Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita


Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Volume 2 prologue

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Heroine’s Participation

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The shock she received from losing the Holy Sword caused the memory from her past life to return. 

Speaking of which, she's sure that it didn’t matter whether one was a protagonist or not because one would certainly lose one's mind after receiving such revelation. Or perhaps, she herself had finally accepted this world. 

「Then everyone, farewell」(Irene)

In the midst of falling cherry blossoms, the Demon King and his fiancee who were flying underneath the blue sky disappeared after elegantly bidding them farewell.

And perhaps, after finally feeling relieved from stress, her fiance who was standing next to her was clicking his tongue. 

「To think that she would sneak away in the middle of the ceremony… she's a preposterous woman as usual. Lilia, are you okay?」(Cedric)

「Eh? Ah, yes」(Lilia)

As she always did, she fixed her facial expression to try to look as dejected as possible. And then, her companion would start to frown while looking as if he was ashamed of himself. 

「……I'm sorry. It's because I'm so worthless that we've come to this situation」(Cedric)

「Please don't say that, Cedric. It's my fault for angering Irene-sama」(Lilia)

「It's not your fault」(Max)

 Clad in a Holy Knight's uniform, Max answered immediately from behind them. 

She shook her head while trying to stop herself from bursting out in laughter.

And then, she played her role as "Lilia Rainsworth" with her utmost effort. 

(First of all, I need to capture the other characters)

She remembered. She knew. The Prime Minister's candidate for the next generation was a character with a sharp disposition, the already successful merchant was a cool-headed adult character, and the character who will become the future Minister of Foreign Affairs was a cheerful but a black-bellied guy. I wonder if I were to say anything to anyone, would they be running to me as my ally? I ought to have captured all of the useful characters.  

Thinking back, her life was filled with ups and downs. However, it was pretty smooth sailing so far.  

If she were to give her all in doing something, everyone would recognize her effort, or if she were to discuss something, everyone would listen to her. She was well-known as a good girl to everyone. 

Except for that Demon King, Claude Jeanne Elmeier.  

And that villainess Irene Lauren D'Autriche as well. 

She observed her surroundings while she narrated the whole story on how she lost the Holy Sword. She recognized that those who had agreed to retaliate were the people who were against having Claude to be reinstated as the new Crown Prince. The previous her would strongly go against this kind of tactic.  

But I'll stop now. 

(After all, even after how much I wanted to give you my help, everything I've done wasn't appreciated)

Her current self could see, even if it's just a little, the objective of her previous self. The previous her was certainly childish. 

She had thought that despite all the sad things happening in the world, there were no bad people. 

――The protagonist in this story is me.

「……Fufu. In other words, I'm the heroine?」(Lilia)

「Did you say something, Lilia?」(Cedric)

「Hey, Cedric. I want you to answer me honestly」(Lilia)

This is an Otome Game's world called the "Holy and Devil's Regalia". She used to play this game in her previous world called Japan where the civilization was far more advanced than this world. However, she could still remember everything clearly. 

It was an unreasonable high school life in which her dysfunctional family cared more about her getting a bad grade than her actual being. Where everything was pretty much forbidden, the only thing that could give her peace of mind was by playing games. She particularly preferred the 'otome' games where she could become a princess. 

However, even that life ended with a car accident. 

(But, to think that I ended up reincarnated in a game's world. Isn't that a thing of a game itself, though?)

Amongst the various otome games she had played, the "Holy and Devil's Regalia" was the series she had played the most. And how lucky of her to be reincarnated in this world.  

It was clear to her now. Scenarios up until the engagement annulment event day stayed true to the game according to her memories. However, for some reason, Irene Lauren D'Autriche wasn't obsessed with Cedric Jeanne Elmeier; but instead, she managed to be engaged to the very person who was supposed to be the cause of her demise, Claude Jeanne Elmeier. 

The villainess successfully captured the Last Boss, the only capture target that the heroine couldn't capture. It was too good to be true to brush it off as a coincidence. 

(I need to confirm――whether she's the same as me or not)

The way Lilia's lips curved created an optical illusion as if she was smiling to the person she was in love with. 

「Cedric, do you truly like me?」

「What are you saying now, Lilia」

The first thing that she needed was time. And to make use of the game's trick. 

「――the truth is, you actually like Irene-sama, don't you?」

Hey, Miss Villainess. The player of this game is me. 

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