Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita


Akuyaku Reijo Nanode Rasubosu o Katte Mimashita Chapter 32

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A slightly plump moon floated across the sky.

There were no clouds; it was a clear night sky. Surely, a bird's-eye view of this scenery could be seen if one were to ride a carriage running in the sky.

However, in the carriage that ran silently underneath the night sky, there was a heart fluttered in silence. Following a proper escorting procedure, Claude was currently in the same carriage sending Irene back to her residence.

「Thank you very much for today」(Irene)

When Irene descended from the carriage that Donny made, she directly expressed her gratitude to Claude who was standing at the D'Autriche Ducal House's entrance.  

「As promised, it was a perfect escort」(Irene)

「Is it okay for you to go home after dancing only to one song?」(Claude)

「Yes. The Oberon Company matter has reached my Father's ears, right? It will be good enough for a broker to introduce the Oberon Company to D'Autriche Ducal House to help us gain profit」(Irene)

The D'Autriche Ducal House had already caught a piece of information regarding the rumored Oberon Company that no one knows. More than anything, the D'Autriche Ducal House would be benefited from its foresight rather than the money earned by the company.

「In addition to breaking off my engagement with Cedric-sama, thanks to Claude sama for being next to me, the people around me shouldn't see me as someone who was wretchedly dumped by her fiancee and their suspicion of me regarding the kidnapping incident should've been abated as well. After all, even Lilia-sama has been found……」    (Irene)

Having said all that, Irene looked up to Claude.

「……it's Claude-sama, isn't it?」(Irene)

「What is?」(Claude)

「The one who dropped Lilia-sama to the cesspool」 (Irene)

「I don't know what you're talking about」(Claude)

Claude who was feigning ignorance looked exasperated.

After Irene finished her one dance with Claude, an immediate report came in about Lilia whose initial whereabouts was unknown. She was found inside of the Imperial Palace's cesspool. The location was well, the place. The tense air initially surrounding Irene and the accusation that there were demons involvement behind Lilia's disappearance instantly vanished afterward. At that time, everyone had no choice but to say sorry with a forced smile on their face.

Having seemingly lost a room for suspicion that it was Irene's deed, Cedric rushed off to listen to the report from Max who had returned from the Demon King's forest. After that, Rudolph including the great aristocrats indirectly tried to keep up appearance for the sake of the missing organizer of the evening party.  

(……Cedric-sama and Lilia-sama's assessment had fallen. He can't organize the evening party decently. Moreover, he thoughtlessly trying to pick a fight with the monsters as well……)

Maybe they would overlook it under the youth's reason for behaving recklessly to a degree, but she was worried about the things that will happen later.  

Because of the kidnapping incident, the announcement for Cedric and Lilia's engagement didn't happen; and, the progression of the game is now lost. Thinking positively, maybe the flag for Cedric's route has been broken, but she couldn't be careless.

For example.

「……But, she's lovely, isn't she? Lilia-sama that is」(Irene)

After she muttered those few words, she regretted it. And yet, she couldn't stop talking.

「She's popular, you know? That person. I heard her smile can heal people's heart. Although she isn't a flashy beauty like me, she has a smooth skin and a silky hair. To a certain degree, you can barely recognize her if she wears make-up and dresses properly. I was surprised too when I first saw her dressing up.」(Irene)


「She was always better than me in things like cooking and sewing. It's not like I was conscious of Lilia-sama, but only because last year I've been studying in depth about her to beat her. Moreover, her manner of speaking is gentle and above anything else, she's very obedient. She's capable of making gentlemen look good, and she isn't the type that pushes other people around」(Irene)    


Claude's route supposedly shouldn't be released. However, she's the heroine. Unlike Irene, if Lilia had a conversation as per in the game and managed to raise a flag, it was undeniable that Claude could become someone similar to Cedric.  

「Men like that kind of person, aren't they? I'm――It hurtsssssss!」(Irene)

「Surprisingly, it can be stretched out」(Claude)

「What are you doing?!」

Irene was still trying to run away from the hand that was pulling on her cheek. Claude shrugged his shoulders.

「You don't have to worry. You're lovely. And, she's not my type」(Claude)

She was flabbergasted and after a while, she blushed. Because he understood what she was being anxious about.

「Don't worry about unnecessary things, and you should take a rest for today already. You're tired, aren't you?」(Claude)

「I, I'll do that……Eh, what?」(Irene)

Irene blinked her eyes when she was pulled towards something. She confirmed that it was Claude who was in front of those long eyelashes of hers.

「It was a perfect escort, isn't it?」(Claude)

Farewell kiss. It wasn't boorish to say something at this point. It was in accordance with the etiquette.

However, Claude's red eyes had something similar to smoldering ardor. That gaze was like burning into her causing her to blush; she closed her eyes while her heart was crazily pounding.

It was unusual for her. For her to feel this nervous when she was only waiting for one salutation kiss.

Softly and as light as a feather, Claude's lips fell onto her cheek. From there, heat spread all over her body as if she was burning――A sound of someone screaming was etched at the back of her mind.

Perish. Let it all be ruined. I've no longer have any the likes of a human that I want to protect――!! (Claude)

Irene opened her eyes wide and saw almost a full moon.

Claude whispered to her as he gently kept their bodies apart from each other.

「Good night, Irene. Have a sweet dream」(Claude)

「G, good n, night……」(Irene)

She glossed it over by laughing awkwardly; she certainly was trying to hide her embarrassment. The first one to vanish from her sight was the carriage in front of her. After that, Claude stomped on the brick floor underneath him, and he also vanished after he floated to the back of the moon.

Irene pressed her hand on her cheeks and leaned against the pillar to support her body that was about to lose her strength.

「Gosh, the timing for the memories to come back is always strange……!」

Thanks to that, she missed an opportunity to immerse herself in her heart pounding experience. It was absolutely unforgivable.   

Moreover, she has no more than a week before something happens.  

「But, yeah……that's right. Claude-sama……isn't that why you become a monster?」

She remembered. The reason why he despaired over mankind.

He was betrayed by the one and only person he ever trusted ever since he was little.

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