Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita


Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Volume 1 Chapter 2

I obtained the memories of my past life because of the impact of shock due to my fiancee throwing me away.

If I said something about this, my overprotective brothers would’ve called the doctors or my mother would send me to train as a lady as if I was not properly trained yet.

So last night, after my engagement was abandoned, I came back miserable and had to sort out the situation alone. I had told them that I want dinner because I felt bad. I was happy that my family seemed to be busy dealing with shock because of the engagement, so any talk about my future was put on hold.

Thanks to that, it was easy to go out without being exposed. Despite it being late at night, the best servants of the Duke Doutricez are as expected, excellent people who knew how to get out of the House. The word “let’s do it” has never been as useful until such a time.

In the first place, if anyone knew that I was heading to the Maou’s castle, my publicity will get even worse

(Onii-sama are too easy on me, but even so, I will not forgive them. The same said for Otou-sama.)

I am Eileen · Lauren · Doutricez.

That’s my name now. She is the only daughter of the Duke Doutricez, the largest aristocrat of the Empire of El Meia and has a blood connection with the royal family. her father is prime minister and her mother was a niece of the Empress Dowager, and she, Eileen, was admired in the social and military circles. In addition, in this family, I have three older brothers.

Eileen, the youngest and only daughter, who grew up being taken care of, especially by her famous doting brothers, but Eileen knew this. She knew that because she was never as good as her older brothers as a woman, and she became the enemy.

I felt like an outcast. However, no matter how much I studied, my three brothers are excellent in all subjects to the point that I can’t catch up with them in any fields. Okaa-sama told defiantly Eileen many times. Women have a way of fighting women.

Eileen understood that when she was eight years old. It was a time when she was kneeling to the prince and being offered to be engaged, without any commotion of the name of Cedric · Jeanne · Elmeier.

He would talk to me. Cedric gave a very nice feeling that I felt that gave me some kind of special value to myself so I would work hard so that he would need me.

If I had married him, I would’ve been Empress. Otou-sama had said that the title of an Empress was a special value. It was also the first expectation that the house had expected from Eileen.

She had tried to study in manners, dance, and education, from economics to science. She would assume that one day if she was attacked by a robber, she would have the skills to protect herself by practicing using a sword.

So that when it comes to various things, Cedric will rely on her. Everyone will appreciate her efforts, so she was determined to do her best.

It would’ve been so if he hasn’t repeatedly been saying 「An arrogant daughter wanted the position of the Crown Prince’s fiancé to command the high-rankings.」

The more I tried to compete with my older brother, the stronger the feeling of losing and the more stubborn I was. I can’t give up what I thought was right, and I often misunderstood the nature of what I wanted to say. It was not good to believe Cedric’s words on the top of that neglect my surroundings.

I had become the most hated person of the school, and my engagement annulled by Cedric, who I thought was an understanding person when I first noticed.

It would have been different if I had a little more cute attitude and played a weak girl. However, now Eileen has a bit more common sense.

It was because she knew the Eileen of the game how she was supposed to act.

(I was too concerned about my outlooks……. I can’t do it again. No matter how much of my past memories is given.)

In the first place, I can only remember my previous life in fragments of dreams.

The place was a country where science and civilization developed far more than Japan. However, because I was sickly and spent most of the year in bed and died young without enjoying the youth, I didn’t have any memorial memories in the first place. However, the emotion that I remember most strongly is 「I wanted to enjoy youth, love someone like an otome game if possible」, so it is certain that to say I was a complete virgin gamer.

Among them, 「The Holy Madien and Devil of Regaria」, was a popular game. Located in the game was a Western-style country called The Empire of El Meia. In that country was a legend of the Maiden with The Holy Sword, is an imaginary setting in a world in which Eileen now lives.

In the game, Eileen is the legitimate hero and Cedric fiancé. He requires a high requirement to capture. And it was a typical villain daughter who would interfere with the heroine’s love path by using her surroundings and status of being the Duke’s daughter. She harassed the family and as a result, the common people revolt and the entrance of the school by the Sons of nobles. And as the exploits of Cedric advance, Cedric is disgusted with her and is sentenced to a break of engagement.

If it is a story in the game, it is funny, but it is not laughable if your Eileen in reality.

Worse yet, Eileen dies no matter what.

Right now we are on Cedric’s Normal Route where the heroine, Lilia turns out to be the reincarnation of the Maiden of the Holy Sword, and eventually becomes the holy woman of the country. Before that, the Maou wakes up acting like the enemy, the last boss that the Maiden of the Holy Sword should defeat.

That was the person, Eileen asks for his hand in marriage.

Claude · Jeanne · Elmir is twenty-four years old, seven more than Eileen, that is if the information I have on the game is correct. He is Cedric’s older paternal half-brother, and he was originally the Crown Prince of the Empire of El Meia.

However, because of the legend left by the maiden of the Holy Sword, the red eyes he was born with was proof that he was the reincarnation of the demon king. He is freely able to manipulate the magic that can not be handled by humans. According to the story, I heard, touching his wrath lead to hundreds of demons appearing. More than anything, as the Maou is liked by the demons, and if he commands it, they will throw their life away for him.

Although there were many who tried to kill the young Claude, the demons protected him every time. Though those who tried were not able to come out of the situation with their hands, leading Claude to be deprived of his the right to succeed to the imperial throne, kicked out of the castle and confined, and made a compromise by ignoring their existence.

With that said, he arose as the Maou in the approximate route and stands in way of the heroine and the captured character. In one ending, he destroys the country, and in another ending, he is killed by the holy sword taken out of the Lilia. And Eileen will die in the midst of the fight.

Sometimes, the chances that Claude became the Demon King are flimsy, and sometimes it turns into a ritual that requires a sacrifice to resurrection the Maou. It is terrible and may die from the narration. Eileen was the biggest event until the engagement was canceled, and the staff’s enthusiasm that the processing after that became troublesome was treated to see through.

(If you kill him, the user will not complain!)

Those who are killed are not the ones who have accumulated. Eileen is also a pity-certainly there would have been problems with her behavior.

But really only that one person who was the root of all evil is only a story in the game.

Around that thought, my consciousness started to awaken. It’s because I can hear someone’s voice.

「…… So why would the Maou care for a human girl?」

「It can’t be helped.」

「I glad it was the Maou, another wise I wouldn’t be as kind to this woman」

All three voices belong to a male.

(Surely, they were the Maou’s followers, and someone human…… Even so, both of you are handsome……)

With half awake, Irene contemplates between her knowledge and reality.

「How does he look like the Crown Prince? This one and only demon king, he shouldn’t be dealing with humans.」

「This is the first Prince of the Empire of El Meia. I won’t give up. At some point, I will take care of your daughter and build a warm family!」

「–Keith. How many times do I have to tell you?」

That’s right, Keith is a squire on the human side. He is also a friend of the Maou, a young man of calm tolerance, curly chestnut habit hair is impressive. When I was little, there was an event where the Maou saved his life, and even when he was persecuted by other humans, he continued followed Claude.

「But this person proposal and asked for his hand in marriage. There are rumors that she is not a good woman, but only you can evaluate that. Choose whatever you like to do Claude.」

「That would be it. If it’s the Maou wish to have a human woman, I’ll get it.」

「You don’t have to prepare for that, Beelzebub.」

Beelzebub is a servant of the demon side. This beauty has straight long hair and is convinced that he is better at being a demon than an ikemen. He is the one who serves the demon lord, Claude.

「It’s okay, Claude. I entered this castle even though it has a little reputation, but in the end, I will reeducate myself in order to be a proper bride to Claude.」

「So you say no, Keith.」

「Then prepare to feed the human woman, Maou-sama」

「Why do you want to put a woman like that on me?……」

「But you aren’t angry about it. The thunder struck and settled down.」

As Beelzebub said that, I heard a rumbling sound. Keith returns a random hammer.

「That’s right. When Claude gets angry, an earthquake happens. If he is serious, he’ll turn into become a dragon and kill you……. Please don’t leave me alone with such a monster.」

Well, wasn’t it a lightning bolt of anger, but a lightning bolt of agitation? I thought he was about to kill me.

With a little peace in her mind, Eileen gently opens her eyes.

It was as I thought, there was a short moment of silence.]


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