Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite


Akuyaku Reijo Ni Koi Wo Shite Chapter 77

Event: Final Battle 2

In the early morning town of Kamark, a deafening bell rang. It is the sound of a bell that tells about the occurrence of an emergency. This is not something to be told to the residents of Kamark, but to inform the whole of Bandu, it is supposed that the bells have already been ringed in the surrounding villages after Kamark’s bell.
It is not only the sound of the bell that conveys the emergency situation. There is smoke from the top of the lookout stand on the outer wall of Kamark. This smoke should also spread throughout the whole of Bandu.
Actually, there are several lines of smoke rising above the sky from the castle’s gazebo.

“……how’s it going?”

Rion crawled while gazing at a distance.

“East, south, south, all over the demons”

The answer to Rion’s question was Bravod, a black party who had been behind for some time. As I felt that sign, Rion issued a question.

“Do you intend to close the territory …. How many?”

“Each 10,000 to 20,000

“… If you’re going to lock this up, are you in the mountains too?”

Bandhu is a land surrounded by mountains. But there are also some roads in the mountains. It is a back road that has been left untouched and left as it is unknowable to those outside the territory.

“Do you investigate?”

“… How is the enemy moving?”

“To Kamark. Only advance is slow”

“It’s a blockade, so we should consider it to be in the mountains. No investigation is necessary. We don’t have to dive into a place we are waiting for.”


“… Mercury. Now, let’s go back to Yushi’s fort to the unit that has returned.”


In addition to dispatching the Black Party to the scouts, the police were instructed to guide the evacuation of the residents of the surrounding villages. One of the units was coming back from the view point.

“Seven, eighty, eighty, if it’s hidden in the mountains, double or triple? But how …”

Rion has never heard of a battle that only this demon has appeared. Especially how did you send this many demons? You will need hundreds of transfer magic circles.

“……… Have a listen to such an event, that idiot!”

Rion’s wrath, which was still bearing, exploded here. Rion thinks that it is decided to be an important event of the game, such as a battle with so many demons. Maria was hiding it.

“Rion, now I can’t complain.”


“You do what you can do, right?”

“… Well, I just do what I can. Blavodo, check out the evacuation situation of the residents with the oversight of the demons. If you’re about to reach Kamark, that’s fine.

“What if a wolf is attacked?”

“… just stand until you go to help”


I left Bravod from this place, leaving a letter at the end. I returned to the command of my men.



“I have you work too”

“I was aware!”

“Request the members of the former Knights Knights to cooperate. Let them be the commanders and give up the volunteers of the residents. Leave Kamark’s defense for a while.”

“Huh !?”

At Rion’s request, it was fine to take on the job, but the contents were an extremely important task.

“Until I come back”

“… Mr. Rion?”

“Have you heard? Go for rescue of the late fledglaries.”

“Are you serious?”

The words that Rion told Bravod, Sol regarded as a way to keep the people from getting upset. Sol still does not understand Rion. It may be more correct to say that it is captured by common sense.

“Do you think that people can be relieved by ad hoc words? If you really think so, it makes you fools of the people.”

However, it is also a fact that admirable words are rampant in an emergency. As a soldier, Sol understands the need.

“……It is dangerous”

“I’m in a safe place and I will not do this if things get better”

“… Even though Rion doesn’t move by himself”

“You, what do you think of me? I am the lord of Bandu. Who else does I move and who will move? And I won’t say I can’t do it. Mercury!”

Round up the story with Sol, Rion calls the name of Mercury. I have no time to talk in vain now.


“Preparing all troops to the Guards Corps! Go out half an hour!”


“Kronos! Preparing for Kamark’s defense! It’s a first-class situation! Allow all armed liberation!”

“Hah! Immediately!”

“Ares! Terrace! I will leave the command of the guard while I am absent! If the villagers’ guidance is over, take a Kamark defense mission!”

“Ha!” “Ha!”

The subordinates who received the instruction of Rion start to move one after another. Eventually, the entire castle will enter battle, and it will spread throughout the Kamark.

Then a few hours later. Sor was watching the flock of impending demons on the exterior wall of Kamark, which had completely transitioned to battle mode. The number, about 50,000. The total number of demons expected is a quarter or less.
Even so, the 50,000 troops that are about to fill the plains blacken threaten the viewers more than enough.


Kronos called from the side. Although Sor does not know, Kronos is the son of Apelor of the Yellow Party.

“still early”


“Settled. With this preparation, it won’t fall so easily. Quite well, well, it’s something we’ve prepared for here.”

Sol understood the meaning of the instructions given by Rion to Kronos in preparation for battle. When I knew that, in such a situation, Sol had no choice but to drown.
Sol was told that there were many buildings that were between the outer and inner walls, warehouses lent to merchants visiting the city, and buildings at the trading post, but that was a big lie.
A building that is being broken one after another by the instruction of Kronos ordered for battle preparation. Among them appeared a number of pebbles, long-distance weapons such as baristas, and a large number of stones and bows used for them.
That is not all. There were also lots of small boats, which were all distributed to the residents. If you think that you have asked the residents to cooperate, as it is against a large army of demons that may exceed 100,000, it is not surprising. Residents follow the battle arrangement in a snappy motion, like a forged soldier. It was not a movement of volunteers. In fact, it is a volunteer soldier, but it seems that it is trained so as not to think so.
Even though he did not like to involve others, Rion was doing.
Do what can be done, and this is not the mindset when things happened, it shows the accumulation of day-to-day, so Sol knew now. And one, I was taught to Rion.

“Preparing stones!”

As the demons have finally entered the range, Sol raises his right hand up and raises his voice.
A voice responding to that came from inside the wall.

“… let me go!”

The arm was swung down at once. Then, one beat later, a large and small stone passed down the outer wall of Kamark and poured into a flock of demons.

“Next! Shoot it!

The Kamark Defense Battle is a fierce battle that will be handed down in later times. It began with the order of Sol.


A ruined castle near the capital city far from Bandhu. A fierce battle was taking place here as well, a battlefield with the demons. However, it is quite different from the battle aspect that was originally considered.
Attack force 20,000 on the Grand Fulham side. There were only two demons in front of that.

“Maria! How should I beat it?”

“I want to hear that! Why don’t you fall?”

Maria forgets to worry about the eyes of the surrounding already, it is a reverse gilet state.

“Don’t go down! Once down! Down!”

In the voice of Prince Arnold, those who were fighting fall back at once. The two demons are just looking silently. There is no sign of chase. After a while, it will be to pull back to the back of the door which goes to the back.
It has been repeated many times again.

Grandfram’s army was carefully attacking the ruined castle in preparation for the siege battle, but now, when the attack is started, there is no counterattack from the side of the demon. Still, I was cautious of being a trap and carefully advanced my army carefully, but I could not see the appearance of demons, even if I proceeded as far as I could.
The enemy who finally appeared in front of the Grandfram’s army who was traveling underground without knowing what happened was the genius Goran who was the former intelligence director and the demon who named the baron of poison in the same four heavenly kings It was two people.

But these two people are unusually strong.
First of all, Golan did not pass the sword at all, as was the case with Ojo. Besides that, there is also a weapon called iron attribute magic in silent. The average knight had no blade at all, and was just piling up.
And another Baron is worse quality. The person is poisonous as it is. What’s more, it’s a poisonous poison that you can faint or die just by approaching a certain distance. The knights and soldiers who approached unknowingly built a mountain of forts without doing anything.

Such was the case, and Maria finally came out with a true blow. Originally, the other party is two people. It is wrong to fight as an army, but the number twenty thousand would have delayed the response.
Underground Down to the basement, with thousands of troops moving in a row, you can not immediately grasp what is happening ahead of you. This is also a judgment mistake that I gave up to such a situation.

Anyway, it was thought that the final match with the devil was finally reached by the fact that Marys went out on the front line to fight, but one month has passed since then. It’s a month of fighting between the military and the army, not a few. It is beyond the scope of common sense.
The cause is that the ultimate magic fusion, which is the trump card, does not work. It does not mean that it does not work at all. It has a magical effect, but it can not do fatal damage.
The weak point of Golan’s iron is its high heat that melts its hard body. It is also proven in the royal castle. However, even if you attack with magic but you can not stop it, the temperature will eventually fall and you will recover the original hardness. It’s repeated endlessly in January.
Another Baron has a weakness. Freeze the body, remove the threat of poison, and then attack. I’m going to the place where I am lonely many times. However, when I frozen Baron and tried to attack it, Goran was disturbing from the side and was unable to fulfill.
So it’s January. It is a break without a fight being settled. And again, every day we repeat the battle.
In the meantime, it has become a ridiculous situation that only five Marias are actually fighting after having put on the large army of 50,000 including the 20,000 and the royal capital defense.
Under the influence of this situation, the tension of the battle with the devil has diminished considerably, and the whole army has a feeling of revolt. There are voices that they should actually come out again. There is a voice that it should be called back, or even if it is not, you should call for Frey’s son.
As Maria, she is more shameful than embarrassed. I understand that I am completely a jester.
If you don’t like it, it will be better to defeat the devil but you can not do it by all means. It is Goran to defeat. Baron is not a threat if you defeat Goran. But I had no hope of defeating the goran.

Today is the same as ever. The end of a day without change, when people around me thought like that, a change for the first time in a month appeared. The false information was brought in on the front.

“Bravod !? Why is the Lord here?”

It was Mojito who gave a voice of surprise. Before that, Bravod, whose body was tattered, was crawling. Hearing their voices, Vandu army members gather.

“… what happened? What is this injury?”

I understand that something happened in Bravod’s appearance, even if I didn’t listen to it. The voice of Cassis asking for details was already shaking a little.

“… In Vandu, there are demons. The number is … three hundred thousand.”

“Well, stupid …”

Cassis and others in Bandu lose voice for information far beyond expectations. And, of course, it is not only Bandoo who is surprised.
While the surroundings were noisy, it was Prince Prince Arnold who came back from the battlefield that came forward.

“When is that information?”

“two weeks ago”


Bravod said, but given the distance to Bandu, the two weeks are unusually fast. But now is not the time to pursue this.

“What is the current status of the war? Imagination. Do you think?”

“… I don’t know, but the lord asked for help. It might be a judgment that the limits would be close to defend alone.”

Perhaps it is the first time ever for Bandu to hear all this Bravod’s voice. That still reminds me of the crashing situation of Bandu.

“Allow Bandu return to return”

Cassis asks Prince Arnold for permission to leave. However, this is nothing.

“What will happen only to the Vandu army? There are 300,000 demons?”


“Anyway, let’s send a message to the king city soon! General commander! What is the surplus power of the king city?”

Three hundred thousand demons. Prince Prince Arnold has no idea how much force he needs to defeat him.

“If you say that 30,000 placed in the royal capital defense is surplus, it’s surplus, but we can not move it.”

30,000 that went to defense are just waiting for this January. That said, we can not afford to loosen the defense system of the capital city. Therefore, if you allow the invasion of demons, it will bring about the same or a more terrible situation as Bandu.

“In other words, can’t you put on reinforcements?”

“One for the hand. Keeping the defense of the royal capital, this army is to head for Bandu. The capture is completely stagnant. There is no change in the mass if it is interrupted once the attack.”

“Do you have that hand?”

“The number is twenty thousand, but if there are royal princes and family members, will not even three hundred thousand demons fight?”

Overwhelming magic of Prince Arnold. It has been proven in the previous battles how much power it exerts in the battle with demons. Besides, there is Rion in Bandhu. If it is Rion, even ten times or more enemies should manage somehow.

“… Wait a minute? How many soldiers are there in Bandu?”

The situation where Rion asks for relief. As it is now, Prince Arnold is concerned.

“At the beginning of the war, a total of about two thousand army troops and volunteer soldiers”

“… Two thousand and three hundred thousand? Why are you so stupid !?”

“All the four borders were sealed off. From there, the people were forced to evacuate Kamark.

The demon that struck Bandu also had a well-controlled movement. As Rion works hard and the people who rescued from each village become a hostage that ties Rion to Kamark as a result.

“… OK. For now, let’s get on the ground. As soon as permission from the royal capital comes, we will head to Bandu.


In this situation, there was one who denied the words of Prince Arnold. It’s Maria.

“… what’s wrong? Have you heard the story?”

“When do you get to Bandhu from now?”

“Because it’s too late, are you going to say” I’ll give it a shot! ”

Prince Anarch’s anger exploded towards Mary.

“Hey, I’m different.”

Maria’s face is pale. Maria is the first to be yelled by Prince Arnold. If you’ve ever seen an angry figure, this is the only place that I have been serving since I was young.

“What’s wrong !? First of all, why did you shut up the attack on Bandu!”

“No! I didn’t hide it! I don’t even know if an evil creature appears in Bandu, I don’t know!”

Even though she is crowned King Arnold’s, Mary desperately denies. If you don’t do that, you’re likely to be killed. In fact, if you knew it and you hid it, it would be safe to be killed. Even though not officially recognized, Rion is a royal. We can not afford to keep those who aim for life while knowing it.

“So why do you disturb me?”

“No! Please! Listen to me! Even if I don’t go to Bandu, there is a way to help him!”

“……What did you say?”

Help Rion, if this is the case, it is worth listening to Maria’s story. Crown Prince Arnold once stopped crying at Mary.

“The place we are in is the home of the devil. If only the devil is defeated, the devil will lose control. It will lose its will to fight and some will leave. Didn’t you see such a place? ”

At the point where Prince Arnold could hear, Maria immediately said what she wanted to say. It is not new content. As Mary said, Prince Arnold also knows.
But in this scene it is certainly an important story.

“If the home base is dropped, will the vandu demons break up …”

“Yes! So we must not leave this place!”

Maria appeared to feel relieved by seeing an atmosphere that convinced Prince Arnold. But there are those who are not convinced by this. It’s Charlotte.

“How are we going to defeat? We have been fighting one day with those demons?”

“that is……”

The situation did not solve anything. If you can defeat the demon, the situation has not happened at all. Because they can not do that, the attacking forces are still here, and Bandu is under threat.

“You should defeat the demon. Is that a mistake?”


It is Cassis who has raised the question. Maria is puzzled by a surprising questioner.

“I’m listening. If you defeat the devil, will Bandu be saved?”

“Oh, yeah. So the end of the demon killing, the world will be saved.”

“The world, no matter. I’m listening is how Bandu will be saved.”

“… Bandhu is part of the world, so I will be saved.”

“There is nothing but defeat.”

“Can you do it?”

“You can’t do it. Do not do it. It’s the first word we learned to your lord.”

“Don’t say that easy,”

It can not be said easily. The weight of the word that can be done is also taught by Cassis from Rion. Now, I do not know what it means to be emitted. Not only Mary, but also Crown Prince Arnold and others.
Those of the same bandeau who understand the meaning of the word of Cassis. And they also got ready. When you defeat the demons yourself. The final battle with the devil came to the center with surprising characters at the end.


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