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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita ss2 part2

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Demon King-sama Wants a Friend (Part 2)

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Even though her beloved fiance’s long eyelashes were fluttering listlessly, weirdly, she felt like sweating. 

Only the pure and honest Beelzebub, looked visibly upset. 

「……King, is it painful for you to be our Demon King?」(Beelzebub)

「That’s not it, Bel. I only want a friend, that’s all」(Claude)

「……Hey this… isn’t this one of his many wishes that will bring upon the apocalypse if it fails to be granted?」

Whether Claude had heard Isaac’s whispers or not was unbeknownst to anyone when Claude suddenly raised his head up. 



「Since you are a veteran in the high society, I need your help in ironing out the kinks when it comes to socializing. While making friends, what other things should I pay attention to other than the greetings?」(Claude)

Irene was flustered when Claude earnestly dumped the topic on her. 

(One wrong answer and the world will end! B-but how do I get him to give up this idea of getting a friend?)(Irene)

Isaac was the first to whisper to Irene as she tried to avoid Claude's gaze. 

「Say it gently」(Isaac)

「But, please deliver it precisely, as well」(Luc)

Even Luc had left everything about this matter to Irene. Jasper nodded his head in agreement with his know-it-all airs all over him. 

「Well, knowing the truth is one of those things that are needed to climb the staircase to adulthood」(Jasper)

「After all, adulthood is such a harsh world」(Donny)

「……But I think he’s quite pitiful」(Quartz)

Even both Donny and Quartz were saying whatever the hell they pleased. 

Everyone’s intention was to push everything to her. It was normal since she is Claude’s fiancee, but――to hit him with such cruelty when she was presented with those puppy eyes was…

(Nope, you can’t, Irene. Because you’re his fiancee, you have to communicate it to him precisely ……!)

For someone who will become an Emperor in the future, he cannot have such things called friends. It's more irrelevant when he’s the Demon King. How should I put it, well, he doesn’t have the face that can make friends. It’s useless. No matter how I think about it, it’ll be useless. 

She should really properly tell him as such. 

Claude smiled like a blooming flower at the determined look in Irene's eyes. 

「Because you’re here, I no longer have to give up on anything that seems human」(Claude)

「…………………………I understand, Claude-sama!! Let’s make it!! Your friends!!!!!!!」(Irene)


The people who were screaming behind her were glowering at her for sure. 

「You guys do understand, don’t you? We're going to prepare a friend for Claude-sama!」(Irene)

「A friend isn’t something that you can prepare!!」(Isaac)

While Isaac retorted wholeheartedly, Luc earnestly pondered over the idea. 

「If Donny is able to create a doll that can be inserted with soul, it’ll probably work somehow……」(Luc)

「I, I’ll try my best!」(Donny)

「……There’s a rumor saying if someone talks to a plant, it’ll grow」

「In other words, My Lord’s friend’s candidate is either a doll or a plant?」(Keith)

Beelzebub frowned at Keith sudden faraway look. 

「What’s wrong? It’s the King’s wish, then grant it」(Beelzebub)


Irene turned around to face Claude when he called out to her. Her fiance who had been keeping down all of his emotions to the best of his ability throughout his whole life, was as expressionless as always. 

However, as the night wind gently blew in from outside of the terrace, the flowers that were arranged in the vase bloomed as if remembering its peak. 

「I’m truly glad to have you as my fiance」(Claude)

It’s about time for you to go home. (Claude)

Irene nodded at Claude's words that sounded like sweet nothings, while still mindlessly unable to say anything. With the sound of fingers snapping and without realizing it, she was already on top of her bed in her own room. 

(……I already said that face is a foul play)

Just like that Irene buried her head on her soft, white bed. (1)


「Claude-sama, do you really want a friend?」(Keith)

At Keith's question, while still holding onto his pajamas, Claude turned around to face Keith who was preparing his bed for him.

「I do, why?」(Claude)

「……Bel-san, is that what he truly thinks?」(Keith)

「King is looking forward to it」(Beelzebub)

「No, I mean, making friends isn't something that you look forward to, though?」(Keith)

「Don’t be a shrewd. You should think about it carefully. Isn’t it fun if we can make some friends?」(Claude)

Claude smiled thinly at the suspicious look that had been thrown at him from the eyes behind the glasses. 

「If we are able to make one, that is」(Claude)

「……Poor, Irene-sama」(Keith)

「By the way, Keith」(Claude)

「Yeah~ what is it?」(Keith)

「I don’t know how to put this on」(Claude)

Keith dropped his shoulders in dejection at Claude's serious admission while thrusting the pajamas in front of Keith's face. 

「This pampered Demon King…………………You're just lazy, that's why you keep on using magic to change your clothes! Let’s do an intensive training until you can change your clothes on your own before your first night. Irene-sama will definitely be amazed by that」(Keith)

「But I think being stripped off is also okay, though」(Beelzebub)

「I’m going to pretend I didn’t hear that」(Claude)

Upon sensing a cold vibe coming from the Demon King, Beelzebub closed the open terrace with a bang. 

The conversation between the Lord and Retainers didn’t go any further than that, and the peaceful night continued as it is. 

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