Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita


Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Volume 1 Chapter 1

Flapping its wings, a black crow quickly caws and flew away, leaving only a black cat lying there.

It was an ominous premonition to prevent me from marching further.

Eileen held a slender sword in her hand, walking through the woods at midnight, relying on nothing but the lights of a lantern.

But a giant rat jumped out of the bushes, stopped, and gently looked at Eileen with it’s one big eye. Its ears were abnormally large, and fangs also sharply extending from its mouth.

(…… A demon…Its the first time I’ve seen one since they’re so rare to find.)

I turned off the light coming from the lantern, and the demon rat jumped back into the thicket across the street and disappeared.

I grasp the sword, advancing my foot again, but I notice it.

「A Crows…? Why does everyone have a skull? Is it also a demon?」

It stood on the dead branch of a withering tree looking down on Eileen. If it attacks, I’ll make it sorry.

It crooked, sounding like it found a way to save itself

(With that number, it’s pretty hard to deal with them all….however, if I pull myself out of here I will die.)

If I advance, I might even die.


The raven spoke. So it’s a demon after all.

The voice of the raven echoes as if it surrounded Eileen.

『Kaeré, Ngen』

『Further ahead…Is Maou-sama’s Castle』

『Maou-sama, is inside reading』

More reports were mixed in as they laughingly spoked, but in this situation, I did not feel like laughing.

『Your that cynical Daughter, What do you want?』

『Yesterday, the engagement annulment, did you come for revenge? How pointless.』

I looked up with an unpleasant smile while the Raven continues this mockery.

『you are quite persistent, have some common sense』

『Maa, talks of you spread 』

『The Selfish, arrogance, Crown Prince and his sense surely made no mis――』

「Shut up, would you like to be made yakitori?」

Gazing the crow with my perfect gaze, he stretches his spine and smiled gratefully.

「Are these rumors gathered by the order of the Maou? I’m surprised that he had such a lowly hobby.」

The Raven’s eyes were concentrating on me. This demon loves the Maou. Insulting him is nothing, but a declaration to start a fight with this demon. Provoking it is nothing, but.

(But if you are such a person, I refuse to leave)

With the intention challanging the devil just like that, Eileen nobly declare. 

「I, Eileen · Lauren · Doutricez, came to see Claude · Jeanne · Elmir. If you do not understand the significance of that, shut up. Whether you are a demon or a human if you based your thoughts only on rumors, then I will return.」

To say the least, Eileen walks gracefully. The Raven, who had ceased its talk for some reason, descended from the sky and followed Eileen. She on the trail that had led to the gloomy forest. Descending between the bushes, Eileen heard a rustle and continued to follow after her.

I can not forgive him for leaving me. Even though, Eileen has gotten a higher education than most kids her age because of her engagement, was ignored by the prince and pushed aside.

Eventually, the trees cleared up, opening my field of vision.

Under the starless night sky, the castle appears. The tapestry crumbled and torn, and the columns, that were entangled in ivy, were broken. The trees near the castle gate were dead and the small pond that became pitch black and cloudy turned itself into a bottomless swamp. The Crows who overtook Eileen got off and created a wonderful atmosphere around him.

This is the Maou-sama’s Castle.

It was as I thought it would be like.

(I should act with a kind nature, but imitating the always positive heroine’s personality…..it’s possible isn’t it?.)

Hopeful thoughts are the enemy. I have no choice but to prepare myself. Take a deep breath and lifting up my face up.

Going through the side of the stump that seems to be made of human bones, I proceed. I pushed the rusted iron door with all my strength, but it didn’t budge. Although I tried many times with no breath, it doesn’t plan on moving.

I couldn’t give up just yet, and planned to push it once more, till I heard a voice from behind.

「Let me help you.」

「Oh. Thank you very much.――」

The iron door blew away with the roar.

Eileen watches the man as he blew the iron door away with one finger as she gave a twitching smile.

The glossy black hair deeper than the night sky flutters to the damped wind of the night. The man’s facial features were now exposed. The face belonged to a devil who obtains true beauty, this was engraved into my memories.

Everything was just as perfect as if he was a first-class art piece. But what is more impressive than that was his blood-soaked crimson eyes.

(But his raw force is so powerful…….!)

But I know this face myself. – On the contrary, Eileen announced that. Eileen has no time, in engagement abandonment event flag of Cedric route. If I do not do something myself at this point, I will die.

Also like my previous life, love nothing, and you can not enjoy all of the wonders of life.

「What do you need from me?」

Claude · Jeanne · Elmir is a demon and the First Prince of the Elmir Kingdom, he moves others with only his lips and spoke without any emotions.

Do not be scared. Eileen lifts his chin, raises his hair and smiles as usual.

「Is this a good story? I came to propose to you.」

Immediately after I had said that there was no reaction coming from him. Thunder fell from the sky, a large tree withered cracked and split in two before burning.

It is as if it touched the God of Demons.


「You said marry? To Whom?」

The person before her eyes, politely asks Eileen, who kept her smile.

Behind him, flames, flared up as if they were dancing without hesitant, illuminating the surroundings. It’s was a little picture of hell.

However, with the image of hell behind him, he smiled.

「So I asked you to marry me!」

Lighting stroke down three times around nature around him.

Before hearing his reply, Eileen fainted.

Image result for yakitori

This is yakitori, skewered chicken, lowkey, she is calling the crow a chicken for not saying it to her face directly, but stands within a distance and saying it.

Other then that, thank you ********, ***********, *********, and *. I’ve been reading over everything and rechecking it all, and stuff and I find myself so stupid. I legitimately did not know that the demon lord and demon king, are two different things. and then Rasubosu…..dang it Japanese words. L and R are basically the same things…. After my friends who kindly tortured me in the hospital said that I messed up somewhere, I reread Rasubosu over and over again and realized that the L and R in Japanese are basically similar sounding. SO IT should not be the Demon King, it should be LAST BOSS because Rasubosu, RASU BOSU (replace the R with an L) LASU BOSU (it sounds so similar to last boss) SMH I’m a retard gomen… Daimaou and Maou are different. Daimaou, dai means great/stronger. Due to differences, respectfulness, and others, I’m pretty sure, in this web novel, there are some who will call him “Daimaou”, because he is stronger than them or call him “Maou”, since he is the same strength or of equal status of them. 

「So I asked you to marry me!」

…………………………………….So Straight-forward if only i can get a date with that *sigh* but the pov of this web novel is so weird, it shifts from me to Eileen

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