Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao

Alchemy Emperor of the Divine Dao Chapter 1026 - Completely Subjugated

Chapter 1026: Completely Subjugated

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The Asura Demon Emperor was a coward who was extremely afraid of death. In order to stay alive, he had even kneeled down to lick the feet of Ling Han, who had only been at the Heaven Tier at that time.

However, as the saying went, a great being knew when to yield and when not to yield. The Asura Demon Emperor had yielded for so long because he was waiting for a chance to rise up!

And now, his chance had finally come!

His battle prowess had fallen dramatically after he traveled through the barrier between the two realms and forcefully entered the small world. His battle prowess had fallen to 15 stars of the Shattering Void Tier, and he knew that he was no match for a freak like Ling Han.

However, his battle prowess would instantly soar back to the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier if he were able to absorb this wisp of Demonic Qi!

So what if Ling Han was supremely talented and freakish? Would he be able to defend against the power of an Immortal level cultivator?

There was absolutely no way!

There was a look of intoxication on the Asura Demon Emperor's face as he arrived before the wisp of Demonic Qi. He would receive tremendous benefits if he were able to absorb this wisp of Demon Master level Demon Qi as there was a shred of a Demon Master's comprehension contained within it!

To beings of the Immortal Realm, this wisp of aura was no different from a fatal poison. To beings of the Netherworld, however, this wisp of aura was a supreme tonic.

Moreover, it was actually a good thing that there was only a wisp of this aura. Otherwise, if there were more, the Asura Demon Emperor wouldn't dare absorb it. If he absorbed too much, he would definitely be crushed by the overwhelming power contained within it.

After all, the Genesis Tier was far too powerful.

'I'm only an inch away! Half an inch!

'Huh? Why can't I advance any further?'

The Asura Demon Emperor turned around in shock, only to find that he was already firmly gripped in Ling Han's hand. He was unable to move forward even a single millimeter.

Ling Han smiled, and said, "Not bad. Your courage has grown quite a lot!"

"Master, you jest!" The Asura Demon Emperor was a mist-like being who didn't have a physical body, and he immediately elongated his body to grab onto Ling Han's thigh. "I was merely overcome by a rush of stupid impulsiveness. Master, just pretend that I was spewing sh*t!"

Ling Han smiled faintly, and said, "You really want to absorb this wisp of Demonic Qi?"

"I beg for your bestowal, Master!" There was an obsequious smile plastered to the Asura Demon Emperor's face as he spoke.

"Ling Han, don't fall for his tricks!" Shui Yanyu warned. This Demon Emperor was far too two-faced.

The Asura Demon Emperor's heart jolted when he heard this. Ling Han seemed like he were about to grant his wish, yet Shui Yanyu's warning would potentially change his mind!

"Fine, I'll bestow this Demonic Qi unto you," Ling Han said with a smile. The Demonic Qi was merely a poisonous substance to him, so it held little value.

He released his grip on the Asura Demon Emperor.

The Asura Demon Emperor was overcome with exuberance, and he immediately opened his mouth and swallowed the wisp of Demonic Qi.


His body expanded like a balloon, yet he quickly shrunk back down again, returning to his normal size. He didn't appear any different, yet they could clearly sense that the Asura Demon Emperor's aura was rising rapidly.

He broke through to the Immortal level in the blink of an eye, releasing a vast and profound aura.

Peak stage of the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier!

"Hahahaha!" The Asura Demon Emperor immediately started to roar with laughter. There was a smug look on his face, and he said, "Ling Han, oh Ling Han, you truly are stupid beyond belief. You actually allowed me to regain my strength! Today, I'll show you what Immortal level power truly looks like!'

Shui Yanyu was transfixed with astonishment. She wasn't astonished by the Asura Demon Emperor's power, but rather by the shamelessness that he displayed. His attitude toward them had flipped faster than one could flip the page of a book!

He had still been calling them Master and Master's wife just a moment ago, yet he was suddenly so arrogant and smug right now. Did he know no shame?

Ling Han smiled calmly, and said, "Your strength has recovered to the peak stage of the low extreme of the Mountain River Tier?"

"Huh? How do you know?" The Asura Demon Emperor was slightly surprised. It was only normal that Ling Han knew that he had reached the Immortal level. However, him being able to determine his cultivation level appeared extremely uncanny. An ominous feeling welled up in his heart.

Ling Han sighed, and said, "Little Asura, how many years have you been in here for?"

"You have no right to refer to me as Little Asura. I'm the Asura Demon Emperor!" the Asura Demon Emperor replied angrily. He had only bowed down to Ling Han because great beings all knew when to yield and when not to yield. Did they think that he was truly shameless and cowardly?

Of course he wasn't!

Ling Han continued, "You've been in here for so long that you've already turned stupid. Did you really believe that my strength wouldn't advance after so many years?"

"Y-you…" The Asura Demon Emperor's expression changed drastically upon hearing this. This brat was a freak who couldn't be underestimated!

Ling Han smiled faintly and unleashed his aura. An aura that was far more powerful than the Asura Demon Emperor's aura instantly swept through the air.

"Master!" The Asura Demon Emperor immediately threw himself to Ling Han's feet and grabbed onto his leg. He nudged his head against Ling Han's leg, and said, "This underling missed you immensely! Not seeing you for one day felt like being apart for three full years!"

Shui Yanyu grimaced in speechlessness.

"Weren't you pretty aggressive just then?" Ling Han asked casually.

"I-I was experiencing a bout of schizophrenia just then!" The Asura Demon Emperor suddenly became serious, and said, "I'm sure you're aware of it, Master, but when someone is locked up for too long, they'll slowly go insane and even develop personality disorders. That was exactly what happened to me! However, please be at ease, Master. This underling has already destroyed the other personalities. From now on, this underling will be your most loyal dog. If you tell me to walk east, I definitely won't walk west!"

Ling Han gazed at him, and said, "I've already given you two chances!"

If the Asura Demon Emperor could sweat, he would definitely be drenched in cold sweat right now. Anyhow, he still wiped his forehead out of habit. After all, he had resided in a human's body for a long time, and was already accustomed to such an action.

"Rest assured, Master, I definitely won't disobey you for a third time!" the Asura Demon Emperor vowed.

This time, he had genuinely been terrified by Ling Han.

Only a few years had passed, yet Ling Han had already advanced into the Immortal level from the Heaven Tier. Moreover, he had done more than just advance into the Mountain River Tier—he had already reached the medium extreme of the Mountain River Tier! If he continued at this rate, he would be able to reach the Genesis Tier in a few thousand years, or perhaps only a few centuries!

There would be no harm in following such a master. In fact, there would instead be an abundance of opportunities.

The Asura Demon Emperor definitely had a pragmatic personality. He instantly came to a decision in his mind—he was willing to be an underling, an obedient dog, as long as Ling Han could maintain his rate of growth.

He knew that even if he were a dog, he would still be an extremely noble and powerful dog. Even those that were several times more powerful than him would have to show him utmost respect.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "This is your last chance. There will be no third time!"

"Thank you for your kindness, Master! Thank you for your kindness!" The Asura Demon Emperor was overcome with delight.

Ling Han planned to completely subjugate the Asura Demon Emperor as the unique attributes that he possessed were actually quite useful. For example… he could enter and control the body of a puppet.

"I'll hand this puppet to you. Enter its body, and fight for me in the future." Ling Han retrieved the puppet tiger.

The Asura Demon Emperor didn't care in the least whether he entered the body of a human or the body of a dog. He immediately heeded Ling Han's command and entered the puppet tiger. The puppet tiger instantly started to move.

"M-Master, this puppet is at the consummate level!" he exclaimed in excitement. One had to realize that, at his peak, he only had a cultivation level at the medium extreme. He was still a long way off from reaching the consummate level.

"Are you not satisfied?"

"I'm satisfied! Very satisfied! As satisfied as satisfied can be!" The Asura Demon Emperor was shaking with excitement.

Ling Han nodded, and said, "As long as you remain honest and do my bidding, I can even give you puppets at the Sun Moon Tier and Heavenly Body Tier in the future. In fact, finding Genesis Tier Demonic Qi for you to absorb isn't out of the question, either."

"Master, you're too kind! I'm willing to be your dog and slave!" The Asura Demon Emperor drifted out of the puppet tiger and latched onto Ling Han's leg again.

This time, he didn't dare to oppose Ling Han even though he had received a powerful puppet that was at the consummate level of the Mountain River Tier.

After all, this was a puppet that had been captured by Ling Han!

'Gasp! Master is so powerful! He's even able to crush beings at the consummate level!'

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