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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita ss1 part2

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Isaac Lombard (Part 2)

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Isaac firmly withheld himself as he was about to say those words, by looking somewhere at a faraway distance. Near a fountain far off from the tree shade where they currently were, Cedric looked like he was having fun while talking to his friends. It’s quite a magnificent lineup when Max Cowell, the one who was said to be the future leader of the Holy Knight’s order was included in the group. Without a doubt, those were the people who will be carrying the future of the national politics on their shoulder. 

And Isaac was especially concerned about the female student next to them―― the baron’s daughter, Lilia Rainsworth.

「……Then, that’s fine I guess. But are you still going to say the same thing after looking at that?」(Isaac)

Perhaps it was an intentional part on Lilia that she directly fed Cedric with the sandwich. Then, she offered another sandwich to Max which only made the guy shook his head in an extreme embarrassment.

「Cedric-sama had said that because Lilia-sama was a commoner, he wanted to learn from her fresh and new perspective. As for Max, he made great progress in his sword’s training through the experience of protecting an existence that should be protected」(Irene)

「……Then, that's a pretty good thing, I guess」(Isaac)

Isaac took a glance at the woman as she sat on the bench, though he didn't care about those men sense of virtue or the likes, but… 

Irene muttered in a small voice. 

「……I said, it was nothing」(Irene)

「……I see」(Isaac)

「Because I trust him」(Irene)

 ――He almost said the words don't trust him

Don't be fooled. Haven't you realized? That Crown Prince of yours had been spreading the rumor that everything that you had done for him by yourself was actually done by himself. To think that Isaac himself would be worried for her. This woman has been like this since a long time ago, so he'd like to tell her that can you stop enduring everything just this once?――As Cedric went behind Irene's back to push all the dirty work on her while he convinced her with sweet nothings that he will be understanding for every action she's going to take. A splendid duplicity. Yet, Isaac couldn’t say those words to her. 

Putting that aside and in exchange, her strength and smiling face was dazzling. 

「Do you manage to get in touch with Jasper? Those people that I'm gathering are pretty good, aren't they?」(Irene)

「Ah, yeah. I guess」(Isaac)

「How is it? Are you gonna take the role as the manager? If you're joining us, I think this project is going to be successful!」(Irene)

That success was also definitely going to be snatched by Cedric. 

While tightly clenching his fist, Isaac put on a smile. Even for someone like Isaac, he could put up a front at least this much.

「Alright, I'm in. The new medicine development project looks like it will bring in a good amount of money」(Isaac)

「Please think about the country even just a little」

「It ain’t my style, though」

That’s right, it isn’t his style. 

Thinking that he might be able to protect her even just a little by getting himself involved with the projects.

When he felt a gaze upon him, Isaac looked up just in time to see Cedric looking at them. Perhaps it was a figment of his imagination but he felt like when their eyes met only for an instant――Cedric's gaze seemed to be a mixture between disgust and obsession. 


『Irene Lauren D'Autriche. I will annul my engagement with you』(Cedric)

――He slammed his fist down with all of his might on the rim of the terrace. Isaac struggled to take a breath then looked up at the night sky.

『I've had enough of you who've mistakenly thought that I've been in love with you』(Cedric)

Isaac bit his lips. In the assembly hall which was connected to the terrace, there was a spectacle of the Crown Prince suddenly breaking off his engagement with his current fiancee. 

「Because you're the one who planted that idea in the first place, how dare you……!」(Isaac)

That proud face with the arrogance of denouncing Irene calmly. What an admirable Crown Prince. He looked so laughable that Isaac couldn’t even laugh at him. 

(Ah, but the stupid one is me)

He had known. He had expected that this would happen. Because after all, he was closer to Irene more than anyone else. 

He had also wondered if he should have taken some measures. But he couldn’t. Maybe because Irene really liked her fiance? Wrong, that’s not it. He had realized. 

He didn’t want to take any measures. 

「Hell……Why on earth do I feel like crying……」

 ――She…did not cry.

She stood tall and dignified until the end. She was graceful without even a glimpse of her miserable feelings and such displayed on her face.

Isaac chugged the rest of the fruit wine distributed at the party then laid his head on the cold rim of the terrace. 

(Stop it, don’t move according to anger. The opponents are the Crown Prince and Cowell Ducal House. They are not the kind of people I can easily fight with)

It seemed like the business that Irene had launched will certainly be snatched by him. The personnel from the fifth layer would be the first to be dismissed. The reason for that was during their first meeting, in an instant, that Crown Prince had shown contempt towards them.  Then what about me? I’m not from the fifth layer, but I’m from a noble family who had bought their peerage. Although he could plead to be spared from dismissal――he didn’t know whether it’s going to be a good plan or not. For the sake of cornering that guy in an argument, which one is the best course of action? 

(……People have been treating her with contempt here and there. It’s the same as taking Irene for a fool. Then, it’s better if they take her as a fool)

Calm down, calm down, he needs to calm the hell down. 

It's not like she was killed or anything. Only her feelings that were slighted, that’s all. 

「……Ah, but she truly has no charm. That girl」(Isaac)

If she were to cry or lose her composure within my arms…  

 ――From now on, he will atone for the sin he had committed for not taking any necessary measures because of that hidden, selfish desire of his.

Until the day when a man that would make her cry appear in the future.

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