Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita


Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Volume 1 prologue

When I was young, I had a strange dream.

It was about someone else laying a white room playing alone with a mysterious machine, smelling the smell of disinfectants.

I couldn’t remember every detail for it was a dream. Even my name is unclear. Nevertheless.

「Again the only thing to do is play games-」

The dream was always in the back of my head, however, today, the dream resurfaced with a tremendous force. My body fell forward till both my hands and knees fell to the cold hard floor.

Suddenly, I remembered everything due to the tsunami attack of information.

Not long after, the view of a certain face focused in and reflected on the marble floor. It was polished enough for one to see their own reflection.

(…… This face……. Like I saw in the game……. What, the game?)

Someone with long eyelashes stood in front.

A blonde young man. I distort my lips and look down from above at my knees.

「It is no use trying to kneel and sorrow or to try sympathy. Everyone here, except you, know that as long as you’re my fiancee, you will continue to act violently towards others till so there is no pity left.」

「- Cedric, like, are you really Cedric?」

The young man responded sarcastically to the shivering voice.

「You want to say “But it’s not what it looks like”? But this is my source of information. We’ve been a fiance for years, and you couldn’t see through that one thing.」

The pain in the chest, really makes you regain a sense of reality.

Yes, this is reality. And, the person in front of me is the prince of his country Cedric · Jeanne · Elmeier. An acquaintance from a young age, my fiancee – and the capture target of the game I loved.


I am afraid of my remembering more and look around, but there were only cold gazes staring back.

Tonight is a free-to-join event where the school celebrates the end of the winter semester. Teachers are already left, and there are only students. Yet no one cares to stop him and they had only watched.

The woman who is looking forward to this event is the woman who stands close to Cedric—her name is Lilia.

Chestnut hair that looks soft, sweet lips on a plump cheek. My eyes widen as I thought about this.

As expected, I looked up at the heroine and observed her, and realized it.

That, I, myself

「Eileen · Lauren · Doutricez. I will let my engagement be anulled」

「- Please wait, that!」

It’s my name. And it’s the name of the villainess in the game.

(Well, wait a minute! Yes, Cedric is my fiancee … if I …)

Thinking of a response to the current situation, my mind wandered off somewhere. Cedric ridiculed.

「I have decided to live honestly with Lilia.」

「… Eileen, I’m sorry」

I’m sorry.

The passion that I raised from the back of his throat was correct for Eileen.

Again my field of vision was hazy, but I bit my lip and tried once more and once again, I took a look at my figure.

The place is crowded with many luxurious dresses shaped, but no one will reach out.

Because it’s an engagement annulment for the Villainess.

「I am sick of your misunderstanding that I love you.」

Why did you look at me like that if you knew about it?

I will drink that miserable word. It was as heavy as lead, but it made me wonder and calmed my heart.

(…… I mean, I think the timing is terrible for my memories to return…… But I just got an idea.)

The point is that I remember so much that I could change how the situation is myself.

「I do not have to ask you if there are any suggestion」

If this was an event that happened without me knowing anything, I would have fought thoroughly. Leading me to the wrong path by mistake.

I thought so, I can’t afford that to happen. Smiling thinly, raise I held my head up.

「No, Cedric. – If had just told me frankly from the beginning, you need not to make such a big scene out of it.」

When I looked around with cold eyes, I saw the glares, though there were some who had looked away. But Cedric smiles with his nose.

「It is a declaration of my and Lelia’s determination」

「If you created such a scene here, was it to escape being scolded by His Majesty and the Duke?」

「Do not think so, I just thought your sins should be revealed in front of everyone.」

「Sin – Huh…」

Suddenly I lifted my body like pulling my arm from the side.

Look around the neck, Eileen looks at the opponent.

「Do not be rude. Expessically not to a lady」

「What lady, Eileen, I can not disguise anymore of your wrong doings.」

Mark’s Cowell, a childhood friend, brought out a bunch of documents laying them in front of him. He is regarded as the future commander of the Knights. He has a taciturn with a slender body and a strong sense of justice that does not allow dishonesty. That intimidating eye deflects Eileen like a sinner.

「….. I can stand up by myself. Will you let me go?」

 Eileen, who glared back at Marks with cold eyes, stood up on her own taking back her arm. I flicked over the documents that were presented. It is a so-called accusation letter. When did find time to gather it?

SinceLilia’s status is low, she was bullied for “not saying hello first.” I felt sorry for her when I had remark her on her lines and she was forced to change the performance of the play at the school festival due to the selfishness of Eileen. If she does not what she was told, she was threatened to have her parents demoted of the bureaucracy and many other things continue.

Everything is anonymous, not to mention there was no signature. I threw it all back in their faces. (literally)

「Are you stupid, this is not proof is it?」

Laughing graciously as a large amount of paper dancing fluttering in the air.

「Mark … I will teach you that rumors are not evidence because they are just saying or slander spread. 」

「Would you still insist on that even after being charge this much! Do not think that being the daughter of Doutricez, you will be spared.」

「I think that the evidence you obtained will remain as a serious misrepresentation of Doutricez, and this childish thing …since when did the student become an infant at this school?」

I then stepped on a piece that fell on the carpet of the heavenly carpet at the end of the shoe. And laughed.

「If you want to make it sound convincing though, why do not you gather all the evidence with signatures again? Then learn properly that every one of you, are also as guilty as I am as it was anonymously signed unless otherwise a name was given.」

Eileen says to Mark as he vomits with irritation.

「You will not apologize when so many rumors will spread?」

「’Apologize?’ Yeah, let’s apologize. Lady Lilia. I apologized to you for trying to impose the aristocrat rule that you should not talk to people of high social status unless you are allowed to talk to them. I’m sorry that the play of the school festival I told you to changed the play because it was difficult to remember the long lines.」

「Do not insult her, Eileen! Lilia?」

This is insulting here.

In front of such a group of people, the Crown Princes himself announces his engagement annulment. If you do not have the intention to make Eileen a laughing stock – do not collect childish accusation letters to whom is disliked by everyone – I will not let it end like this.

But Cedric who got angry turned red and Marks trembling with his fist can only see Lyria with watery eyes. Well looking carefully, the students who are standing around the surroundings are capture characters and their buddies.

This evening party is free for anyone to participate. I went out of my way to attend this meeting. Then, the moment the teacher left, everyone plucked me off like a target.

(How pitiful.―- No, but I’m was at fault)

Even if I stay here any longer, it’ll be in vain. I took a deep breath in and exhale.

「There was too much chatter… I am disappointed … Was the only thing you wanted to see, was me crying? Unbelievable.」

In the end, I will not cry, I will smile. I will not give off a sense of superiority if I do.

So, I must maintain composure at least until I make it past the curtains.

「Well, thanks to you for so much, Cedric – I loved you.」

She looked at Cedric who was defeated.

But Eileen who made past everything in the past, lifts the dress’s hem in a perfect way of manners and thanked. Gracefully turned, and the shine of the chandelier was sent off to the back.

She is crying and clenching her teeth still thinking about it.

From now on, I will forcibly withdraw from the school where aristocratic children attend, with the existence of Cedric stating that “I do not want to see that face”. The end of the game is certainly a graduation ceremony of the school. It is still about three months.

However, there must have been some events in the meantime. There are many ambiguous parts where my memories are still unclear, but Eileen will definitely be disowned by the Duke and goes on the path of self-destruction.

(That’s right if this is really the world of that game, it is not the time to cry)

 - Then three months after everyone will graduate from the school, so-called ending, the villainess daughter Eileen will die.

「It’s not a joke」

I will not cry, but I will not give up. I won’t die for the happiness of those people.

Think. Remember. It is precisely because of my memory that I can do something about the ending…

「… … the enemy of my enemy is a friend, right?」

Laughing, Eileen pulled out a red lipstick and applied it on her lips.

That smile of the villainess kept the tears away.


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