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Amnesiac Queen epilogue 2 (end)

Ye Zhen Zhen was feeling extremely pregnant, and distinctly grumpy about it. Beside her, Li Yan comforted, "I get it." In return, Ye Zhen Zhen shook her head sadly. "No, you don't! Ever since I got pregnant, the good doctor has refused to roll around with me. Even the amount of hugs and kisses I get has dropped. My heart aches!"

Li Yan: "..."

The only good thing about her pregnancy had been finally escaping the clutches of Film Emperor Mo, so really... she didn't get it at all.

After ten months of grief, Ye Zhen Zhen was finally able to be rid of her enormous stomach. When Ji Zhe Yan came to see her afterward, he smiled and touched her forehead. "Zhen Zhen, they really are twins! They're too adorable."

There was a pause, then she smiled back. "En!"

Ye Zhen Zhen named her two children 'precious treasure' collectively, the brother being Ji Xiao Bao, with the character 'bao' from 'treasure', and the sister Ji Xiao Gui, the 'gui' in her name from the character 'precious'. However, the two names were later summarily rejected by Ji Zhe Yan.

He told her, "This isn't 'precious treasure' (gui bao), this is 'pranking' (shua bao)."1Well, I did my best. Let's just all breathe deeply and accept JZY's pun.

Ye Zhen Zhen: "..."

Later, the two children were bestowed names by the great Dr. Ji - Ji Yu and Ji Jin respectively. Ye Zhen Zhen expressed her own dissatisfaction with the two names - one could hardly tell upon hearing them whether the child was a boy or a girl! Her sister would roll over in her grave!

Alas, Dr. Ji fell back upon the might of the patriarchy to reject her opinion, and insisted upon the combined name of Jin Yu.

Though Ye Zhen Zhen had originally believed that once the child was born, she would be able to roll around in the sheets happily with Dr. Ji, her doctor advised her to wait yet another month.

Ye Zhen Zhen's face once again fell.

At the end of a long, difficult, month, she kept an eye on the weather. It was a dark and dreary day, with high winds; a good day to roll around in bed. She skipped over and summarily pushed down Dr. Ji.

Faced with such a warm and welcoming little wife, the great Dr. Ji rather unceremoniously indulged her several times over, until Ye Zhen Zhen finally collapsed in exhaustion.

Pressing her under him, Ji Zhe Yan kissed her flushed face, his hands once again becoming restless. Ye Zhen Zhen, hanging from her last breath, exhaled, "Dr. Ji, don't..."

A corner of Ji Zhe Yan's mouth crooked up as he looked at her. "Are you saying no now?" He had carefully kept account of this for a very long time.

Afterward, Ye Zhen Zhen stayed in bed for three days.

Really, she thought, this was like... the happiest form of suffering!

Dr. Ji was a strict parent, and Ye Zhen Zhen much gentler in contrast, but whenever the twins were asked which parent they preferred, their answer was "Dad". This rather pissed Ye Zhen Zhen off.

He was obviously the bad cop and she the good one! What was going wrong with the world?!

Though she had more than once complained bitterly about this to Ji Zhe Yan, she had likely never realized that it wasn't really the fault of the world, but of her own self. Ji Zhe Yan, though thinking so inside, resisted the urge to tell her just that. Unfortunately, even up until the age of seven, Ye Zhen Zhen insisted on calling Ji Yu and Ji Jin 'Xiao Bao' and 'Xiao Gui'. This naming habit had become the cause of the two children's disdain. They both felt rather put upon, having to satisfy their mother's strange hobbies.

The next day was Sunday, a rare day off for Dr. Ji, and so it was decided that the whole family should go out for a picnic. Ji Jin and Ji Yu cheered in excitement, willingly climbing into bed early the previous night so that they could wake up and go to the park sooner! Heck yeah!

But eyes were opened the next day to a thick fog. Ji Yu climbed up on the windowsill, looking glumly at the white fog outside. "How on earth did we get such awful weather today?!"

Sitting to one side reading a book, Ji Jin calmly turned a page and replied, "With sufficient water vapor present in a stable atmosphere, as the temperature approaches zero the water vapor suspended in the air will condense into tiny droplets..."

"Oh hush up, Ji Jin! I was just grumbling, not asking!" Ji Yu rudely interrupted his sister's words and left the window. "Have you been playing with Xiang Qing again? If you start becoming like her, I'm gonna ignore you."

Ji Jin looked up from her book and bestowed a sympathetic look upon her brother. "You must have inherited Mom's IQ."

Ji Yu: "..."

Glaring at Ji Jin, face red, he finally fell back upon his ultimate hidden card. "I know what's really going on! You're just hanging out with Xiang Qing as an excuse to peep at Mo Chenrui!"

Ji Jin's face flushed bright red, and she turned away to continue reading. "What rubbish are you talking about? Aren't you just jealous that he's better looking than you are?"

"You're the one saying rubbishy things! Where is he better looking than I am?!" Ji Yu shot back, dissatisfied. Seeing that he was being summarily ignored by Ji Jin, he ran to the door, yelling, "I'm gonna tell mom that you like Mo Chenrui!"

Hearing him say so, Ji Jin anxiously slapped her book down and ran after him.

Ye Zhen Zhen and Ji Zhe Yan were still in bed. Upon hearing drumming on the door, Ye Zhen Zhen opened her eyes lazily. Ji Zhe Yan woke as the knocking continued, but neither of them moved to open it.

"Mom, Mom! Are you awake!" Ji Yu's banged on the door relentlessly.

Ye Zhen Zhen rubbed her eyes and shot Ji Zhe Yan a glance. "Dr. Ji..."

Outside of a few special occasions, Ye Zhen Zhen had always called Ji Zhe Yan by his job title. Ji Zhe Yan looked down at the woman in his arms and knew that she was asking him to answer the door, but he simply replied expressionlessly, "He's calling for mom. That's you."

Ye Zhen Zhen: "..."

She bit Ji Zhe Yan on the neck before getting up and opening the door. Seeing her at last, Ji Yu jumped straight onto to her. Ji Jin stood behind him and yanked him back savagely. Shaking her off, Ji Yu looked up at Ye Zhen Zhen. "Mom! Ji Jin likes Mo Chenrui!"

Hurry, criticize her! Tell her puppy love's a bad thing!

Ji Jin flushed red, and she stood there, put on the spot, at a loss for words. She seemed almost about to cry. Having heard out Ji Yu, Ye Zhen Zhen simply brushed it off. "Mo Chenrui's so cute that liking him is a pretty normal thing to do."

Ji Jin and Ji Yu both stood still, stunned. Unconvinced, Ji Yu tried again. "She also said I wasn't as good looking as he is!"

This time Ye Zhen Zhen was the one to pause for a moment. Then she looked at the two of them and asked, "But the two of you look exactly the same. Isn't that just insulting herself?"

Ji Jin: "..."

Ji Yu: "..."

Mom, you're sometimes so sharp!

His heart finally satisfied, Ji Yu looked at his sister and burst out laughing. Ji Jin stepped on his foot, red-faced and frowning. "What's so good about looking like a girl?!"

Ji Yu immediately retorted, "Obviously you're the one that looks like a boy! You'll never get married in the future!"

Ye Zhen Zhen suddenly had a headache. This is the first time they had quarreled over whether they looked like boys or girls.

Ji Zhe Yan finally emerged from the bedroom to look down at his quarrelsome little spawn. "You're both still young. Differences in gender show up more as you grow up."

Seeing him come out, Ji Jin rushed to hug his thigh. "Dad! I don't want to sleep with Ji Yu anymore! He only got 87 marks in the last math test, he'll lower my IQ!"

"Mo Chenrui got an 83, why didn't you say anything about him?" Ji Yu dragged his rival out as a shield.

"His father's a celebrity and he'll grow up to be a celebrity! Our father's a scientist, and we'll grow up to be scientists!"

"I, I... our grandfather's also a celebrity! I'm gonna be a celebrity like him!"

Ye Zhen Zhen: "..."

Your mother is a designer! What about you also consider being a designer?!

Ye Zhen Zhen was wounded once again. She leaned into Ji Zhe Yan's arms and said weakly, "Dr. Ji, I wanna eat beef porridge with eggs."

"Mmmhmm." Ji Zhe Yan gave her a hug and kissed her on the forehead. Seeing it, Ji Jin pouted, "Dad, I want a kiss too!"

Ji Zhe Yan bent down and kissed both the twins before they finally proceeded down to the kitchen for breakfast. Ji Jin and Ji Yu finally quieted down during the meal, and Ye Zhen Zhen sent them to brush their teeth.

By the time the four finished breakfast, the fog outside finally began to clear. Ji Yu hollered that he was going to go pack for the picnic, and Ji Jin followed him back to their room.

They had chosen to go to the largest park in the city for their picnic. It was blooming vividly that spring, making it an excellent time to go out and enjoy the flowers, so there were many picnickers at the park. Ye Zhen Zhen had invited Li Yan to join them the day before, so when they arrived, she was already there, spreading out a large square towel beside her son Mo Chenrui, who was taking photos on the lawn.

Alas, at public occasions like this, Film Emperor Mo had to be absent.

When Ji Yu spotted Mo Chenrui, his eyes bulged. Meanwhile, Ji Jin went up to shyly greet him. Ye Zhen Zhen took a few photos with Ji Zhe Yan, before seeing Chen Qingyang and Xiang Yunze walking over with Xiang Qing beside them.

Since the kids all attended the same school, the adults were also familiar with each other. That said, Ye Zhen Zhen had first met Chen Qingyang through Li Yan's introduction. Back then, she had been shocked to learn that Chen Qingyang was the author of <Sleeping Xiao Erlang>.

Chen Qingyang had also been shocked to learn that Ye Zhen Zhen was a young lady of nobility. She had offered very sincerely to write a novel about Ye Hongsheng's case, but was eventually rejected by Ye Zhen Zhen.

Meanwhile, Xiang Yunze and Ji Zhe Yan were a physicist and medical scientist respectively. No one else understood their conversation, so the three ladies sat together to chatter and gossip instead.

The four children kept company together. Xiang Qing was a quiet child, sitting to one side writing and drawing, her head down. Mo Chenrui glanced at her out of the corner of his eye, feeling a little bored. Meanwhile, Ji Jin scrambled for something to say, but finally said nothing to Mo Chenrui, instead drawing Xiang Qing out with the solution for a quadratic function. Also feeling bored, Ji Yu considered very seriously whether or not to pick a fight with Mo Chenrui. It would be great if the other boy's face swelled up a little.

All in all, it was a truly wonderful spring!

Amnesiac Queen - FIN

Ye Zhen Zhen was not kidding when she complained about it being difficult to tell the twins apart! I second guessed myself so hard in this chapter about which one was which. Chestnut epilogues are often difficult to translate for me because they're all so cameo-heavy, haha. This is the last of the AQ chapters! Thanks for reading :)


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