Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita


Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Volume 2 Chapter 10

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Translated by: Empress 

Vol.2 Ch. 10 (unedited)

「I don’t want to see Claude-sama for the time being……!」

「Well, if we were to get caught going behind his back like this, there’s gonna be a volcanic eruption instead of mere heavy rain」

Isaac went out of the dorm first after lighting up the lantern. There was an improvised armband prepared for the guards on duty attached to his arm.

「That’s not what I meant!What I’m saying is, I can’t accept the fact that you made me write such an embarrassing letter like “I can’t wait to meet you” or “I’m lonely without you” and such!」

「Oh~, I wonder if you could still be able to say that even if the river’s flooded due to heavy rain」

「T-That isn’t necessarily my fault, is it?……」

「I hope so. But, don’t you ever tell the Demon King-sama that I forced you to write that letter」

The stern look Isaac gave to Irene caused her to reluctantly ceased her objection. But, she secretly complaints in her heart.

(Even Almond is sulking unwilling to come out! Although the other monsters were also keeping a secret about the fact that we’re here from Claude-sama, their responses are somewhat half-hearted as well…….)

Irene unreasonably condemning everything, including the monsters in her lamentation.

The love is too much.

「Soー?The highly honorable Misha Academy guards only has two members?」

「My, I’m planning to increase the number of members from now onwards, though?」

「……I should have said this earlier, but can you stop using that tone while you’re in the male getup? It’s creeping me out」

「I see, sorry. I’ll be careful since we don’t know who’s going to be listening to us」

「……Even when I think of you as Irene, using that kind of tone also makes me feel gross」

「Whatever, let’s go. The first thing we need to do is doing a patrol」

The Misha Academy had a dormitory intended for students coming from distant places, so there was a designated time for a lights-off. Therefore, it was easy to find the students who were behaving suspiciously and also shady students who didn’t go home after that time.

「How about we live in the dorm?It’ll be better if we stay in the same dorm room since it’ll be easy for us to have a meeting……」

「Don’t even think of raising even more death flags for me. It’ll give me peace of mind if we have a room each……Hey, isn’t this academy has its proper guards?Is there any good reason for us to do this patrol?」

「If we find them out before the guards; we will have the right to question them. And the students who may be using the magic incense may be on the move as well」

「……Magic incense, is it? I genuinely want to question the existence of that thing」

Isaac walked ahead of Irene while saying that. Irene also kept on walking while keeping an eye on their surroundings.

「And also, I can’t say that Ashtart has nothing to do with that vampire incident」

「But, listen, what kind of joke is the monster that had threatened to destroy Milchetta doing by attacking a female student――」

Isaac suddenly stopped in his tracks while he was in the middle of his rant. Irene nodded in assent to Isaac when he made a gesture to keep quiet to her. Isaac quickly turned off the light from the lantern after they secretly hide behind the building. Despite his complaints, he was still trying to take Irene’s intention of patrolling to the heart seriously.

They were concentrating on the two shadows formed by the moonlight ahead of them. The figures that were hidden by the trees seem to be in the middle of a conversation. However, the side profile of a female student who took a step forward caused Irene to widened her eyes in shock.


「You know her?……Wait, isn’t she the girl you saved on your first day of transfer?」

「Wait, please wait for a minute!I can explain」(Rachel)

Rachel shouted. As the figure in front of her turned around――That person had a significant physique. So, he was male.

(……It seems like the rumor about her secret meeting with a male student is real. Don’t tell me that’s a spot for a rendezvous……)

Then, it seemed like her fiance’s anger was justifiable. But it didn’t give him the right to hit her. The conversation between the two in front of them continued as Irene seriously ponder about the issue.

「Y-you said you’d save her, so I……」(Rachel)

「What? I did save her, didn’t I?」

Irene bent herself forward in curiosity since the voice of that male sounded familiar to her.

That male was the treacherous mathematics teacher who tried to denounce Irene since she had no textbook the other day.

「Heh~, so it’s Professor Kenneth」

Irene managed to stifle her sudden loud voice immediately. A voice that suddenly came from behind them caused Isaac to lean back to the building.

Walt, in a messy uniform, raised his hand lightly in greeting.

「Yo! Members of the guards」

「W-Walt-senpai……!why are you here?」

「The one who added the student council members as part of the guard is Airi, isn’t it?」

「An inspection?」

Walt didn’t fail to hear Isaac’s short murmur.

「Maybe you could say that as well. Never mind that, take a look at over there. Don’t you think that scene is almost similar to the vampire incident?」

「That female student had her engagement broken off properly, isn’t she? Don’t you think it’s something to be happy about since she had broken off with a jerk?」(Prof. Kenneth)

「T-that’s not true……!? People would avoid having an engagement with her if they found out that a monster has defiled her, you know! It’s also possible for her parents to disown her as well……」(Rachel)

「That’s pretty much it. If she doesn’t want that to happen, she should have been obedient to her fiance from the beginning, shouldn’t she? It doesn’t matter whether she was beaten or kicked by that fiance of hers」(Prof. Kenneth)

「No way」(Rachel)

「So, what are you going to do? Are you going to pay or not?I don’t mind making this letter public y’ know」(Prof. Kenneth)

「Please stop it!If you were to do that, that girl will drop out of school……!」(Rachel)

「Then I don’t mind telling the truth as well. Like the fact that you’re the real culprit behind this vampire incident」

――The case was solved in the blink of an eye. But, Irene didn’t feel any joy from it at all。

「Then, shall we arrest those two as the culprits of this incident?」

Walt said in a carefree manner. That caused Irene to glare at him. Isaac said with a sigh.

「So you already know about it, aren’t you senpai?」

「That’s not true. I’m also surprised, you know.――By the way, who are you?Airi-kun’s friend?You also transferred here as soon as the fall semester started, aren’t you?」

「If you looked it up you’ll know at least that much」

Isaac skillfully overturns their exchange with a provocation.

That’s right; they have made an appropriate story behind the relationship between Isaac and Airi. Airi was the son of an upstart merchant family. Isaac, on the other hand, was a son from a wealthy family who lent money to Airi’s family; both of them had long known each other. They were set to have an unexpected reunion at the academy.

Meanwhile, Irene was convinced that Walt didn’t come to them only to observe them.

(Are we being suspected by any chance? Which means, Kyle-senpai suspected us as well. After all, if this were similar to the game, they are――)

Irene quickly snapped out of her musings to focus back on Rachel.

Rachel gave the professor a coin pouch while trembling. Kenneth made an indecent laugh while counting the money inside of that.

「This isn’t enough」

「I-I’m sorry. The dresses don’t have that much of value than I thought they would have……B-but, I’ll prepare for it soon. So, please give me back that letter」

「This is why a woman is… If I were to give you back the letter, you’re planning to ignore me afterward, aren’t you?」

「I-I’m not」

「But, I’m magnanimous. I don’t mind giving you back the letter」

Rachel looked so relieved after hearing that

But, Irene didn’t miss the look on Kenneth’s eyes and the salacious grin he made. Irene slowly inched her hand to the handle of the slender sword that was hung on her waist.

「That is if you give yourself to me」


Rachel, whose wrist suddenly being caught by Kenneth and had herself drawn towards him, let out a small scream. Kenneth, with a vulgar smile on his face, covered Rachel’s mouth with a handkerchief. Immediately after that, Rachel lost her strength to resist him.

「Don’t worry, after all, you’re only going to be a victim of a vampire after you wake up as well――Argh!」

Eileen, without warning, quickly jumped out from the place they were hiding and kicked Kenneth flying from the side.

Kenneth, who only focused on Rachel, made to jump sideways by Irene――But, he managed to get up like a spring. He had agility unthinkable for a person of his age.

And then, he escaped just like that.

「Isaac, I’ll leave Rachel to you!」(Irene)


「Ahー……I know he would do that……Just don’t be recklessー」

After confirming that Isaac had approached Rachel from the corner of her eyes, Irene ran towards the direction of Kenneth’s escape to run after him. Relying on the rustling sound made by Kenneth’s footsteps, Irene advance towards the vast rear garden that had all kinds of trees grew in abundance.

But, she felt like the sound of Kenneth footsteps gradually becoming more distant――Moreover, at an absurd speed at that.

Kenneth was a man while Irene was a woman despite her confidence in her motor nerves. It wouldn’t be strange for her not to be able to catch up with him. But still, for him to immediately pull their distance apart at this point was weird; he was too fast.

(Moreover, there’s something that smells weirdly sweet……)

Don’t tell me――the magic incense。

The game described it as something that has a sweet smell.

When she was about to brush off that possibility, at that moment, there was a sound from the bushes. Irene heard the sound of someone running away.

Irene was able to conclude that it was a woman from the lightness of the sound. But that sound was drowned out by the sound of someone’s scream.


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