suddenly, it burst out from the energy barrier and tore through the sky. It flew in a certain direction and left a trail of blood in the air. His speed was as fast as lightning.

Qin Feng!

The one who rushed out was Qin Feng?

He actually escaped death under the bombardment of the Three Emperor s?

How is this possible? This was completely impossible!

At this moment, everyone was in an uproar, their eyes were staring wide open, and even Fan Fengyi's beautiful eyes revealed a look of disbelief. Even though her beautiful face was covered by a thin veil, they were still unable to hide the astonishment in their eyes.

"Chi chi chi!"

Sword intent spread out in all directions, and the dense sword qi immediately formed a river of stars. The river of stars began to revolve, and compared to before, this sword qi was at least ten times stronger.

"Sword Force!" How is this possible? This is clearly the power of the sword force! "

Suddenly, an expert shouted with astonishment.

Peng peng peng!

Following the appearance of that astonished voice.

The power of the three Emperor s broke through their original frozen state and fiercely appeared.

Three waves of energy, accompanied by the furious roars of the three Emperor s, pierced out ruthlessly. Like three sharp flowing lights, they stopped for a moment before circulating once again, crazily chasing after Qin Feng.

Sword Force!

It was actually sword energy!

At this moment, other than being shocked, the rest of the experts also came to the conclusion that if Qin Feng didn't die, he was destined to become a grandmaster swordsman in the future.

A figure on the level of a great master could reach the top of the nine heavens and ten earth.


It was a strong comprehension that could only be found by chance and not sought after. It was an extreme power comprehended on the path of martial arts that had many benefits.

A tiny blade of grass could sever the stars in the sky!

A speck of dust could shatter a river of stars!

With just a glance, he could see through the shackles of life!

This was the power of Force.

At this moment, although Qin Feng had only developed a portion of the sword force and comprehended a basic level of the sword force, it was a true sword force!

"This guy must die!"

Star Sword Emperor was going crazy with jealousy.

He was an expert on sword arts and had comprehended sword intent for many years. However, wanting to comprehend sword force was definitely going to be extremely difficult and dangerous. Until now, he had yet to comprehend even a trace of sword energy.

However, the thin and frail youth in front of them had not only escaped from the hands of their three Emperor s, but had even comprehended Sword Force. This was not only a matter of face slapping, but also a great threat.

boom rumble rumble *

The three experts combined their efforts to slash at Qin Feng, attempting to kill him while he was still in the bud.


Qin Feng's expression turned slightly cold as he sensed the crackling and exploding sounds coming from the surroundings. At this moment, he could already feel that the terrifying injuries he had received had already affected the utilization of his strength.


He roared silently in his heart.

In that instant, a bright and resplendent water droplet like explosion burst out from between his eyebrows.

This was the power of Qin Feng's newly discovered bloodline.


As the golden rays of light shot out, Qin Feng felt as though an endless amount of divine might had been infused into his body. Behind him, runes flickered, fluttering about like a gust of wind, carrying with it a sharp aura.

It was the Battle mark of wind.

In the blink of an eye, as the bloodline power in his body poured into the Battle mark of wind, Qin Feng's body trembled slightly. In the next moment, he disappeared from his original position …


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