Akuyaku Reijou no Yume Watari


Akuyaku Reijou no Yume Watari extra 5 part2

Extra: Noark Part 2

From the shame of being unable to speak, Tianne showed her resistance by glaring at him. Noark didn't stop despite Tianne's reaction, he sucked from her mouth to the toes of her feet in a trance.

Noark's caresses were terribly relentless yet impatient, she was brought close to the peak countless times and was stopped. Tianne bit her lips as if refusing to submit to the pleasure which can also be considered a torture.

[Fuh. as expected of Tianne. For you not to fall after we got this far. If so, should I try changing my method?]

For a short while, the voice of Noark who has been thinking of a good plan suddenly sprang up. An ominous premonition ran within Tianne's bewitched thoughts. Although she showed more resistance than a while ago, Noark treated it as nothing as he showed his hard on to Tianne after taking off all his clothes.

[With this, I'll let you cum until to say you can't anymore. Now, I wonder how long you can endure?]

He rubbed together both their privates and stimulated her knob. With the wet squelching sounds coming from the rubbing, Tianne's tears fell.

When Tianne's hips started shaking even if she didn't want to, Noark smiled and allowed only the tip to sink in.

[Look, it's in.]



With a pop, Noark pulled out and when 'that' place of Tianne's twitched with desire, Noark once again put in only the tip and repeated the cycle*. (TN: Of putting the tip and pulling it out.)

[The suction force is gradually getting stronger. So you want it that badly. If so, I will give you your wish… For how long, do you think we need to do it for you to get pregnant?]

The moment Tianne's eyes opened wide and she fiercely struggled, the thing which was only attacking her entrance invaded deeply inside her. While her inside was pounded into, something hot sprayed and filled her within. Tianne despaired.

[We're not done yet. I will give you, a lot more.]

Just how much time passed since Noark violated her inside without pulling out even once. By the time Tianne stopped resisting and light faded from her eyes, Noark removed her gag.


Tianne doesn't even respond to Noark's call.

Noark started talking as if there's nothing wrong with her reaction.

[You can rest assured. Actually, I let you drink a contraceptive. That's why, you won't get pregnant.]

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Tianne turned her eyes to him as if asking if what he said was true.

[Yeah. I still want to enjoy being together alone with Tianne a bit longer. Not yet, I want to want to monopolize Tianne. Of course, I want kids in the future.] 

[Then, why, do, this?]

A cloudy substance spilled out from the opening they're being connected.

Noark laughed happily.

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[Like this, it's so that Tianne's body can no longer be without me. Even if I say that, we still have a lot of time so we could've taken it slowly.  I guess the real reason is because I want to make love with Tianne a lot. Well, I wouldn't have done this if Tianne only became mine earlier. If you refuse, we can stay like this forever. If Step-Father will insist then I can properly get married at his own discretion, of course, it's only a wife in appearance. As long as we make kids and properly raise them, he probably won't complain.*]

(TN: There're so much mistakes in this dialogue that I don't know if it's just my misunderstanding and f*cked up everything in this. Ahh~)

Noark laughed as if it's a small matter. Tianne was unable to understand him.

Noark will get married? With another woman? After making me end up in this state? He's going to keep me confined?

Whether it was a desire to monopolize him, jealousy, or hatred, she doesn't know but, Tianne was tinted with warped emotion.

[I, won’t allow something like that. If you're saying you won't let me go then it’s much better to get married!!]

Tianne shouted, Noark was delighted. By the time she thought 'Oh crap!', it was already too late. Moreover, she was not thinking of taking it back. Because that's the only path she could think of.

[With this, Tianne is mine!!]

Noark pushed Tianne up happily. Noark's excitement isn't stopping. Even if Tianne's voice has died down and lost her consciousness, Noark kept thrusting his desire until he was satisfied.

[Foolish and cute Tianne. Even though there's no way I will take another as a wife even for appearance's sake, you've finally fallen into my grasp. Aah, you're so pitiful to be loved by me.]

Noark said full of delight and affection and smiled happily as he dropped a kiss to Tianne who was still unconscious.


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