Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu


Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu Chapter 8 part4

As she calmly observed again, seeing their terrified looks getting more tragic, Mary repressed all her vexations into her heart to avoid scaring them more than this.

Certainly she’s a weirdo; her capricious, eccentric and unladylike antics were all undeniable facts.  Nevertheless unlike some students she had never brandished her power and she by no means had stirred up any problem for the school hitherto.

Their shoulders had accidentally bumped with her or they had forgotten to greet her, those trivial reasons would at no time drive her to fire any employees unjustifiably.

Her selfish desires only went as far as asking the cafeteria to provide bowl dishes in their menu.

Still, that was part of her transaction with her father for the sake of business expansion, she had gotten legit permissions from the headmaster, the cafeteria administers and all the staffs.

It was an uphill battle to make them accept the proposal; accordingly she acquired the life-fulfilling and ultimate dining hall. ………Well, she did kind of shrewdly putting ‘croquette’ into their menu, but in her defense it’s way better than those students who brought outside chefs.

….Another glaring quirk she had would be using bike to school? She’d always driven safely and carefully so she shouldn’t cause trouble for anyone.

‘I’ve done nothing worth praising; at the same time my endeavors were scrupulous, all things considered.’(Mary)

That was the sum of Mary’s evaluations about herself.

Of course she’d not partaken in any wrongdoings to be condemned like this, as her memories served none of her actions should result with them being this terror-stricken. Above everything else, she’s being falsely charged.

‘………..Ahh what a pain in the neck, must I crush these pests in entirety?

Like how they had denounced me, as ‘the Villainous Lady Mary’, should I use my parents’ influence to brutally harass and obliterate them?’ (Mary)

———-Since her objective was to obtain destruction end, at one point she must accepted defeat, nonetheless in light of this circumstances her pride as Mary Albert wouldn’t allow her to yield———-

Ergo, Mary was smoldering inside.

They certainly came from prominent families, but Albert and Dice House were insurmountable mountains. Their petty houses wouldn’t survive another tomorrow if Mary were to divulge that Albert House’s daughter has been shunned in publics.

There’s no need for geniuses to forecast what fate awaited them in the future.

In any case they had begotten grudge from the Albert House, to preserve the families’ standing cutting one or two sons seemed plausible enough. Outrageous as it sounded, nobles sometimes had to do drastic measures for the sake of defending their stature.

Conversely, she could efficaciously get rid of her intended targets.

Even supposing there were particular parents that have some guts to carry their offspring’s sins, then they might as well kick the bucket together. Not that she was telling the parents to reap what their children sow……..objectively speaking, if they had such strong resolutions, they ought to follow it through.

For the employee, she could arrange a grand reception. No, in pursuance of Albert House’ destruction plan, she should ably take great advantage of this reception.

“Oh my, this was essentially a cakewalk,” Mary’s lips curled upward.

Of course, her smile brought tremors to all souls presented shoulders, each of them anxiously – practically in a prayer – waited for her next words.

Nevertheless Mary had no intention to entertain their gazes as well as retracting her previous ‘analogous to a death-sentence’ utterance.

On the contrary, she deliberately told them how these farces tired her out and she wanted to quickly leave this place.

“It looks like our conversations have concluded here. I’ll excuse myself.”

“Ah, wait…….we are………”

“Goodness, do you have something else to discuss about?”

When Mary turned her heels, the Student Councils Members called out to her.

Their early great pressures were left no more; even their usual charisma were reduced to ash.  Their voices were faint and transient, as Mary stopped in her tracks and met their eyes, silent seemed to heavily fell on them.

St. Karelia’s Student Councils Members were just but mere toddlers before the fury of Albert House. With how contrasting their reputes were, after reproving Mary as a criminal, they had considerable nerves of steels to be able to stand despite being wan.

Howbeit Mary sighed in exasperation without any care for their welfare. It was a long sigh full of revulsion that didn’t reflect her stature as a noble lady or her eccentric persona.

“I’m extremely pleased for having the opportunity to hear a magnificent and engaging story. I wonder what kind of recital you’ll perform next.”

They were stopped by Mary’s lunatic speech*, needless to say the drama they have orchestrated was backed by fraudulent testimonials.

‘Addie who had dropped by the suburbs after school every day was the puppet that had done the deeds.’ Such a shallow and flaky reasoning wasn’t worth her attention.

‘Furthermore, the one they bullied was Alicia. The girl who had without failed visiting the sick Mary, bringing flowers and sipping tea together, was actually being bullied by the pair.’

How absurd, completely mistaken they were.

How mortifying it’s to accept such incredulity while not saying anything in return?

Mary bravely stated and politely excused herself for the second time with a bow.

Her stance ostensibly warned them to not bother her again. As expected of St. Karelia’s Student Council, understanding her intention, they backed down with ghastly miens.

This was their death-sentence in due course. At the very least, today was the end of ‘St. Karelia’s Student Council Members’.

Moreover, witnessing Mary’s regal and dignified attitudes, a seed of doubt started to bud inside their inner consciences, ‘that she was in fact guiltless’. Scratch that, they were well-nigh convinced of her innocent now.

Hence not a single rebuttal arose.

It’s the same for the onlookers, each of them was blanched, and as if being occupied by something else they stirred their gazes away.

Hushed engulfed the whole area and a different kind of frostiness dwelled in the atmosphere.

Inside the prickly situation, someone reached out for Mary who was briskly leaving the place – while snorting – …….


Addie applauded,

“As expected of Mary Albert-sama! Brilliant!”

So cheerfully that she ceased her footsteps to gawk at him.


…………………………..The stilled air crumbled for something unforeseen.

“Good grief Addie, you just broke a delicate atmosphere with a flip of your hand. What will you do now that they are utterly flabbergasted?”

“Oh it’s a no can do Ojou-sama, you must defrost the iceberg with fiery approaches.”

“………….Yeah, thanks to you I’m calm now.”

“Let’s us drink some warm teas in the cafeteria. The cafeteria auntie was asking in concern ‘Where’s the bowl dishes lady? Is she okay?’ like that, so we should pop in and erase her worry as soon as possible.”

“Wait a moment, there’s something downright unacceptable in your sentence!”

Gone was that stagnant space in a blink of eyes.

Mary was quick to revert back to her usual eccentric-lady facade. Those spectators could only observe their banter in a dumbstruck state.

…….Patrick, who was at his limit, burst into laughter and crushed the bizarre mood even further.

He – an individual with a terribly poised comportment, unruffled at all times, combined with his beautiful figure, his standoffishness sometimes leaved an illusion of a marionette wearing clothes – notwithstanding now was guffawing as one of his age should be, this made everybody startled even more.

“Mary, you’re really something.”

“Why are you snickering so nonchalantly there? Making a girl that has only recovered to be hove in those tasteless witticisms; your insolence is truly unpardonable.”

“I absolutely agree, Patrick-sama is despicable! How could you drag Mary-sama into that dreadfulness!”

“Alicia-san, I’m gladdened by your fierce encouragement but I’m afraid if you kept showing that swollen cheeks your boorishness will be truly unsalvageable.”

“But, after Mary-sama was struck by ‘intelligence-fever’ (chienetsu), she has finally recuperated to back to school and yet why this unreasonable treatment!?”

“Addie, you didn’t only spread that term at manor house but at the school as well!? No matter how I see it the one who should be convicted is you!”

“C-come on Ojou, let’s us quickly go to cafeteria! Else we won’t make it for the homeroom!”

“No one right in the mind would join in homeroom with this kind of situation!”

Mary indignantly followed Addie who was briskly moving his legs as if running away.

However she discontentedly admitted that it’d be endless pursues and gave him an acute glare.

Forgetting her privilege to shove a punishment to him was Mary in usual self, it’s left a queer gap between ‘her’ and her ladylike guise.

Analogously speaking, it’s like there’s a switch in play within her personalities that capable of making people unconsciously let their guards down. Well knowledgeable of her peculiar characteristic, Patrick called Mary in mirth.

“Mary, I apologize. There’s just something I definitely need to prove.”

“Prove? What can be proved in that odious buffoonery?”

“Don’t take light of it please, there were a lot of people who were in the dark and took a leap of faith that our engagement got discarded because my affection of you has died out. That’s why I want to turn their misguided views.”

Patrick got closer to Mary while the Student Council Members were still petrified.

Their distance was significantly shortened; his firm hand thus affectionately caressed Mary’s silvery ringlets.

What a beautiful hand, Mary thought. His hands were thin and supple, manly yet exquisite. She couldn’t remember how many times these hands have ushered hers.

Although his hand was lovingly stroking her tresses, as always her heart didn’t race. The pitter-pattering didn’t occur; hence she shouldn’t name it as happiness.

———-If she were to put it, she’s afraid that he’ll ransack her hairdo……..on a second thought, depressing as it’s, these alloy drills wouldn’t waver so easily either————

Thence Mary directed her stare to him, Patrick’s eyes narrowed itself, and his mouth wavered as he spoke.

“Supposing I didn’t meet Alicia, you’d incontestably be the best marriage partner for me.”

“Oh dear, I am much obliged for your best compliment so far. It pleased me verily so that you realized how prominent the fish you had let go. **”

Patrick’s astonishing praise had compelled Mary to giggle in respond.

Of course their repartee had shocked all individuals in the vicinity, nonetheless for Alicia and Addie who had known about those two mutual respects for each other, they faced met and simultaneously plastered a bitter smile.

As Mary walked away for real,

“Let us meet in the afternoon break,” appealed Patrick, which was ostensibly his way of penance.

“If you offer an apology, I’ll consider it,” countered Mary.

Confronted with their hard-to-decipher raillery, Addie and Alicia exchanged knowing looks then shrugged their shoulders equally at lost; Patrick smiled wryly and nodded.


*熱でうなされている: means to be struck by fever and because of the heat, they utter something incomprehensible. But Mary here was certainly not, so it’s analogous to a metaphor for describing her disquieting words.

**an idiom that means someone let something extremely good go. It’s not so different from the literal meaning.

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