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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 38

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(……Oh my? There are no Lilia-sama and the others in the bushes over there……)

Unlike in the game, there weren't even shadows of Lilia and the others who would've waited with bated breath in the bushes near the crime scene to see the transaction. While she was feeling doubtful, Keith started to exchange conversation with his dealings partner.

Beelzebub's face became grim once again upon hearing their conversation about selling his comrades.

「You can't, Beelzebub-sama. We need to trust Keith-sama on this」

「I know. My duty is to protect you here. Keith, Donny, those other people――and even my King who couldn't come here, had requested me to protect you」

After being stared at by Irene, Beelzebub murmured.

「If you're gone, King will surely fall into despair」

「――By the way, may I ask a question, Earl Penne?」 (Keith)

Keith's voice that was deliberately resounded loudly, brought Irene back to her senses.

「Like for example, can you sell the plot of land that I want to Duke D'Autriche?」(Keith)

「……W, what are you talking about?」(Earl Penne)

His voice sounded shrill and nervous when he tried to feign ignorance. However, Keith won't waver.

Because on that day she approached him to request for an alliance, Irene had shown him the contract of sale for the plot of land he desperately wanted even if he had to sell off his friends.

「You can wait restlessly like that, but the Holy Knights who are supposed to capture me will not be coming yet. It's about time they took a roundabout way since the bridge is broken after all」(Keith)

「W-what the heck?」 (Earl Penne)

「I thought you should have at least the sense to bring along your friends who were in the same boat as you in this trafficking business. Don't tell me you intend to end this by making me bear all the charges」 (Keith)  

Keith took off his glasses.

Noticing Irene’s eye signal, Beelzebub pointed his fingers towards the sky and created a fireball.

「How extremely unfortunate. That being the case, just give me that ledger so we can be on our separate ways」 (Keith)

The luminescence coming from the signal was blazing in the night sky like a sun.

In an instant, Keith reached into the pocket of his enemy, who was recoiling from the light and snatched away the ledger. And, just like that Keith made  the guy fainted using the sword's handle. At the same time, the monsters broke free all at once from the cage that had been unlocked in advance. In accordance with Almond's instruction, they escaped through the route that Isaac had shown to Almond many times over.

「Oi, the monsters are……」

「Leave that aside, take the ledger back! If the other party puts their hands on it」

The monsters must not attack humans. That's the greatest principle that they must follow.

 ――But, isn't it okay to particularly do something like playfully digging a hole or dropping medicine?

The one who was laughing at that was Isaac. Luc, under the pretext of the Air Force pride of the Demon King's Army, prepared something like 『powder to sting the eyes』and『powder that will cause people to never stop sneezing and having runny nose』for Almond to throw out from the sky. And then, they could only experience defeat from the trick by falling into the hole that had been dug out in advance.

(Everything isn't something that can be prepared for the monsters, though. Isn't this barely in accordance with the peace treaty?)

Laughing, Isaac had said that there's no one dying after all. She would have to tell him to be more careful next time.

「Nevertheless, Keith-sama is strong, isn't he?​……」

He was covering for all of the monsters while they escaped. Although the majority of the mercenary dropped out because of the tricks played by the monsters, he still kept his composure while fighting one-to-many with both hands using the short daggers that he carried. The way he moved had no pointless movement and nimble, it was similar to a sword dance. She was convinced that he was a civil officer with bad eyesight since he was wearing glasses, but it didn't seem so. And speaking of which, she rethought about what kind of civil officer he was and decided that he was the spy type.

「I also can do at least that much」(Beelzebub)

For some reason, Beelzebub interjected with a sullen expression.

「I've told you many times, haven't I? The monsters must not fight」(Irene)

「……。If that's the case, when is my turn?」(Beelzebub)

「How about the final battle between humans and monsters?  Is that the monsters' enemy?」(Irene)

She saw a light from a distance. For the sake of capturing Keith, the enemy used the Holy Knights as their personal support. However, she requested from her father to replace just about half of them. In this situation where the monsters had escaped and his dealings partner had fainted, Keith wanted to end this farce by making it looked like「the Demon King prevented the monsters trafficking business in secret」. Actually, in the game, the Emperor didn't assign this task to Lilia and the others for them to look for the criminal. They just have to end the trafficking business peacefully.

(Perhaps by any chance, does the emperor wanted to see the bargaining quality of Cedric and the others ?Like, since this matter is related to Claude-sama, what is he going to do? Isn't this an extremely difficult problem to solve? )

She looked around to assess the situation. Then, she remembered. Which reminds me, where are Lilia and the others, I wonder?

Although, it seems like sealing the mouth of those three is the most troublesome――。



At the same time she heard that shout, she was being embraced by a tanned arm. There were a nasty sound and the smell of something burning.

「Beelzebub!? You……」(Irene)

His shoulder was inflamed down to his arms as if something was scorching him. Flustered, Irene slipped out from Beelzebub's arms who had fallen to his knees with a cold sweat.

「O-oh no. What should I do? My intention is just to restrain him from attacking us, and yet……」(Lilia)

「It's alright. It's at an acceptable degree, isn't it? Lilia didn't do anything wrong」(Cedric)


「Both of you, stay behind me. Irene is quite skilled」(Max)


And finally, Irene looked up at the girl from the same angle she had been looked at from some day that she couldn’t remember.


「It'll be alright, Irene-sama. We just want to talk to you」(Lilia)

With a seemingly lovely face, the Maiden of Holy Sword sweetly smiled at Irene.

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