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Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 36

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Those three stooges are getting on my nerve.

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It seems like the informing event had already begun.

At the side of the corridor, Beelzebub and the others were holding their breath in worry while listening to the situation. Everyone turned towards Irene with an uneasy look on their faces while Irene gently smiled at them and nodded.

「But Claude-sama, we're telling you the truth。Keith-san is selling the monsters…… We thought your feelings will get hurt if you still don't know about it, so we came here to inform you, and yet……」(Lilia)

Lilia who was sitting on the sofa of the reception room casted her eyes downward. Cedric, who was sitting next to her, instantly raised his voice in criticism.

「It's as Lilia said, step-brother。We could've disregarded it and even proceed with the the investigation。But, since Lilia was protesting against that decision, we secretly came here to tell you that」(Cedric)

「Or else, is he selling the monsters under your command?Don't tell me perhaps you intended to put the blame on us if humans were the one to violate the peace treaty?」(Max)

Glaring, Claude's pair of red eyes glistened at Max's insult. With a bang, the furniture, floor, and the ground started to quake. It was an earthquake.

「That's enough――」(Claude)

「It would be futile even if you're angry。Because Lilia is the reincarnation of the Maiden of Holy Sword, after all」

The tremor stopped at Max bragging words. Lilia looked down with seemingly an embarrassed look on her face.

「I-it's still haven't decided yet……I told you that it's a secret, and yet」(Lilia)

「What are you saying? There's no doubt about it。The sword that emerged from your body is certainly nothing but the Holy Sword。You can eradicate all of the monsters with that radiance!」(Max)

「That's right、Lilia。Have confidence in yourself。That's why Father leave the matter regarding the illicit trade involving the monsters to us as well」(Cedric)

Apparently, it seems like Lilia had already awakened the power of the Maiden of Holy Sword. Because of that, Cedric and Max would increasingly adore her, wouldn't they? And, it seems like they didn't realize their verbal slip.

「In this country, the woman who deeply inherits the blood of the Maiden of Holy Sword is Irene。However, she was far off from a woman that can be the Maiden of Holy Sword。I was right to choose you――」(Cedric)

「What an interesting conversation all of you have going on in here。Eradication of all the monsters?」(Irene)

With the sound of her heels clicking, Irene came into the room. It felt chilly as the cold air was drifting under their feet.  

「This is the first time I heard such a thing。Killing the monsters is prohibited by the peace treaty, am I right?」(Irene)


Irene sat next to Claude who was looking up at her. With a friendly grin, Irene smiled at him.  

「Everyone has both empty minds and loose tongues as always. The thing that must be kept a secret is not about the matter about the Maiden of Holy Sword but the matter about the eradication of all the monsters, isn't it?Although I don't know whether it was on purpose or a blunder」(Irene)

「T-the monsters ran away at the sight of the Holy Sword!They haven't suffered even a single scratch! 」

「Oh my、that's a relief。Right, Claude-sama?」(Irene)

Without batting an eyelid, Irene placed her hand on top of Claude's clenched fist. And with that action, the cold air finally stopped swirling under their feet.

「And so, I wonder what sort of conversation all of you have right now? Is it about Keith-sama doing some illicit trade involving the monsters or something else?」(Irene)

「T、that's right」

「Wow、how absurd。Please leave」(Irene)

「It was awful for you to say that it was absurd!Don't you feel sorry for the monsters?!」(Lilia)

「But, monsters trafficking is neither a crime nor anything though?」(Irene)

Lilia stared at Irene whose head was slightly tilted to a side. Since Cedric and Max were flabbergasted, they couldn't deal with her.

「What is forbidden is hurting the monsters。It isn't forbidden to do monsters trafficking。So, if you say something like "since Claude-sama will get angry so let's stop it", then that's on another level since it's a story from an ethical point of view 。To begin with, I wonder what kind of crime has Keith-sama committed with his monsters trafficking business to warrant an arrest from the human's side?」

「……B-because I'm the Maiden of Holy Sword, I want to avoid the conflict between the monsters and the humans! Otherwise, isn't all that's left to do is to defeat Claude-sama?……」(Lilia)

「Claude-sama is still a human。So, he can't be defeated by the Holy Sword, right?――Thereupon, why don't you digest that information first?」(Irene)

Irene didn't have the leisure to care about dejected Lilia, so she smiled gracefully at her.

「Since you don't have your turn to shine here, why don't you leave? And other than that, isn't it better if you diligently study to be Empress?The rumors I heard about you aren't that good, though」(Irene)

「……You're awful……!」(Lilia)

Standing up, Lilia started running while crying. Cedric and Max chased after her in panic. Irene breathed out a deep sigh and called out to Almond.  

「There's a possibility that Claude-sama's power can't reach them. Please look out for those three from the sky until they properly go outside the forest. Don't get too close to them because the power of the Maiden of Holy Sword is real after all」(Irene)


Almond that was on top of Beelzebub's head, flew away with flapping sound. Then, Claude spoke.

「Whether the situation is dangerous or not――Understood, I'll leave it to your own judgment」(Claude)

「Good. This is the time to protect Keith-sama rather than the monsters, after all. You understand that, do you?」(Irene)

The Maiden of Holy Sword had appeared. Those who are aiming for the Demon King will first, in order to make Claude a monster, aim for the easiest target: Keith. Because he is a human, after all.  

「……Did Keith do something that's enough to make me be suspicious of him?」(Claude)

Claude who asked that by muttering few simple words, in truth, might actually be aware of it. When she glanced at the corridor, there was Keith standing over there.

After exchanging looks with Irene, Keith looked up at the ceiling for a moment, then determinedly walked up to Claude.   

And then, he knelt while bowing his head.

「――Claude-sama. I, there's something that I need to tell you」(Keith)

「……Say it」(Claude)

「Howーeーver, about that. Please wait until I finished the job that Irene-sama told you about」(Keith)

Claude lightly turned his line of sight to Irene and stared at her in puzzlement.

――After cleaning up this mess, confess everything to Claude-sama on your own. Don't make your own choice; ask from your Lord for a decision instead. That was your very first mistake. (Irene)

It was Irene who told him that. But, it would be fine if he actually confessed to it now.

「I can't just leave my mistakes as it is as I can't afford to drag you down. I'm your left-hand man after all」(Keith)

Having said that, Keith looked at Claude. The loyalty expressed on Keith's face was genuine.

Surely, Claude was able to perceive that. Claude sighed while resting his chin in his hand.​

「……Understood. At that time, you have better prepare yourself. I'll think of punishment according to the situation」(Claude)

「I understand, My Lord」(Keith)

「Also, I know where the tea is. I just don't know how to brew it」(Claude)

「I sincerely apologize for my mistake」(Keith)

Irene who was listening to that conversational exchange from the side tried to stand up stealthily; but for some reason, Claude pulled Irene towards himself and made her sat on top of his lap.

「W-what is it? When I have generously offered the two of you to be left alone」(Irene)

「What's to be happy about leaving two guys alone? That part of you is weird。――So, what are you planning by borrowing Keith, winning over Beelzebub, and saying nothing to me?」(Claude)

Claude slowly caressed Irene's throat with the pad of his fingers from behind. Frowning, Irene aimed at Claude's solar plexus and hit it using her elbow. Probably being caught off guard, Claude completely fell for it and groaned.

「Fighting back a pervert is my forte」(Irene)


It's been a while since a bolt of lightning struck down outside. It seems like he was shocked. And just like that, she heard the sound of rain falling; don't tell her that he was sad about being called a pervert?

Right across them, Keith was laughing hard while Beelzebub and the others were bewildered by the situation; while keeping a straight face, Irene quickly left the reception room to prevent anyone from seeing her blushing face. She had learned that if she overreacted to that kind of Claude, she would be dragged into his unnecessary pace.

「Demon King-sama is also pretty innocent, isn't he? Even though that's another push」

Isaac was waiting on the corridor while smirking as though he already knew everything. Because of his smirking face, he was also given a shot to his solar plexus at the same time Irene went out of the reception room.  

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