Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu


Albert Ke no Reijou wa Botsuraku wo go Shomou desu Chapter 11 part3

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Solemnly, the graduation ceremony that was full of surprises came to an end, and students were leaving the hall.

 Normally, it should be full of people in tears and people who were deeply moved by the graduation, but the appearance of the princess halfway into the ceremony, the Albert and Dyce House collusion –well, the Albert daughter didn’t even give a single response, more like she didn’t realize the excitement around her– and the talk about marriage between the princess and Patrick sent his fans into frenzy.

 Meanwhile, speaking of Mary, she was hidden behind the tree, standing in blank amazement, not being able to assimilate with atmosphere.

“…gya, gyafun! “

“My Lady! You finally said gyafun, good for you! ”

 You reached your goal! Mary stared resentfully at Addie who were joyously saying that.

 Those eyes turned teary no matter how much she glared, no sharpness could be felt. However, the reality was that this attendant wouldn’t even feel it even if her gaze was sharp.

“What do you mean my goal is accomplished! This is totally different with the predicted result! What about my donburi shop! What about my migratory-bird donburi shop that is waiting for me in the north! “

“Nooo, the migratory birds aren’t waiting for you, My Lady, since they’re going to be eaten. What are you disatisfied about? This is a marvelous finale, isn’t it?”

“Finale? “

 What are you talking about, Mary tilted her head full of discontent.

“With Alicia-chan and Patrick-sama getting engaged, the matter of succesor is solved.  The Albert House has established friendship with the Royal Family, and no longer have to fear the royal anger. See, that is a finale, isn’t it.”

“….Well, it might be so. But, even though I worked so hard on it! “

 Why it turned out like this! Addie only chuckled at Mary who was screaming.

 As a result, forget about the downfall of Albert House…they have begun to be described as the loyal clan who supports the Royal Family.

 At any rate, Madam Carrel entrusted the seal with the Princess without fear because she sympathized with the Queen as fellow mother. The daughter, Mary, admitted Alicia and Patrick relationship and ended her engagement without knowing Alicia’s status.

 There was no way the Royal Family and their surrounding to not acknowledge these actions. With those two, who would be able to bring down the Albert House.

 Rather, the story was gradually adapted to the tastes of the surroundings, and now it became a story that could not be talked without shedding tears.

 Noble daughters around their age who listened to that story would said “Mary-sama, to hid your feeling and end your engagement with Patrick-sama…” with warm hearts. If the person in question heard about it, she would faint.

 The Albert House, who originally had the authority to succeed the Royal Family, was now being elevated to a status that was equal to them. It was also royally certified.

“Wha, what is that…”

 Mary mumbled in blank amazement at Addie’s explanation.

 It was exactly the opposite of the direction she were heading. She lightly realized it, but when she heard the tale from Addie, it was beyond her expectation.

 Isn’t this more convenient than the DoraGaku True End, ‘The Flower Farden End’.

 In such an unacceptable reality, tears began to accumulate in the corner of Mary’s eyes.

 Her hard work in this one year…when she thought about how serious she was trying… “How could this beeee,” her pitiful voice that came from the bottom of her heard resounded in the tranquil sky.

“How could this be…my life in the Northern Continent…”

“Let’s give up! “

“All that effort for my downfall route…”

“All those effort really went down the drain, huh! “

“No way…no way…hey, at least console me a bit! Why are you delivering the final blow! “

 Mary yelled at Addie, who were cutting her down, with tears streaming down her face. He was satisfied with this ending, and when Mary yelled at him, he pacified her with a smiley “There, there.”

 To that smile, normally Mary would calm down… but only this time her anger just exploded more. Well, it couldn’t be helped.

“No!  No way! What should I do! Because I thought it would be the end, I got the best score in classification test to lower Patrick’s score! Even though I kept my average ranking from second to fifth! “

“It becames like this because you like to do that kind of bullying.”

“I will not accept this! ! “

 Addie smiled bitterly as he kept consoling Mary, who cried because she couldn’t deal with the current situation. Although she sounded like a child who is throwing a tantrum, it couldn’t be helped when all her effort gave an unexpected result.

“Isn’t it fine, let’s have revenge when we’re in University.”

“…My migratory bird.”

“That is for another time. For now… let’s go to the university together with me.”

 With Addie asking for agreement, Mary only widened her eyes at his emphasis on the word ‘together’ and gradually calm down.

 When she replied with a “You’re right,” she already returned to normal.

 Not only that, now she was beginning to laugh a little.

 That soft, pure smile was not like a noble daughter, or the daughter of Albert House, but to Addie, it was a smile that was very Mary.

“I did say I will follow you wherever you go. Of course, I will go to the University with you.”

“You’re right, University life is not bad if it’s with you.”

“Besides, it’s not only me. Look.”

 Looking at the place where Addie pointed at, Alicia and Patrick, who were surrounded by graduates, students and teachers alike, were still heading this way despite the crowd.

 As for Alicia, “Mary-sama! ” she called joyously while waving her hand and running to where she was.

 The dress embroidered with royal pattern fluffed with the wind, and the tiara swayed against her golden thread.

 Mary who saw that, sighing exasperatedly, and inhaled deeply once…

“How many times do I have to tell you not to run unsightly like that, this country bumpkin!  “

 And yelled at Alicia just like a villanious noble daughter that she were.


 ”Eh, My Lady, your hair is undone.”

 Addie tilted his head when he looked at Mary’s hair, when the students were gradually going home.

 More specifically, after Alicia and Patrick swearing their friendship, and after greeting all the student council members, in the end even with the teachers saying “We are expecting a lot from you at the University,” Mary felt her facade about to be broken.  Under such circumstances, they found a chance in the waves of people as they pulled away slowly and fled, and as they was going to the bicycle storage area- of course, they were still commuting by bicycle on graduation day.

 To that words, Mary wrinkled her eyebrows.

“My hair is undone? Say it in understable words, please.”

“Aah, you can’t catch up with the impossible…not that, look.”

 Addie touched the end of Mary’s hair as he spoke.

 It was as they saw, a lock of hair were separated from the drills that made the beautician cries even today, as if to escape from the whirpool. To say it was a flattery, it wasn’t even a weak-looking drill, it was gentle wave, Mary was astonished at the sight.

 Even though it was her own hair, she never saw such loose and gentle hair.  Every time, even when she just woke up, her hair was always in perfect drill shape. Even when she wet her hair, it would gradually rolled back into their shape.

“How pitiful…today was very shocking to the point your drill became loose, huh.”

“My drills have no capacity to measure my mental state! …But, I wonder why.”

 It was strange, Mary tilted her head as she rolled the end of her hair with her finger.

Author Notes: The main story had ended, with a great failure on the downfall end.

After the main story, it would be one volume for the second part and an extra story.

Thank you for accompanying me in all this time.

What will happen between Mary and Addie, how will Mary’s (almost hopeless) revenge continue, what happens to the drill, I will be happy if the readers can accompany me a bit more.


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