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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 40

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She heard the sound of metal scraping.

Pain was running through her temple. She found out that her hair was sticky. It was probably from the blood.

「――Well then, Lilia. Let's go. This tower is cramped, so you better take a rest over there」(Cedric)


「Lilia。Please understand。For the sake of your happiness, I have to be the Crown Prince。This is going to happen just once。Because the first princess consort is you after all」

「……I……Irene-sama、has woke up」(Lilia)

Lilia easily withdrew the tears from her eyes to look up at Cedric and smiled to him.

Irene asked after taking in a deep breath once.

「……I wonder what kind of behavior is this?」(Irene)

Irene’s wrists were cuffed by iron handcuffs, and from there, an extended chain was wrapped around the pillar of the bed. Although the sight was crude, those handcuffs were well-built; it couldn't be moved without pulling the bed with it.  

 ――That's right, Irene was being laid down on the bed with both of her wrists being tied above her head.

「……I'll forgive you for the thing that happened a while ago。Because, I think that Irene-sama was surely confused by the situation」(Lilia)

Lilia put her hand on her no longer red cheek and laughed delicately.

「I respect Irene-sama. So, let's do our best together」(Lilia)

「……What do you mean by Second Princess Consort or being together or whatever this is? My engagement with Cedric-sama should have been annulled, right? It was all thanks to none other than you」(Irene)

「Yes, that is so; but as expected, it seems like I'm not good at talking to those dirty nobles who told lies and only knows how to cheat each other……But, Irene-sama is good at it, isn't she? So, I want you to help me」

She had read the story.

With her thoughtless conduct at that evening party, not only Lilia's disposition as an Empress――but also Cedric's disposition as the Crown Prince was probably being doubted. Despite coming from a Baron House, her House didn't possess a large authority. Because of those circumstances, the situation had reached the point where Lilia was being looked down on. Even those idiot nobles thought of the matter this way.

They'll impose all Empress’ duty and other complicated matters to Irene, and they'll be able to securely maintain their social position as it is.

「Help you. Right――Lilia-sama、you don't even feel the need to put some effort for Cedric-sama’s sake, right?」(Irene)

「That's not it。We humans each have their own strong and weak points after all」(Lilia)

「That's fine、Lilia。I have no intention to imprison you by making you adhere to formalities and antiquated customs from the very beginning」(Cedric)

「What would the Emperor say to this kind of child who spoke like a rebellious teenager?」(Irene)

From the way Cedric and Lilia turned completely loss at words from her mocking question, Irene already knew the Emperor’s reaction. The Emperor had given Cedric the cold shoulder.

「――Max。Bring Lilia out of this place」(Cedric)

Embracing Lilia's shoulder, Max led her out of the room. It seems like the heavy iron door is the only exit and entrance to this place. She could hear the sound of the door being locked properly. Moreover, after securing the bolt at the door from inside, Cedric sat on the bedside.

And then, he looked down on Irene with his cold eyes.

「I've been thinking about this for a long time。――Since when did you become closer to my brother?」(Cedric)

「……What, are you talking about?」(Irene)

「Father as well, I wonder why did he say that a frivolous woman like you is suitable to become an Empress and so forth。In the end, if Lilia is as good as I said, let the Empress made her a concubine worthy of the Emperor, and so forth……!」(Cedric)

「Is that your reason to reconcile with me?But, I'm in confinement, how――」(Irene)

Amidst all of this, she realized something that caused her to stay silent.

(During this evening, the method of making me the Second Princess Consort…)

There is, isn't there? If Cedric does so, Irene has no choice but to marry him.

It was the noble children's obligation in this Empire to produce an heir to the Imperial Household after all.


「This is to prevent you from being loud。I don't want to let Lilia hear this. Plus, I'll be troubled if you were to bite your tongue」

Cedric took out a handkerchief and shoved it into Irene's mouth while making sure to wreathe it around her head. And then, he used a small knife to cut the strings together with the cloth that was binding Irene's breast as if he was doing a surgery.


「I'm going to embrace you just like this and make you my Second Princess Consort。With this, I'll be able to earn the support of the D'Autriche Duke House as well。If we become intimate, the one who will become a nuisance is brother, right?――But, I wonder what kind of face he's going to make?」

Clattering around, she bent her knees and kicked Cedric's solar plexus.

With eyes burning with anger, Cedric began to straddle Irene and strike her cheek. Then, he continued to strike her other cheek. Again, once more, he would strike her.

「Even I!Don't want to do!This kind of thing!Why can't you understand?!」


「You can be useful to the man you used to like、you should feel grateful……!」

He tore off the cloth around her neck with all of his strength. Couldn't she at least find a way to stall some time by herself?

Or perhaps, is it wiser to calmly think about how she was going to conduct herself after this?

(After this…)

Irene grew paler earlier than she could think about that。――If Claude-sama knows about this…

Gradually, she could taste the blood inside her mouth coming from the injuries caused by Cedric’s continuous strikes on her cheeks.

Claude-sama surely won't reject Irene just because of that. However, she couldn't avoid being reflected as an unvirtuous girl in that beautiful Demon King's eyes, could she?

She wanted to resist. She was even more surprised with herself.

To think that this Irene Lauren D'Autriche would care about the gaze of only one man. And to think, she wanted to be the most beautiful amongst those people in his eyes.

That sort of thing… it was as if she was falling in love him, wasn't it?

(――If that's the case,  you definitely have to do something about this situation!You need to get a hold of yourself……!)

She reprimanded herself who had stopped moving. The thing that was crawling on her body was like a caterpillar. Because there's no way she would lose to humans like him. That's why, there was no need for her to give up, and she did not need a place to cry as well.


Cedric who had misunderstood Irene’s lack of resistance as obedience tried calling out to her. But only to that extent.

(I wish I had asked Mother to teach me how to kill a man with my foot!)

「T-that's enough, just give up, obediently――」

「She's here!Demon King-sama、I found Irene!!」

She shifted her attention to the direction of that muffled voice. There was a crow clinging to the window's bars. She could barely see the bow tie around the base of his neck. It was Almond.

The ceiling was blown off at the same time her eyes were widely opened. Her field of vision was instantly expanded.


Coming down from the light purple night sky, there stood the King who will not be defeated by anyone as long as he is a human.

Her heart was overflowing with relief. She was neither mortified nor awkward. Finally, she felt herself trembling and tears were rolling down on her beaten cheeks. She was heaving with sobs.

(He came here to save me)

It's alright. With this, there's nothing to fear about.

However, Irene didn't realize the impact of this situation.

Especially how this situation looked like from Claude's perspective.

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